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Disney-inspired Royal Self-Affirmation Ideas & Resources for Kids

When you have a child who loves Disney princesses, it only makes sense to incorporate this passion into supports and printables that encourage self-love and affirmation. 

Sunshine struggles with low self-esteem and immense shame for some of the behaviors choices she makes at times, no matter how hard we try to build her up and remind her that every day is a new day.

Matters are made much worse when she's on the low side of her mood disorder cycle and depression sets in.  

There is so much negative self-talk, sobbing, anger, aggression, and feelings of worthlessness.  

To help counteract this my husband and I put our heads together and created Disney-inspired Royal Self-Affirmation resources for Sunshine. These include a book and cards.

Disney-inspired Royal Self-Affirmation Ideas & Resources for Kids

Sunshine carries a version of these Disney-inspired royal self-affirmations with her while in residential treatment and while at home.

Due to Disney's strict copyright laws, I can not give you or sell you these printables, but I can share how we made them, resources we used, and how to make a homemade version of each option.

How to Make Disney-inspired Royal Self-Affirmation Cards & Book

Step 1: Write a list of self-affirmations that correspond with characters.

First my husband and I came up with 24 different Disney-inspired royal self-affirmations that Sunshine could identify with. The idea came from Disney commercials we used to watch that emphasized positive traits of each princess. 

We used male and female characters because Sunshine enjoys them both, but you don't have to.

Step 2: Find clip art or stickers that corresponds with the characters you have chosen.

Sunshine can not read. Therefore it was crucial to create a resource that included pictures. This way she could memorize the phrase that went with the image.

We purchased Disney clip art on Etsy from BeneVobis to create the FREE Disney-inspired Royal Self-Affirmations book and cards. (I tend to always create things using a computer.)

But, royal self-affirmation cards and books look just as cute when made with stickers and markers, especially if it means a child can participate in the creation.

Royal Self-Affirmation Cards for Personal Use Only

Step 3: Print & Laminate Resources

I printed and laminated a copy of the story book and bound it together with string.  Then I brought it to a visit to introduce it to Sunshine while she was in residential.

I always use cardstock when I print for durability purposes.

Whether you use stickers or clip art, heavy cardstock is a must!

If you don't have a laminator, try a photo album!

Disney-inspired Royal Self-Affirmations Book (FREE)

Sunshine's Response to the Disney-inspired Royal Self-Affirmation Cards & Book

Sunshine was very excited about the book when it was presented to her, and asked to read it immediately.  

The first time through, I'll admit, she surprised me a little bit.  

With every page, she'd come up with a negative trait for every princess, after I read the positive.  

It was devastating to see just how horrible she was feeling about herself.

For the rest of the visit I poured on the compliments.  We gave so many air high fives as we practiced social distancing. 

One of the activities I brought was a Frozen II puzzle for us to put together.  Though she struggled with it and needed help, I continued to praise her for every effort she put forth.  By the time the puzzle was complete she was feeling much better about herself and exclaimed,

"I'm so smart!"

I took the opportunity to respond with,

"Yes! You are smart like Mulan!"

As soon as I said those words her eyes lit up as she smiled big.

"You're right Mommy! I am smart like Mulan!"

Sunshine feels smart like Mulan!

And that's when she asked to read the book again.

Since that visit Sunshine has read the book many times in residential and at home.  She has memorized the words on each page as best she can. We remember to put them into regular conversation while giving compliments as much as possible.

Though we can't share this wonderful resource with you, I wanted to be sure to write about it because it's helped so much. 

Please note these self-affirmation ideas don't just work with Disney princesses. My boys have been asking for their own cards that focus on Marvel superheroes! The sky is the limit here!

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Disney-inspired Royal Self-Affirmation Ideas & Resources for Kids

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