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Montessori Compound Words Printable Pack

I absolutely love teaching about compound words. It is so fun to watch the kids' eyes light up when they understand what a compound word is.  

In my opinion, you can never have enough compound word activities in the classroom.  This is why we created 30 pages of resources in our Montessori Compound Words Printable Pack!

There are resources for children who need visuals and for those who don't.  Activities vary in difficulty, which means there's something for everyone.

All printables follow the Montessori Language Album to ensure that your students are practicing exactly what they need to!

If you're not using the Montessori method that's okay too! These printables are a great addition to any language curriculum.

Montessori Compound Words Printable Pack

Let's take a closer look at what's included!

Montessori Compound Words Printable Pack Table of Contents

  • Compound Word Equations
  • Compound Word Sorting Activity
  • Compound Word Sentence Correction Activity

These compound word activities are such a blast!

How do you purchase the Montessori Compound Words Printable Pack?

To purchase your digital file (PDF copy), as a USD customer, click the "Add to Cart" button below. The file can be read on any computer or mobile device, and can be printed at any time. To access printables, click on the links within the digital file, find the pages you need, print them, and prepare for activities.

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