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Montessori-inspired Relationships Printable Pack

My kiddos have been super big into understanding relationships around them lately.  They're asking so many questions.  This is what led to the creation of the Montessori-inspired Relationships Printable Pack.

This 58 page printable pack introduces the concepts of dating, engagement, and marriage.  

It includes couples with disabilities, those that are mixed race, and those that are part of the LGBTQ+ community.  

Through the use of this printable pack, teachers and parents have the resources necessary to teach about every type of romantic relationship, promoting love and acceptance for all.  

Even better, children will know and understand what the LGBTQ+ community is and learn basic vocabulary that is extremely important to understand as they interact with peers and others around them.

This printable pack is designed for children in Montessori preschool and elementary classrooms.  

All images are true to life and 100% kid friendly.

Montessori-inspired Relationships Printable Pack

Let's take a closer look at what's included!

Montessori-inspired Relationships Printable Pack Table of Contents

  • LGBTQ+ Nomenclature Cards
  • LGBTQ+ Description Cards
  • LGBTQ+ Letter Activity
  • LGBTQ+ Syllable Counting Cards
  • LGBTQ+ First Letter Sound Cards
  • LGBTQ+ Word Strips
  • LGBTQ+ Pride Flag Nomenclature Cards
  • LGBTQ+ Pride Flag Coloring Pages
  • Same Race and Interracial Couples Sort
  • Romantic Relationships Sorting Activity
  • Romantic Relationships Word Strips
  • Romantic Relationships Word Match Up Activity
  • Romantic Relationships Phrases Activity

How do you purchase the Montessori-inspired Relationships Printable Pack?

To purchase your digital file (PDF copy), as a USD customer, click the "Add to Cart" button below. The file can be read on any computer or mobile device, and can be printed at any time. To access printables, click on the links within the digital file, find the pages you need, print them, and prepare for activities.

EU Readers:  Click HERE to purchase through Teachers Pay Teachers

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