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FREE Santa Lucia Letter Sound Clip Cards

 Santa Lucia Day is just around the corner. The kids couldn't be more excited. 

We are thoroughly enjoying our Santa Lucia Day Activities including these beautiful free Santa Lucia letter sound clip cards.

Letter sound clip cards are such a great way to isolate sounds. 

I love that they include choices to help children master their letter identification skills as well.

FREE Santa Lucia Letter Sound Clip Cards

FREE Santa Lucia Letter Sound Clip Cards

Santa Lucia Day is one of the kids' favorite winter holidays, especially my girls as they love dressing up and serving the family delicious food and drinks.

I love the holiday as it focuses on a female who helped and served others in need.

Christmas is such a special time of year where we can focus on so many who served and loved others.

Some of this focus can take place in the classroom with Santa Lucia Day vocabulary paired with beautiful images, using our Santa Lucia Letter Sound Clip Cards.

The Santa Lucia Letter Sound Clip Cards  are so easy to use!

Cut each card out. (Laminate them if you prefer.)

Grab a manipulative that can be used to mark each answer. 

We like to use glass beads, but you could use clothespins or other objects as well.

Then place the cards and manipulatives on a tray, ready to go!

(You will note that there are a couple variations of nomenclature and description cards in this freebie that go along with the product below.)

All pages of the FREE Santa Lucia Letter Sound Clip Cards are designed to be used with the product below, but can be used alone.

Be sure to click on the link to the free printable at the bottom of this post!

Santa Lucia's Day Printable Pack

Montessori-inspired Santa Lucia's Day Printable Pack

Our Santa Lucia's Day Printable Pack is absolutely gorgeous filled with so many beautiful true to life images. 

This printable pack includes three versions of some cards to ensure that no matter where you live, you have the correct resources.

Designed for children in Montessori preschool and elementary classrooms, this printable pack has something to fit all skills and abilities.

It is the perfect resource to have on hand when learning and celebrating Santa Lucia Day.

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Don't forget your free printables!

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