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Montessori-inspired Temperature Printable Pack

Learning about temperature is so exciting to children in Montessori preschool and elementary classrooms.  It's a basic math concept that can be applied to in day to day life.  

Whether you read temperatures in Farhrenheit or Celsius, the Montessori-inspired Temperature Printable Pack includes everything you need!

There are so many different ways to use the printables included to meet the needs of every child no matter their age or abilities.

Montessori-inspired Temperature Printable Pack

Let's take a closer look at the 80 page printable pack!

Montessori-inspired Temperature Printable Pack Table of Contents

  • Temperature Nomenclature Cards
  • Temperature Description Cards
  • Temperature Word Strips in Print
  • Temperature Word Strips in Cursive
  • Causes of Global Warming Cards
  • Ways to Prevent Global Warming Cards
  • Fahrenheit Thermometer Control
  • Celsius Thermometer Control
  • Thermometer Blank Template
  • Coldest to Warmest Temperature Sequencing Activity
  • Fahrenheit Temperature Nomenclature Cards
  • Fahrenheit Temperature Clip Cards
  • Fahrenheit Fill in the Temperature Cards
  • Celsius Temperature Nomenclature Cards
  • Celsius Temperature Clip Cards
  • Celsius Fill in the Temperature Cards
  • Annual Mean Temperature Map Activity
  • Fahrenheit Subtraction Word Problems
  • Fahrenheit Addition Word Problems
  • Celsius Subtraction Word Problems
  • Celsius Addition Word Problems

If you'd like to see how we're using the printable pack, be sure to check out the link below:

 How do you purchase the Montessori Temperature Printable Pack?

To purchase your digital file (PDF copy), click the "Add to Cart" button below. The file can be read on any computer or mobile device, and can be printed at any time. To access printables, click on the links within the digital file, find the pages you need, print them, and prepare for activities. EU readers must purchase through Teachers Pay Teachers.

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