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Montessori-inspired Atoms Printable Pack in Action with Free Bonus Printable

Dinomite has become passionate about chemistry thanks to our wonderful astronomy studies.  He personally requested that we make materials to feed his new obsession.  This has resulted in the creation of the NEW Montessori-inspired Chemistry Bundle.  

Part of the chemistry bundle is the Montessori-inspired Atoms Printable Pack.  I must admit it's one of my favorite parts of the bundle.  Today I'm excited to share with you what it looks like in action!

At the end of the post you'll also find a free bonus printable to add to this wonderful resource designed specifically for little ones.

Montessori-inspired Atoms Printable Pack in Action with Free Bonus Printable

The Montessori-inspired Atoms Printable Pack is a fabulous resource for children in Montessori preschool and elementary classrooms.  It can be used in so many ways depending on the needs of your children.

This printable pack:
  • Introduces 20 atoms by electrons, protons, and neutrons
  • Encourages children to create atoms using controls provided
  • Expands to allow for the creation of all atoms with templates
More than anything it's super fun to use in so many different ways!

For a limited time you can receive the Montessori-inspired Atoms Printable Pack as part of the Montessori-inspired Chemistry Bundle.

Montessori-inspired Chemistry Bundle

The Montessori-inspired Chemistry Bundle is 303 pages of chemistry resources for children in Montessori preschool and elementary classrooms.  

At regular price you will pay $60 for all of the resources included.  But for a limited time you can receive all of these resources for only $14.99.  That's 75% OFF!

Montessori-inspired Atoms Printable Pack in Action

Here are four ways our kiddos have been using the Montessori-inspired Atoms Printable Pack at home.

Creating Atoms using Pom Poms

Building Atoms with Pom Poms

Sunshine has fun building atoms with pom poms using tweezers to transfer them from the bowl to her mat.

Using the control provided she is able to place electrons, protons, and neutrons in the correct spots.

Painting Atoms

Painting Atoms

Dinomite enjoys using paint to create his atoms.  He uses one of the templates in the printable pack and fills in the information at the bottom using a pencil.

Creating Atoms with Play Dough

Creating Atoms with Play Dough

Bulldozer really likes using play dough to create his atoms.  It is great fine motor practice for him.  Just like his brother, he uses a template and fills in the bottom using a white board marker.  (His template is laminated.)

Drawing Atoms with Markers

Drawing Atoms

Princess prefers to use markers for her atom creations.  Using a control she fills in one of the templates and writes important information at the bottom.

Other Fun Ways to Use the Atoms Printable Pack

We don't have the materials on hand, but one could easily use Q-tips or do-a-dot markers to create atoms.  If you're feeling really ambitious you could use pipe cleaners and pony beads.  The sky is really the limit!

Montessori-inspired Atoms Bonus Freebie

For those who are looking for the perfect printable for younger preschool aged children, the Atoms Bonus Freebie is perfect!  It includes do-a-dot templates for electrons and a space to place protons and neutrons.  Printables focus on numbers 1-10 and no higher.

Montessori-inspired Atoms Bonus Freebie

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We hope you enjoy your free printable.

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The Montessori-inspired Atoms Printable Pack that's included in the Montessori-inspired Chemistry Bundle is such a fun resource for kids trying to understand atoms.   We can't get enough of it!

Purchase your Montessori-inspired Chemistry Bundle today!

Montessori-inspired Atoms Printable Pack in Action with Free Bonus Printable

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Montessori Summer Mega Bundle for Natalie the Brave

Are you looking for summer themed printables for your kiddos?  Boy oh boy do I have a solution for you!

My Montessori Hub and I are joining forces this month with several amazing bloggers to bring you the Montessori Summer Mega Bundle. 

It is going to be magnificent!  

I can't begin to describe how amazing and how HUGE this bundle is.

Even better it is coming to you at an INCREDIBLE discount.

Have I piqued your interest yet?

But wait, there's more...

Montessori Summer Mega Bundle

To build excitement and to show you a preview of the quality and diversity of the printables in the Summer Mega Bundle, we have put together a Summer Freebies opportunity for you!

Just look at what's inside!

Summer Freebies

  • 30 Days to Montessori at Home (E-course) - Carrots Are Orange
  • Pollinators (3-part Cards) - Chickie & Roo
  • Roll. Add. Write. Count. (Math Printable) - Darby Hawley
  • Sun Printable Pack (Printable Bundle) - Every Star Is Different
  • British Butterflies, Moths & Leaves (Posters) - Fiddlesticks Kids
  • Ladybug Pack (Printable Bundle) - Living Montessori Now
  • Flowers (3-part Cards) - I Believe In Montessori
  • Gentle And Classical Nature (Printable Bundle) - Life Abundantly
  • Summer Rhyme Match (Printable) - Montessori Kiwi
  • Lifecycle of a Honeybee (Printable) - Montessori Nature
  • Ocean Animals & Ocean Zones (3-part Cards) - Natural Beach Living
  • Going to the Beach Packing List (Printable) - Plenty of Trays
  • Sandcastle (Beginning Sounds Printable) - Preschool Activities Nook
  • Form Drawing Chart (Printable) - Tackle Box Montessori
  • Paper Cutting Strips (Printable) - Tackle Box Montessori
  • Pond Life (Printable Bundle) - Mama's Happy Hives
  • Types of Bees (3-part Cards) - My Montessori Hub
  • Ocean Animals (Scissor Strips) - Welcome to Mommyhood
If you haven't already signed up for these fabulous freebies, be sure to do so now!

Grab your Summer Freebies today!

Now there is a reason so many bloggers are coming together to create such a fantastic bundle and freebie offer.

It's a reason very near and dear to my heart.

My niece...

Natalie the Brave.

My sister Marci, is Natalie's mother. 

Marci gave birth to Natalie's baby brother, Kyler, in March. 

Only two weeks later it was discovered that Natalie has leukemia. 

As you can imagine, this was a devastating blow to the family. 

The day of diagnosis, Natalie was immediately sent to the nearest Children's hospital, 90 miles from her home, to start treatment.

Matt, Marci, Chase, Natalie and Kyler's world was turned upside down in an instant.

A treatment plan is now in place.

Natalie has started chemotherapy and lost all of her beautiful hair. 

Marci and Matt take turns staying with Natalie at the hospital when she needs to be there while other relatives and friends take turns watching Chase and baby Kyler. 

The headache that comes with transportation to and from a hospital an hour and a half away is enough to cause financial distress.

Food for whichever parent is staying with Natalie is another challenge.

This is just the beginning of the financial burdens this trial will bring, as one parent will need to remain home while Natalie is undergoing treatment.

Previous to Natalie's cancer both Matt and Marci worked.

Marci is a special education teacher.

The goal of the Montessori Summer Mega Bundle is to earn $10,000 for Natalie the Brave.

We want to lighten the load on this family, so they can focus on Natalie without the worry of finances.

Whether you're planning to purchase the Montessori Summer Mega Bundle soon, or just want to take advantage of the fantastic freebies, we'd love it if you could spare just a little to donate to Natalie the Brave.

Contributions can be sent through our Go Fund Me Page.

Thank you in advance for all of your love, prayers and donations.

They mean so much to us!

We hope you enjoy your freebies and are looking forward to the Montessori Summer Mega Bundle launch as much as we are.
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Splash into Summer Sale!

Summer is just around the corner. Everyone in our house can sense it.  To celebrate we're throwing a Splashing into Summer Sale!

All of our individual products will be on sale for 20% OFF starting Sunday, May 5th through Wednesday, May 8th.

If you've had your eyes on any of our products, now is the time to grab them!  Just be sure to use the promotional code: SPLASH at check out!

Splash into Summer Sale!

The most fabulous aspect of this sale is that over the past two weeks several products have been added to our shop.

These products have been parts of various bundles we've launched over the past few months, but up until this point have not been available as individual products.

I'm talking about our telling time, astronomy, and self-care resources.  You can now purchase them all!

So let's review again how this whole process works.

How to take advantage of our Splash into Summer Sale!

1. Visit our shop.

2. Click on the images of the products you'd like to purchase and add them to your cart.

3. At check out add promotional code: SPLASH to receive your 20% discount.

Attention EU Readers

For those of you living in the EU or using forms of payment from the EU, please remember to click the link below the add to cart button to ensure your payment process and order delivery run smoothly. 

Teachers pay Teachers prices reflect the Splash into Summer Sale so you won't have to worry about missing out.  No promotional code is needed there.

Happy shopping!
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