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How to Train Your Dragon Crafts for Kids

How to Train Your Dragon has been playing in my house every evening during media time for three months now. I am so thankful that we own all three movies and both seasons of the TV series to provide at least some variety.

Dragons are Sunshine's latest autism passion. 

She's not the first to love dragons in the house. Thankfully Dinomite has already gone through this phase. I feel a bit more prepared this time around, but definitely regret getting rid of all of his dragon toys.

What's different about Sunshine compared to Dinomite is that she loves arts and crafts. She wants as much of her day as possible focused around How to Train Your Dragon. This includes craft time.

Needless to say I've been searching the internet for easy How to Train Your Dragon Crafts for Kids that don't cost money and will cause the least amount of frustration as possible. Sunshine has completed all of the crafts below.

Though I'm not the biggest fan of crafts, I'll go along with them if they're mostly free and they prove to be helpful in developing fine motor skills. 

Crafts can make fabulous practical life or occupational therapy activities. This is an area where Sunshine definitely needs as much practice as possible.

How to Train Your Dragon Crafts for Kids

Before I introduce you to all of the fabulous and EASY How to Train Your Dragon crafts we've done, I wanted to be sure to introduce you to my dragon loving girl!

Dragon Passion

This shirt is one of her favorites. She even wants to make sure her nails are painted a dark glittery green, so she looks like a dragon!

Moving on to crafts!

How to Train Your Dragon Crafts for Kids

Printable Toothless Dragon Craft from Skip To My Lou

Sunshine LOVES this dragon craft. She carried her dragon around with her for weeks. Even now she will pull it out to carry with her. 

When not in use, she stores it on top of her special drawings to keep it safe. I am so thankful for cardstock and scotch tape to help keep it together. 

How to Train Your Dragon Finger Puppets

Dragon Finger Puppets from Raising Whasians

Making these finger puppets required a lot of cutting, which I loved. Sunshine needs practice with this. She cut around all of the edges. I cut out the finger holes. 

Cardstock was a must for this craft. Scotch tape came in handy as well. Overall the puppets held up well. Sunshine loved having both Toothless and the Light Fury.

How to Train Your Dragon Color by Number Pages

How to Train Your Dragon Coloring Pages from Highlights Along the Way

There were couple of days during Sunshine's How to Train Your Dragon crafting phase where we didn't have time to do anything too involved. On those days, Sunshine LOVED these coloring pages, especially the color by number ones.

I loved that the color by number pages helped her stay within the lines. They led her to concentrate just a little bit more, which was great to see. These coloring pages were also easy to take on the go when we had appointments etc.

How to Train Your Dragon: Toothless Pot/Cup from Frog Prince Paperie

Currently, Sunshine is not one to wait for craft projects to dry. Instead of using pots for this activity, we used black and white paper cups.

These are so adorable to use as decorations or for a special movie night! I love the cutting practice involved in this craft.

Toothless Dragon Mask from Mama Likes This

There are very few things Sunshine likes more than dress up. Masks are always a hit! Making this mask provided cutting practice as well as some tying practice. 

It's been over a month and Sunshine still has this mask. She stores it in her special spot and pulls it out to wear about once a week.

How to Train Your Dragon Party Vikings Helmet from Saw it, Pinned it, Did it!

When Sunshine saw this craft, she HAD to do it. The minute a cardboard box arrived in the mail, she grabbed it. 

Though she couldn't complete this craft independently, she helped a ton.

Vikings Helmet and Shield

How to Change Your Dragon Shield from Craftiness is not Optional

Sunshine had to have a shield, the minute she saw this post on Pinterest, so she went to town making one. She helped trace the circle and decorated the shield. 

Mom and dad used duck tape to secure everything and make sure it would withstand Sunshine's play scenarios. Sure enough, a month later, it's still in use!

Best Popsicle Catapult for STEM from Little Bins Little Hands

This craft combines science, math and so much more. I love the fine motor skills that are worked on during this activity.

Sunshine loved that she could use her catapult afterwards, just like how it was used in the films and TV show.

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How to Train Your Dragon Crafts for Kids

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