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Landforms Project for Kids

Learning about landforms can be so much fun when you find amazing projects to go along with your studies. 

The Montessori curriculum includes so many wonderful materials related to landforms, but I wanted to take things a step further.

These landform projects for kids were a HUGE success. The kids LOVED the creation process and had so much fun bringing their creations to life with paint.

Landforms Project for Kids

Landform Projects for Kids

After introducing landforms and learning all about them, the kids were tasked with creating an island that included three different landforms. (The island itself could not be included as one.)

Making and Island with Landforms out of Salt Dough

The kids went to work designing their island on paper and then brought them to life using a ball of salt dough and a piece of cardboard.

They shaped their island however they wanted, making sure that it met the criteria for the project. Then they waited patiently for a few days for the salt dough to dry.

Landform Project for Kids: Painting

Once dry, each of the kids picked specific colors of paint they wanted for their island and went to town painting the salt dough.

They had so much fun with this process, very excited about how their islands looked, but also how different each one looked from their siblings' islands.

They made up stories about life on the island, who lived their etc. 

The final projects were incredible!

Landforms Project for Kids: Final Projects

As you can tell from the pictures of the kids, we completed this project when the kids were all Montessori preschool or elementary aged. 

I love all of the various details each included. Each one looks so different from the others. One thing I love about these projects is that the kids also incorporated water forms into their island in one way or another. 

Source: The idea for this project came from Around the Kampfire. Linda goes above and beyond with all that she does to prepare her students for this project and make it come alive.

I admit, I didn't do all that she did, as we followed the Montessori curriculum, but her printables are amazing!

10+ Ways to Teach Land and Water Forms

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This post includes so many fabulous ideas from Montessori and non Montessori educators! There truly is something to meet the needs of every child!

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Landforms Project for Kids

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