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Deal of the Week: Math Bundles Sale

 If I had to choose one subject that my kiddos struggle with the most, it's math.  There's just something about numbers and operations that's really hard for them.

Due to these struggles, I've created some amazing math resources that work for every child, breaking down each concept to the simplest terms. and providing enough practice cards to ensure mastery.

We have used all of the math materials I have created to the fullest extent.  They have been tried and tested on friends in our co-op as well.  

I can't say enough about these math printables! They work so well with Montessori materials, but can also be used without them if necessary.

And this week, ALL of our math bundles are on sale as our Deal of the Week!

Deal of the Week: Math Bundles Sale

Just like with all of our Deal of the Week promotions, you can choose to purchase an entire bundle, or you can purchase individual components of each bundle. Everything is 50% OFF!

Let's see all there is to choose from!

Ultimate Montessori Math Bundle

The Ultimate Montessori Math Bundle

We started using this bundle the minute I created it over three years ago. It continues to grace our shevles today as we work through the most difficult division cards.

The Ultimate Montessori Math Bundle is one of our largest bundles.  At 50% OFF this bundle is $69.99.  When you're planning to get years and years out of the printables, that cost is most definitely worth it, but if not, consider one or more of the individual printable packs below.

Each one of the individual products included are 50% OFF.  Just click on the images below to purchase any and all that you would like.
Montessori Math Bead Bar Printable Pack in Print Montessori Addition and Subtraction Bundle Montessori Multiplication and Division Bundle Holiday Addition and Subtraction Clip Cards Bundle Holiday Multiplication and Division Clip Cards Bundle
The Ultimate Montessori Math Bundle is not our only math bundle on sale this week!

Montessori Telling Time Bundle

Montessori Telling Time Bundle

Some may feel that telling time isn't a skill children need to learn this digital age, but I'm here to say that kids want to learn it.  

All of our kids have asked how to learn how to tell time at one time or another.  We created this bundle for that reason.

We've worked through every printable pack included in our classroom and with co-op kids.  Let me just say, they were a huge hit!  No matter which way your students prefer to learn, it's included in these printables.

The Montessori Telling Time Bundle includes so many wonderful printable packs.  For the next week, you can purchase it at 50% OFF for only $39.99.  If you're not interested in all of the printable packs included, feel free to purchase any or all of them individually for 50% OFF by clicking on the images below.
Montessori Telling Time: Parts of a Clock Printable Pack Montessori Telling Time: On the Hour Printable Pack Montessori Telling Time: The Half Hour Printable Pack Montessori Telling Time: 15 Minute Intervals Printable Pack Montessori Telling Time: 5 Minute Intervals Printable Pack Montessori Telling Time: To the Minute Printable Pack Montessori Telling Time: Down to the Second Printable Pack Montessori Telling Time: Roman Numerals Printable Pack
Our most recent math bundle was inspired by Dinomite and one of his friends at our co-op.  They were both having an incredibly difficult time with their multiplication tables.  Until they learned their math facts, they were unable to progress with their math skills.

Skip Counting and Multiplcation Bundle

Montessori Skip Counting and Multiplication Bundle

Unlike our other bundles, the Montessori Skip Counting and Multiplication Bundle is not available in individual parts.  But for those who need extra multiplication and skip counting resources this bundle is incredible!

I can't tell you how much this helped Diomite and our co-op friend!

At 50% OFF this bundle is $29.99.  It includes 429 pages of resources.  Don't miss your chance to grab it!

All of these math products are only available for 50% OFF for only one week.  

This will be the last time you can purchase these items at a discount during 2020, so don't wait!

I promise you will fall in love with these materials in the classroom or at home.  

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How to Help Children with Constipation

Sunshine has suffered from constipation for years. It's a side effect of some of her medications.  

We have tried and tested so many remedies from prune juice to laxatives.

Some didn't work at all.

Others worked, but Sunshine hated them.  

And then we stumbled upon a solution that everyone loves!

I'm super excited to explain how to help children with constipation with no tears or battles.

Constipation in children can occur for a multitude of reasons.  

Some children don't like the feeling of having a bowel movement, and so they hold it in.

Other children don't want to take the time to sit and relax for the period of time it takes to go to the bathroom.

Medication, diet, and exercise can all be factors in how often your child has bowel movements.

No matter the reason, we all know being constipated is extremely uncomfortable, causing pain and tears.

The first steps to helping your child with constipation is making sure they are eating a diet rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables, and ensuring that they are getting enough exercise each day.  Drinking plenty of water is important as well.

If you notice your child struggling with constipation, documenting bowel movements is always a good idea.

Charting Bowel Movements with Kids

I created a "Poop Chart" for Sunshine, in Microsoft Publisher and ordered poop emoji stickers from Amazon to make the charting process a little bit more fun.  

If you aren't able to make a calendar on the computer, any calendar will do.

Sunshine LOVES her emoji stickers.  It didn't take her long to learn the process of reporting her bowel movements and placing a sticker on the right date on her chart.

At first she wanted to put a ton of stickers on without having had a bowel movement, but she quickly adjusted to the process.

Now I'm sure you're probably wondering what our secret to helping children with constipation is.

How to Help Children with Constipation

When Sunshine returned from her first residential treatment placement, it was recommended that she go on a sugar free diet.

Little did we know that some sugar free alternatives are natural laxatives, particularly monkefruit and Erythritol.

Every time Sunshine had baked goods used with the sugar free alternatives, she had absolutely no issues with constipation.  In some cases, she had issues with too many bowel movements.

Knowing that having baked goods around at all times was unreasonable, we ventured into sugar free candy ideas.

This is when we discovered the affects of Sugar Free Gummy Bears!

Sugar Free Gummies: The Perfect Solution for Constipation!

If you would like a laugh, or don't believe me in regards to how magical sugar free gummies are in regards to curing constipation, just read the reviews on Amazon!  

Sunshine loves gummies, so they were an immediate hit!

Depending on what Sunshine had to eat during the day, she may or may not need 6-10 gummies to help with bowel movements.

We try not to let her go more than one day without a bowel movement.  If she goes two days without one, we give her gummies.  Sure enough the very next day, there is no more constipation.

I love that Sunshine has relief from her constipation and that there are no battles when it comes to treating her constipation anymore.

For those who would like more parenting tips and ideas for special dietary needs, be sure to subscribe to our free newsletter by clicking the link below.

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How to Help Children with Constipation

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How to Make a Kwanzaa Kinara

We love to celebrate as many holidays from around the world as possible during the months of November through January of each year.  

One of those holidays that's super fun to learn about is Kwanzaa!

Besides our usual Kwanzaa printables and activities, I love to add a fun practical life/art activity to our studies.  This time around we learned how to make a Kwanzaa Kinara!

What I love so much about this project is that it can be adapted to meet the needs of every child in a preschool and/or elementary classroom.  There are so many possibilities.

My second favorite thing is that it only takes a few materials and tools to put together.  This is not a project that will break the bank.

How to Make a Kwanzaa Kinara

Materials Needed to Make a Kwanzaa Kinara

To make your own Kwanzaa Kinara, you will need the following materials:

If you would like to teach children how to light the candles, you will also need the following:

If you are want turn this activity into a wood working art project, you may also want the following materials on hand.

If you'd like to teach your students what the Kinara is, what the different colored candles represent, and the order in which they're lit, I highly recommend the printable pack below.

Montessori-inspired Kwanzaa Printable Pack

Montessori-inspired Kwanzaa Printable Pack

The Montessori-inspired Kwanzaa Printable Pack is such a fabulous resource when introducing Kwanzaa to children in Montessori preschool and early elementary classrooms.

This printable pack breaks down the holiday day by day, symbol by symbol to ensure that everyone knows what Kwanzaa is and how to be respectful of those who celebrate it.

If you're looking for even more Kwanzaa printables for the classroom, be sure to check out our other Kwanzaa resource.

Montessori-inspired Kwanzaa Printable Pack 2

Montessori-inspired Kwanzaa Printable Pack II

The Montessori-inspired Kwanzaa Printable Pack II provides even more resources for the classroom when learning about Kwanzaa. There are printables focused on language and math skills and so much more!

With both of these printable packs you have everything you could possibly need to really embrace the holiday Kwanzaa, especially when you make a Kwanzaa Kinara as well!

How to Make a Kwanzaa Kinara

We started our project by drilling holes into the pieces of wood.  Each of the kids marked the very center of their piece.  Then they measured out and marked where the rest of the candles would go using a ruler and pencil.  (We chose to keep candles 1" apart.)

Drilling holes for candles in a homemade Kwanzaa Kinara

Once marks were made, each kiddo took a turn using the drill with adult supervision and assistance.  

After taking these pictures I realized the boys didn't have their safety glasses on.  My sincere apologies.  I'm not sure how I missed this step, but please make sure you use them. 

Drilling holes in homemade Kwanzaa Kinara

We decided to set up our drill in our kitchen.  To ensure that our counters would stay safe, we used a cookie sheet and 2x4'' piece of wood under the wood the kids were working with.

Once the holes are drilled, kids can chose to sand and varnish/paint their candle holder.  

The boys chose to sand their pieces, but preferred the natural look over varnish and paint.

How to Light the Kwanzaa Kinara

Once the candle holders were made and dry, the next step was placing the candles where they go.  Our kids used the control in the Montessori-inspired Kwanzaa Printable Pack I to place their candles. 

For younger preschoolers, placing candles where they go, may be the entire activity.  This provides great fine motor practice and includes color matching.

Lighting Candles on Kwanzaa Kinara

If you decide to teach children how to light candles using matches or a lighter, adult supervision is 100% necessary at all times.

A basic lesson in fire safety is also a good idea before you begin.  

Please make sure that children are not wearing loose clothing and have their sleeeve rolled up.

We recommend placing the candle holder on a cookie sheet and having a glass of water nearby to place used candles in.

Lit Candles on Kwanzaa Kinara

In our classroom, all of our students are neurodiverse or have trauma and/or emotional challenges.  For this reason, we allow students to learn to light matches at nine years old, if they feel that they are ready. 

Many of them have a fear of fire or suffer from anxieties, so working with matches is a BIG step for them.

Other students struggle with a lack of safety awareness, so it isn't until the age of nine that we consider that they may be ready to start working with activities that include fire.  Some students are ready, but some are not.  

All matches and lighters are locked up unless the activity is being used and supervised by an adult.

The use of matches and fire in the classroom is completely up to teachers and parents.  In some situations it may be prohibited.

Whatever you decide about fire, making a Kwanzaa Kinara is such a fantastic activity.  It involves so many practical life skills and can incorporate an art lesson.

I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

For those who are looking for more holiday projects, be sure to sign up for our free newsletter by clicking the link below.

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How to Make a Kwanzaa Kinara (Craft for Kids)

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Deal of the Week: Winter Activities Bundle

I am so excited that winter is coming soon. For some, snow has already fallen.  

Winter is my favorite season, not just because of all of the holidays, but because of the weather the season brings.

Who doesn't love sledding, snow fort building, hot cocoa and more?

To help you prepare for this magical season, our Winter Activities Bundle is on sale at 50% OFF for only $39.99 as our Deal of the Week!

Montessori Winter Activities Bundle

 This bundle includes some incredible printable packs with unbelievable content to meet the needs of students in Montessori preschool and elementary classrooms.

If you don't want the entire Montessori Winter Activities Bundle, you can purchase any or all of the individual printable packs included for 50% OFF this week as well.  Just click on the images below.

The individual printable packs are available for the first time EVER this week, making this an extra special Deal of the Week.

Montessori-inspired Temperature Printable Pack Montessori-inspired Weather Printable Pack Montessori-inspired Glaciology Printable Pack Montessori-inspired Arctic Printable Pack Montessori-inspired Antarctica Printable Pack II

The Winter Activities Bundle is an incredible resource, unlike any other out there.  Each of the printable packs included, contain activities in multiple subject areas.  

My favorite printable pack is the one about glaciology. It is such a fantastic Earth Science unit that ties in beautifully with land and water form studies.  It's also a huge hit with Elsa and Anna lovers!

Grab your Montessori Winter Activities Bundle today!

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