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Montessori Planner

There came a point in our Montessori journey that a pad and paper for planning just didn't cut it.  This is when I developed The Ultimate Montessori Planner!  It is an amazing resource that includes pages for:
  • Montessori Preschool
  • Montessori Elementary
  • Special Needs
The Ultimate Montessori Planner


Planning and preparing materials to teach children can be very time consuming and at times frustrating.  Finding free printables and activity ideas that work for your child can be such a challenge.

Our Montessori-inspired syllabi include everything you need to put together an amazing Montessori-inspired unit study.
  • Multiple activity ideas are presented for each subject area.
  • Links to free printables and further instructions are all in one place.
  • Variations are included in case you don't have the exact materials recommended.
  • Activities vary to accommodate the growing needs of preschool children ages 3-6.

Montessori-inspired Bird Unit Syllabus Montessori-inspired Dinosaur Unit Syllabus Montessori-inspired Shark Unit Syllabus Montessori-inspired Fall Harvest Syllabus

Thematic Montessori-inspired Bundles

Are you running short on time? Consider purchasing one of our printable pack bundles to go along with the corresponding syllabus.
Montessori-inspired Dinosaur Unit Printable Pack Bundle Montessori-inspired Shark Unit Printable Pack Bundle Montessori-inspired Fall Harvest Unit Printable Pack Bundle

Montessori-inspired Continent Bundles

There can never be enough Montessori inspired continent work in the classroom.  These bundles include work for every major subject area and are sure to be a hit!
  Montessori-inspired Continents and Oceans Printable Pack Bundle Montessori-inspired Africa Unit Printable Pack Bundle Montessori-inspired Antarctica Unit Printable Pack Bundle Montessori-inspired Australia/Oceania Unit Printable Pack Bundle

Montessori Math Bundles

It can be difficult to find great Montessori math materials, especially ones that provide you with all that you need in one place.  These bundles are designed to do exactly that!  They also are designed to be used with traditional Montessori materials.
Montessori Math Bead Bar Printable Pack in Print Montessori Math Bead Bar Printable Pack in Cursive Montessori-inspired Math Bead Bar Play Dough Mats Bundle Montessori Addition and Subtraction Bundle Montessori Multiplication and Division Bundle Holiday Addition and Subtraction Clip Cards Bundle Holiday Multiplication and Division Clip Cards Bundle Autumn Math Fact Clip Cards Bundle

Montessori Language Bundles

Language can be one of the trickiest subjects to teach in the Montessori curriculum.  The bundles below have helped us along on our journey and made such a difference. All are designed to be used with original materials or to be a supplement to them.
Montessori Letters and Sounds Printable Pack in Print Montessori Letters and Sounds Printable Pack in Cursive Montessori-inspired Beginning Language Bundle (Pink Series/CVC Words)Montessori Letters and Sounds Play Dough Mats

Montessori Biology Bundles

Biology can be very overwhelming for some to teach and for others to learn.  These printable pack bundles have been designed to help children learn about plants and animals in ways that best fit their learning style. They are also a great way to help teachers obtain everything they needs for fabulous fun and learning.  And added bonus is that all of these printables are designed with special needs kids in mind.
Montessori-inspired Intro to Biology Printable Pack Bundle


Writing has always been something we enjoy.  It's been a delight to publish books just for you. Working as a team, we're able to provide you with some of the best resources for families with special needs.  We hope you enjoy and recommend them to others.
The ABCs of Montessori and Special Needs Holidays and PTSD:  A Parent's Guide to Survival

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