Montessori Telling Time Bundle

I am so excited to share the new Montessori Telling Time Bundle with you!  My husband and I worked so hard to make this exactly what we needed for our children and for everyone else.

One wouldn't think finding Montessori telling time resources would be difficult, but it really is.  

Yes, there are clock nomenclature cards out there, but there are never enough to master telling time in it's entirety.

And to be completely honest, I haven't seen anything else!

There are so many steps to learning how to tell time.  The Montessori Telling Time Bundle includes everything you need to work through them all.

Montessori Telling Time Bundle

Why Do We Need to Know?

Now some may be thinking, why do I need to worry about teaching time concepts when we live in a digital world where cell phones and asking Alexa are the norm?  

To me the answer is simple.  Learning to read clocks is just as important as learning how to add, subtract, multiply or divide.  It's a skill you're going to need for the rest of your life.  

Technology is not always reliable.  

There are times when a battery goes dead or the power goes out.  

Traditional clocks are always available for those who need them.

The coolest thing about clocks is that they're universally understood.  

Once you know and understand where each number is, no matter what type of clock, what print numbers are written in, or where you are in the world, you can still figure out the time of day.

Our Story with Time

Telling time on a traditional clock is so very important.


Dinomite and Bulldozer really struggle with telling time. It's something they have avoided for way too long.  

Yes, I have introduced the concepts before.

Yes, we have practiced.

But it's too complicated to retain and apply to real world circumstances, especially with so many steps.

This is the reason we've created over 500 pages in the Montessori Telling Time Bundle!

We want to make sure that Dinomite, Bulldozer and everyone else have enough resources to master telling time concepts and succeed in any time telling situation they're put in.

For that reason we've created a bundle with a TON of resources!

The Montessori Telling Time Bundle includes:

  • Montessori Telling Time: Parts of a Clock Printable Pack
  • Montessori  Telling Time: On the Hour Printable Pack
  • Montessori Telling Time: The Half Hour Printable Pack
  • Montessori Telling Time: 15 Minute Intervals Printable Pack
  • Montessori Telling Time: 5 Minute Intervals Printable Pack
  • Montessori Telling Time: To the Minute Printable Pack
  • Montessori Telling Time: To the Second Printable Pack
  • Montessori Telling Time: Roman Numerals Printable Pack
  • Montessori Telling Time: Addition and Subtraction Printable Pack
  • Montessori Telling Time: Multiplication and Division Printable Pack

Let's take a closer look at each part of this bundle!

Montessori Telling Time: Parts of a Clock Printable Pack

The Montessori Telling Time: Parts of a Clock Printable Pack provides you with so many different clock templates and hand options.  Some are in color. Others are in black and white for coloring purposes.  There are clocks without numbers as well to encourage writing and number identification.

We have used this printable pack in our classroom this week and I'm here to tell you the kids absolutely love it.  Each of them has thoroughly enjoyed making their own clock to use when completing future work.

Montessori Telling Time: On the Hour Printable Pack

The Montessori Telling Time: On the Hour Printable Pack is the perfect resource for introducing telling time concepts for the very first time.  It focuses only on the hours with cards in digital and written out times.

Besides clocks in classroom template format and true to life images, this bundle includes "fill in the hand" clocks.  When laminated these can be used over and over and over again.

Also included are clock clip cards and clock word strip cards.  For those who love writing, the word strip cards are the perfect way to practice spelling out numbers and time concepts.

All hour times on a traditional clock are included in this printable pack in template and true to life form.

Montessori Telling Time: The Half Hour Printable Pack

The Montessori Telling Time: The Half Hour Printable Pack is designed very much like the On the Hour Pack, except it only focuses on half past the hour clocks. 

There are two written out time options.  One focuses on the phrase "half past" while the other focuses on written times like "three thirty."  No matter which way it is presented, your child will understand after working with these materials.

All half past the hour times are included in this printable pack in template and true to life form.

Montessori Telling Time: 15 Minute Intervals Printable Pack

The Montessori Telling Time: 15 Minute Intervals Printable Pack is like the "One the Hour" and "The Half Hour" except that it focuses on fifteen minute intervals: quarter past the hour and quarter to the hour.

This printable pack is much longer because it includes all of the same printables offered in the other packs, but for two sets of times.

All quarter past the hour and quarter to the hour times are included in template and true to life image form in this printable pack.

Montessori Telling Time: 5 Minute Intervals Printable Pack

The Montessori Telling Time: 5 Minute Intervals Printable Pack includes everything you've seen in the other bundles but it's a little bit different in that different hours are used in each activity to vary up times.

All five minute intervals are covered in template and true to life image forms.

Montessori Telling Time: To the Minute Printable Pack

The Montessori Telling Time: To the Minute Printable Pack may be my favorite printable pack in the bundle!  It includes true to life images for every minute on the clock, along with fill in the hand templates. 

If you've ever want to think about how much work went into creating this bundle, just think about looking at photos of clocks for hours on end making sure every single time makes it in.  Lol.

Nowhere else will you find a resource like this!

Montessori Telling Time: Down to the Second Printable Pack

The Montessori Telling Time: Down to the Second Printable Pack is similar to other packs in the bundle but focuses on seconds on a stop watch as well as clocks with second hands.

Not every second is covered in the pack, but there are enough to introduce and practice the concept with the stop watch and clocks.

You also receive a stop watch template for kids and fill in the hand templates!

Montessori Telling Time: Roman Numerals Printable Pack

As my husband and I were creating this bundle we found an abundance of clocks with Roman Numerals.  There were so many that we knew we just had to include Roman Numeral Clocks in this bundle.

The Montessori Telling Time: Roman Numerals Printable Pack focuses on reading, writing, and understanding Roman Numerals on a clock.  There are clock templates, fill in the hand clocks, Roman Numeral match up cards, and so much more.

And of course you receive an abundance of true to life Roman Numeral clock nomenclature and clip cards for practice.

Montessori Telling Time: Addition and Subtraction Printable Pack

It's one thing to tell time and then another to add and subtract time.  The Montessori Telling Time: Addition and Subtraction Printable Pack is an introduction to that process.  It includes word problems related to time with matching equation cards for most problems.

Whether you use the matching equation cards or decide to have students write out the process in their notebook is up to you.  Either way, they're learning to apply time to mathematical problems.

Montessori Telling Time: Multiplication and Division Printable Pack

The Montessori Telling Time: Multiplication and Division Printable Pack is very similar to the addition and subtraction printable pack.  It consists of word problems with matching equation cards for the majority of problems.

Word problems focus on time scenarios both in minutes and hours.

As you can see the Montessori Telling Time Bundle includes A LOT of resources for the home or classroom.

If you have this bundle you do not need any other telling time resources.  It has EVERYTHING!

Lucky for you, now through Tuesday, January 15th at 11:59 PM EST, the Montessori Telling Time Bundle is on sale for an incredible 75% OFF!

Don't wait though!  This bundle will disappear after that date and you will have to buy each printable pack separately at full price.

Buy your Montessori Telling Time Bundle today!

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Children's Books About Antarctica

 As we prepare our Antarctica activities for the classroom each winter, we continue to notice that there is no list of recommended children's books about the continent. 

(This is not to be confused with books about penguins, which are plentiful in libraries and on the Internet.) 

We'd like to remedy that problem today and introduce our favorite Children's Books about Antarctica! 

Check out the list of ten fabulous books below!

Children's Books About Antarctica

10 Children's Books About Antarctica

A Trip to the Bottom of the World is a good introduction for beginning readers to the continent of Antarctica. The artwork is done in a comic-book style by Frank Viva. 

The story follows Mouse and his human companion on a cruise to Antarctica. Mouse complains for almost the whole trip, but the reader gets to enjoy the beautiful scenery while giggling at the characters' dialogue.  

Antarctic Journal by Meredith Hooper and Lucas deLeiris is a great example of detailed, in-depth nonfiction writing combined with lifelike artwork that sets the scene perfectly.

Hooper is on assignment for National Geographic.  This book is a child-friendly account of her experiences in Antarctica.

The author brings a scientists' eye for detail and an animal lover's heart to the text. This is the best kind of nonfiction writing.

Antarctica by Helen Cowcher is another good title for beginning readers who love wildlife. The text is simple, but the focus is on the beautiful artwork. Antarctica looks alive with color and energy on every page of the book.

Antarctica by Mel Friedman provides a brief overview of all aspects of the continent for more capable readers.  Scholastic produces the True Book series, so the emphasis is on vocabulary building and covering several subject areas, including history, geography and biology.

Antarctica by Wendy Vierow is another good book for more confident readers, but this one is aimed at the student who enjoys geography. Detailed maps and charts are the main focus. The author provides simple explanations for how to read maps.

The photographs inside are also very helpful, and fit this book better than paintings would. This book is part of a seven book series on the continents.

Here is Antarctica By Madeleine Dunphy with art by Tom Leonard is more poetic than any of the previous books we have reviewed so far.

The text is in the style of the song about the old woman who swallowed a fly. It builds one line per page, accompanied by the beautiful artwork of animal life and majestic scenery.

This book is fun to read aloud with a young child.

Introducing Antarctica by Anita Ganeri does exactly what the title suggests: provides young readers with a brief overview of the icy continent.

Another unique feature here is the focus on the scientists and the research that takes place on the continent. This is a good choice for any aspiring young explorers out there.

One Day On Our Blue Planet in Antarctica by Ella Bailey wins the prize for cutest book about Antarctica. Readers join a young Adelie penguin as she journeys from the nest to the open ocean, and back home again, exploring the terrain and wildlife as she goes.

The illustrations are less life-like than most of the books we've seen, but more animals are named and represented here, too. Great choice for young readers who love animals.

Sophie Scott Goes South is a favorite among the kiddos this week.  This book is unique because it is a first-person account of a voyage to Antarctica on an Icebreaker ship, written by a nine-year old girl.

She joins her ship captain father and his crew on a 30 day round trip voyage, filling readers in on every detail of the trip.

 Another great feature is the artwork, all of which was created by Sophie's classmates, who were asked to create art inspired by this adventurous young lady's experience.

When the Sun Shines on Antarctica by Irene Latham is a great addition to our list because it is the only poetry book about Antarctica that I am aware of. Even if there were others, it would be hard to top this one.  The simple, fun-spirited poems are matched perfectly with illustrations by Anna Wadham.

It's nice to break up all the hard science reading sometimes with some poetry. This book would be a great addition to your bookshelf for any study of the amazing, inspiring continent of Antarctica.

Whether you're borrowing books from your local library system or purchasing these books for enjoyment for years to come, we hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

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Children's  Books About Antarctica

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Montessori Grammar Bundle

Years ago I placed the Montessori Grammar Symbols on our shelves for the first time.  Dinomite was six years old and ready to begin his grammar journey.

Bulldozer, his younger brother was four years old at the time.  He had severe delays in fine motor skills and couldn't write at all.  His reading skills were limited to letter identification. 

But when he saw the Montessori Grammar Symbols, he just had to use them!  

This made perfect sense as Bulldozer is autistic and was obsessed with shapes and colors at the time.  

I just didn't realize how much three dimensional colored shapes would influence his learning.

By the age of five, Bulldozer was diagramming sentences, so long as words and sentences were read aloud, he had visual supports (pictures), and he could use the grammar symbols.

He could tell you the word and definition associated with each symbol without hesitation.  And this was the boy who could speak two to three word utterances up until three and a half years old.

It was amazing.

Through that experience I learned so many things.

I learned what it truly means to "follow the child" even when it makes absolutely no sense.

I realized that even though a child struggles to read or write, he can be successful in other language areas like grammar with the proper supports.

Most importantly, I realized that the Montessori Method is for EVERY child, especially my Bulldozer.

Needless to say, the Montessori Grammar Symbols have a special place in my heart.  I can't help but smile every time I see them on our shelves.

The Montessori Grammar Bundle

As my boys progress in their grammar journey, I've realized it's time for new work on our shelves. 

This led me to create an amazing 398 page Montessori Grammar Bundle.

Some activities are review for my boys, others teach more in depth concepts not yet introduced.

The Montessori Grammar Bundle is designed for ALL children in Montessori preschool and elementary classrooms.

Montessori Grammar Bundle

The Montessori Grammar Bundle is divided up into ten sections:

  • Montessori-inspired Intro to Grammar Printable Pack
  • Montessori Grammar: Nouns Printable Pack
  • Montessori Grammar: Articles Printable Pack
  • Montessori Grammar: Adjectives Printable Pack
  • Montessori Grammar: Pronouns Printable Pack
  • Montessori Grammar: Verbs Printable Pack
  • Montessori Grammar: Adverbs Printable Pack
  • Montessori Grammar: Prepositions Printable Pack
  • Montessori Grammar: Conjunctions Printable Pack
  • Montessori Grammar: Interjections Printable Pack
And as an added bonus you will also receive the Montessori Environment Word Strips Printable Pack which includes five sets of themed cards:
  • Farm
  • Construction
  • Space
  • Dinosaurs
  • Home

This is truly an incredible bundle that breaks down every concept into its simplest terms and builds from there.

Let's take an even closer look at all that's included!

Montessori-inspired Intro to Grammar Printable Pack

Montessori-inspired Intro to Grammar Printable Pack

This 59 page printable pack includes all you need to introduce the Montessori Grammar Symbols for the first time.  Whether you're looking for nomenclature cards, clip cards, a book activity, matching game or sorting, it's included.  It it even includes coloring pages!

My favorite activities include the Grammar Symbol Who Am I? cards and the Grammar Symbols Explanation Sorting Activity.  Have you ever wondered why the Montessori Grammar Symbols are the colors and shapes that they are?  All of the answers were here in easy terms with pictures that kids can understand.

Montessori Grammar: Nouns Printable Pack

Montessori Grammar: Nouns Printable Pack

This 106 page printable pack is incredible!  Everything you could possibly need to teach nouns is included.

  • History of Names
  • People, Places and Things
  • Singular vs. Plural Nouns
  • Masculine vs. Feminine Nouns
  • Gender Neutral and Diminutive Nouns
  • Collective Nouns
  • Common vs. Proper Nouns
  • Concrete vs. Abstract Nouns

This printable pack alone provides you with years of learning!

The best part is that every concept is broken down so it's easy to learn and understand.  Oh and did I mention it includes beautiful true to life pictures that help reinforce concepts for those who need visual prompts?  It really does have everything!

Montessori Grammar: Article Printable Pack

Montessori Grammar: Articles Printable Pack

One might think there's not much to learn about when it comes to articles, but there most definitely is!  This 23 page printable pack walks students through the difference between "a" and "an" and when to use each.  It also introduces when to use the word "the" and provides beautiful clip cards for children to practice their newly learned skills.

Oh and I can't forget to mention the shape cards provided for cutting practice, art practice and pin poking!  

Montessori Grammar: Adjectives Printable Pack

Montessori Grammar Adjectives Printable Pack

This 28 page bundle builds upon concepts taught in the Montessori Nouns and Articles Printable Packs tying the Noun Family together. 

It also breaks down adjectives, defining them by type.  And of course it provides beautiful printables with true to life images to practice with!

Montessori Grammar: Pronouns Printable Pack

Montessori Grammar Pronouns Printable Pack

The 27 page Pronoun Printable Pack introduces each type of pronoun and provides you with word strips for each one.  

It also covers
  • Personal Pronouns
  • Noun and Pronoun Relations
  • Verb and Pronoun Relations
Rest assured you're provided with plenty of practice through activities in this printable pack.
Montessori Grammar: Verbs Printable Pack

Montessori Grammar: Verbs Printable Pack

When I think about learning verbs, my memories instantly flash back to high school and college Spanish classes.  Let's face it, verbs are an incredibly complex concept to teach!  This 91 page printable pack is here to help.

It covers so many topics, some of which include:
  • Verb Commands
  • The Noun Family and Verb Relationship
  • Verb Tenses
All are broken down to simplest terms with a variety of activities to reinforce each concept.

Montessori Grammar: Adverbs Printable Pack

Montessori Grammar: Adverbs Printable Pack

Adverbs may seem small and insignificant compared to other aspects of grammar, but we feel they're equally important and have dedicated a 15 page printable pack to them.  

This printable pack teaches about how, when, where and to what extent adverbs.  It covers the verb and adverb relationship and concludes with fabulous grammar symbol images and outlines.

Montessori Grammar: Prepositions Printable Pack

Montessori Grammar: Prepositions Printable Pack

The Prepositions Printable Pack provides you with 18 pages of resources that tie together the noun article, verb and preposition.  It's the prefect way to help a student build upon concepts he's already learned and apply new concepts.

Montessori Grammar: Conjunction Printable Pack

Montessori Grammar: Conjunctions Printable Pack

This 15 page printable pack introduces conjunctions.  It helps students learn how to use them between noun family phrases.  Not only are example phrases provided, but also blank strips with grammar symbols so students can make up their own.

Montessori Grammar: Interjections Printable Pack

Montessori Grammar: Interjections Printable Pack

This 18 page printable pack is dedicated to helping students understand what interjections are and how to use them.  Whether you're looking for simple nomenclature cards or word and sentence match up cards, this printable pack has them!


Montessori Grammar: Environment Word Strips Bundle

Montessori Grammar Environment Word Strips Bundle

As with most of my bundles, the Montessori Grammar Bundle comes with a fun bonus.  For those who enjoy the Grammar Farm, you'll be pleased to know that we have created word strips for that environment as well as four additional grammar environments. These include:
  • Construction
  • Space
  • Dinosaurs
  • Home
No matter your students interests there's something for everyone!

The Montessori Grammar Bundle includes so many incredible resources for the classroom and can be yours today for 75% OFF.

But don't wait. It will only be available through Tuesday, December 11th at 11:59 PM EST.  After that it will be gone forever and you'll have to buy each part of the bundle individually at full price.

There are so many ways to use all of the contents included!

Get your Montessori Grammar Bundle today!

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Black Friday Sale 2018

When it comes to holiday shopping, Black Friday is the busiest day of the year, and often has the best sales prices you can find.

This year it's my goal to give Montessori teachers and parents the best gift ever, the ultimate Black Friday Sale on Montessori printables from Every Star Is Different!

If you've been waiting for a product to show up as our "Deal of the Week" or missed out on one of our monthly promotions, this sale is going to make your day!

If you've been unable to afford printables due to their price tag or are new to Every Star Is Different you are going to be so happy.


Black Friday Sale

Yes, you read that right.

Everything is 50% OFF.

This includes all of our individual products.

It also includes following bundles:

Montessori-inspired Back-to-School Bundle Montessori-inspired Language Bundle Montessori-inspired Art and Music Bundle Montessori-inspired Holidays Around the World Bundle

But know this sale won't last forever!

It's for a very limited time.

The Black Friday Sale starts at 12:00 AM EST on Thursday, November 22nd and goes through Saturday, November 24th at 11:59 PM EST.

That means you have only three days to grab everything you want.

I know you're busy.

I know you're starting to think about the holiday season and gift giving.

But this is an amazing opportunity to grab everything you've ever wanted from my store, including some amazing bundles you may have missed.

Go to the Every Star Is Different Shop and purchase your printables today for an amazing 50% OFF!

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Gift Ideas for Dad

It's that time of year again!  Jason, my husband, has put together a fabulous set of Gift Ideas for Dad aka his Christmas wish list.

And even if some of the categories like Universal Studios and The College of William & Mary are very specific, it's easy to think about what future vacations your family may be going on and where the special man in your life went to school.

Gift Ideas for Dad

Let's take a closer look at his ideas!

Our family is heading to Universal Studios at the end of January. This is our big family Christmas gift.  The boys had such a fun time there with me in September that Jason became a little jealous. Needless to say he wants to make sure he has lots of fun when he goes.  Vacations always give Jason the best excuse to buy new t-shirts and other clothing items which he's always in desperate need of.  And of course what would The Wizarding World of Harry Potter be like without your own wand?  

Gift Ideas for Dad-Universal Studios

Interactive Sirius Black Wand

E.T. T-Shirt-Adult Size Large

Harry Potter Gryffindor Baseball Cap

Jurassic Park T-Shirt Black

Harry Potter Weasley's Wizard Wheezes T-Shirt

Marvel X-Men Zip Up Hoodie

Returning to Virginia to live last year has definitely brought back a lot of memories from college.  I think the fact that we return to Williamsburg, VA for regular weekend getaways also adds to the nostalgia.  It only seems appropriate to be proud of your alma mater.
Gift Ideas for Dad-William & Mary

William & Mary Alumni License Plate Frame

William & Mary Winter Hat

William & Mary Keychain

William & Mary Baseball Cap

William & Mary Scarf

William & Mary Hoodie Sweatshirt

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Jason loves cooking and pretty much anything to do with really great food.  We share cooking responsibilities and both enjoy our time in the kitchen.  Jason can't wait to try out these new items!
Gift Ideas for Dad-Cooking

The Indian Cooking Course

Made in India

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Natural Sea Salt Sampler

Laxmi Indian Spice Pack-5 Spices

MiToo Coffee Warmer

One of our favorite ways to celebrate the end of the week is to curl up on the couch when the kids go to bed and watch a good movie.  This list includes superhero movies that the boys don't like that he does, and a few others he's been wanting for a while.
Gift Ideas for Dad-Movies

Captain America: Civil War Blu-ray

Spider-Man: Homecoming Blu-ray

The Planet Earth Collection Blu-ray

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Collection 7 DVD

The Princess Bride (Criterion Collection Blu-ray)

A Hard Day's Night Criterion Collection Blu-ray/DVD

Music has become a part of everyday life for Jason as he works from home at the computer for several hours a day.  He has completely worn out his collection and definitely needs some new tunes.  We're still big into CDs as we always have a hard copy to use in the car or wherever else we may be, and they also don't require Internet to play.

Gift Ideas for Dad-Music

The Beatles (White Album) 3 CD Deluxe Edition

Metallica ...And Justice for All 3 CD Set

REM Automatic For The People 2 CD Set

Queen Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Soundtrack CD

David Bowie-Glastonbury 2000 2 CD Set

Joe Strummer 001 (2 CD Set)

It's no secret that Jason LOVES to read.  If he doesn't have a great book he'll read anything he can get his hands on.  These are his newest requests.
Gift Ideas for Dad-Books

No Barriers: A Blind Man's Journey to Kayak the Grand Canyon

Abraham Lincoln: A Life (Volume 2)

Beastie Boys Book

Brain Games Jeopardy: Puzzles and Games

Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era

Vision (The Vision) by Tom King

I hope you were able to find ideas and/or at least inspiration from this list for someone special in our life!
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