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Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls

Sunshine's birthday is a month away.  Christmas is only two months away.  Needless to say I've been looking for gift ideas for 8 year old girls.

Every time I ask Sunshine what she wants she becomes extremely overwhelmed.  There are just too many choices for her brain to handle.

While we were out on a Mommy Daughter date this morning I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and Christmas one last time to see if anything had changed.  

This is when she asked if she could put together a wish list like in years past.  This was not my plan, but since I still had no idea what she wanted, I figured I'd follow her lead.

To my pleasant surprise putting together a wish list with Sunshine was easier than ever.  She came up with six themes.  I typed the themes in Amazon. She looked through all of the options and picked six under each theme that she loved most.

It's amazing how this process of creating a wish list helps Sunshine so much.  The visual prompts paired with the auditory experience is the perfect combination for helping her communicate.

Sunshine's now asked for wish lists for Dinomite, Bulldozer, and Princess too, so she can pick out what she wants to get them for Christmas.  You can expect them coming soon!

Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls

Sunshine's wish list is so much fun this year! I love that she enjoys so many different things.  If you have an 8 year old girl, I hope this helps you come up with some fantastic ideas as well.

Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls

Barbie Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls

Sunshine was introduced to the world of Barbie this year and absolutely loves it.  She loves to change their clothes, shoes, and accessorize.  Her siblings enjoy playing with her too!  Sunshine can't wait to add more dolls and accessories to her collection.

Barbie Cake Decorating Set

Barbie Musician Doll and Play Set (Purchased)

Barbie Animal Rescuer Doll and Play Set

Barbie Ballet Instructor

Barbie Careers Baby Doctor Play Set (Purchased)

Barbie Dream Horse and Blond Doll

Sunshine is very big into diversifying her Barbie collection.  I LOVE this about her.  Unfortunately we've run into a few snags with this process.

Sunshine feels we need an equal amount of male and female dolls.  She only has one male doll and well... That's just not acceptable to her.  She's picked out the male dolls and accessories below to even out her collection.

Barbie Travel Ken Doll (Purchased)

Barbie Dolphin Magic Ken Doll

Barbie Ken Fashionista Doll

Barbie Ken Fashions, Hawaiian

Barbie Ken Fashion Pack, Geometry Class

Sunshine also has one of the curvy female dolls. Her biggest frustration with this doll is that she only has one outfit for her as the other ones do not fit well or at all.  She has picked out the following curvy doll and clothing sets to help with her dilemma.

Barbie Career of the Year: Judge with Black Hair

Barbie Fashionista Doll

Barbie Accessories Curvy and Tall Shoe Pack

Barbie Fashionistas Doll and Fashions So Sporty, Curvy Dark Haired

Barbie Made to Move Doll Curvy with Auburn Hair

Barbie Fashionistas Everyday Chic Curvy Blond

My Little Pony Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls

One of Sunshine's friends from school loves My Little Pony. This has rubbed off on Sunshine a bit and now she is all about them too.  I think it's cute. It wasn't so long ago that Princess was a My Little Pony fan.

My Little Ponies of Equestria Figures (Purchased)

My Little Pony Rainbow Rainbow Wings Twilight Sparkle

My Little Pony 5 Minute Stories

My Little Pony: The Movie Lightning Glow Tempest Shadow

My Little Pony: The Movie (Blu-ray)

My Little Pony Princess Cadence & Shining Armor Set (Purchased)

Doll House Accessory Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls

Sunshine loves her wooden doll house, but has told me time and time again she's waiting for a master bedroom set and a car so she can play with them even more.  She also said she needs friends to come over and play. I love that she picked out Asian and African American families to join her play!

When we looked on Amazon she saw the exercise set and kitchen accessories.  She begged me to add them to her list.  Lol.

Hape Wooden Doll House Furniture Master Bedroom Set (Purchased)

Hape Kid's Family Car (Purchased)

Plan Toys Accessories for Kitchen and Tableware

Hape Wooden Doll House Furniture Home Gym Play Set and Accessories

Hape Asian Wooden Doll House Family Set

Hape African Wooden Doll House Family Set (Purchased)

LEGO Disney Princess Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls

Sunshine loves LEGO Disney Princess sets.  She prefers them over any of the other LEGO themes.  I was so impressed how quickly she picked out her top 6 favorite sets.  There was absolutely no hesitation. She knows what she wants!

LEGO Disney Aladdin and Jasmine's Palace Adventures Building Kit 41161

LEGO Disney Cinderella's Carriage Ride Building Kit 41159 (Purchased)

LEGO Disney Princess Ariel's Royal Celebration Boat Building Kit 41153

LEGO Disney Princess Moana's Ocean Village Building Kit 41150

LEGO Disney Princess Mulan's Training Day Building Kit 41151

LEGO Disney Princess Ariel's Seaside Castle Building Kit 41160

Pokemon Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls

Pokemon has been a budding interest for a while now.  It became more of a love after watching the Detective Pikachu movie.  Pikachu is of course her favorite character.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu (Blu-ray) (Purchased)

Pikachu Plush 12'' (Purchased)

Eevee Plush 12" (Purchased)

Charizard Plush 12"

Pokemon Super Deluxe Essential Handbook

Awesome Pokemon Coloring Book (Purchased)

Animal Figure Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls

Very few days go by that Sunshine doesn't pull out the animal figures to play with.  Right now she's all about building families.  Needless to say we need a Mommy, Daddy and baby of every kind.

UANDME Safari Animals Toy Figures Set

Gizmovine Lion Family Play Set (Purchased)

TUPARKA Forest Play Set

White Tiger Figurines

TOYMANY Giraffe Figurines

TOYMANY Leopard Figurines

I have a feeling Sunshine is going to have a fabulous holiday season. Her gift ideas are great!

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