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Santa Lucia Day Activities, Free Printables and More!

The kiddos are learning about Santa Lucia Day as part of our Christmas in Europ study.  Princess loves the idea of Santa Lucia Day.  I'm guessing this is because the day has nothing to do with Santa.

In an effort to organize activities and resources, I bring you Santa Lucia Day Activities, Free Printables and More!  

There are so many fun ideas.  

We are going to have so much fun as we expand our Santa Lucia Day Celebration!

Santa Lucia Day

Santa Lucia Day Activities, Free Printables and More!

Santa Lucia Day Activities

Santa Lucia and Star Boy Ornaments from Just Crafty Enough

These are such adorable ornaments to make and simple enough so children can help, if not complete the entire process themselves!

St. Lucia Day from We Wilsons

This post includes an adorable wreath craft that can be used on Santa Lucia Day. The wreath can be worn or used as decor.

Make a Starboy Hat from Twilight Bridge

We don't ever want boys to feel left out on this special day. This post includes directions on how to make Starboy hats so all have something to wear!

St. Lucia Program from Nest Full of Eggs

If you're looking for simple ways to celebrate Santa Lucia Day and don't want to bake or cook, this post has some fabulous ideas! I love the crafts it includes.

If you're looking specifically for Santa Lucia Day Crafts, be sure to check out the resource below.

Santa Lucia Day Crafts for Kids

Santa Lucia Day Crafts for Kids

This post contains 10 Santa Lucia Day craft ideas that are sure to be a hit!

There is something everyone can enjoy no matter age or ability.

Free Santa Lucia Day Printables

St. Lucy with Star Boy from Scribd

This is a beautiful coloring page to download for use at home or while on the go! I love using coloring pages like this in busy bags while at church services etc.

St. Lucy's Day Coloring Pages from Super Coloring

This site includes more beautiful coloring pages for Santa Lucia Day. I love the variety to choose from!

St. Lucia's Day from Kaing Learning Fun

This site provides wonderful printables for Santa Lucia Day including a Do-a-dot page, puzzles and more!

St. Lucia Day from Willow of Wonder

If you're looking for a template to make a Santa Lucia Day wreath, you can find it here!

Celebrating Staint Lucy's Feast from The Homely Hours

This post includes a beautiful printable for Santa Lucia Day. I love how simple yet beautiful it is.

FREE Santa Lucia Day Letter Sound Clip Cards

FREE Santa Lucia Letter Sound Clip Cards from Every Star Is Different

These Santa Lucia Letter Sound Clip Cards are perfect for kids learning vocabulary related to the special holiday.

They are extremely versatile and can be used with a number of manipulatives depending on the needs of the children you're working with.

They go along perfectly with the paid resource below.

Santa Lucia's Day Printable Pack

Montessori-inspired Santa Lucia's Day Printable Pack

If you're looking for even more Santa Lucia's Day printables, specifically for learning, be sure to check out our beautiful printable pack. 

It contains so many activities for children in Montessori preschool and elementary classrooms with gorgeous true-to-life images.

Santa Lucia Day Books

Lucia Morning in Sweden by Ewa Rydaker

This is my favorite Santa Lucia Day book as it lays out the entire celebration so well. I love how it portrays all of the different members of the family.

Lucia: Saint of Light by Katherine Bolger Hyde

The illustrations in this book are absolutely stunning. I also love the historical accuracy that the book depicts.

Hanna's Christmas by Melissa Peterson

This book is such a treasure if you can find it! It does such a fabulous job of depicting Santa Lucia Day traditions.

Santa Lucia Day Recipes

How to Make Safron Buns for St. Lucia Day from Catholic Icing

I love the tips that are given in this recipe that I never would have thought of. I also love how sugar crystals are used to top the buns.

Santa Lucia Crown for the Feast of St. Lucia from One Perfect Bite

Buns are not the only bread made for Santa Lucia Day. I absolutely love this beautiful crown bread braided and looking magnificent lit with candles. It's so simple yet looks absolutely delicious.

Saint Lucia's Braided Bread from Key Ingredient

If kids aren't convinced the crown bread above is for Santa Lucia Day, then they're surely accept this one. I love how it includes a glaze and cranberries.

Santa Lucia Day Traditions

Rhythm in Our Home: Santa Lucia from Frontier Dreams

This post describes such a simple and beautiful celebration for young children. I love that this family even included the baby.

Celebrating St. Lucy's Feast Day with Kids from Catholic Icing

There are so many fabulous ideas in this post that will work for the home or school! No matter what you're looking for, you'll find it here!

Santa Lucia Day: How We Celebrate

Santa Lucia Day: How We Celebrate

Last, but definitely not least, you can see how we celebrate Santa Lucia Day in this post. It includes all of the details about clothing, food, activities and more! 

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Santa Lucia Day

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