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Anxiety Kit for Kids Who Love Star Wars

Bulldozer has been diagnosed with ASD and ADHD.  He is one of my hyperactive, sensory seeking children.  He also struggles with sensory overload and auditory processing issues.

We have learned that we must always have something on hand for Bulldozer, whether at home or away to help keep him regulated, occupied, and calm.  Otherwise he does not function well.

Bulldozer loves Star Wars.  One could easily say he's obsessed.  We've found that all things Star Wars are great ways to keep Bulldozer at his best.  For that reason, we created a Star Wars themed anxiety kit for him.  It works at home and can easily be stored in a backpack for when we're away.

If you have a special needs child who loves Star Wars, this Anxiety Kit for Kids Who Love Star Wars, may be exactly what you need!

Sensory Oriented Anxiety Kit for Kids Who Love Star Wars
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1.  Star Wars Coloring Books & Crayons

Bulldozer loves to color.  It relaxes him.  Coloring also keeps him focused and quiet, while his hands are busy.  I couldn't ask for more than that!

2.  Star Wars Death Star Perplexus

The perplexus provides great visual stimuli for Bulldozer when he needs it most.

3.  Darth Vader Headphones

Bulldozer doesn't enjoy wearing things on his head, but when it comes to these headphones, he'll do it, just because they're Star Wars.  They go great with his MP3 player, when he needs auditory input.

4.  Star Wars:  The Force Awakens Soundtrack

Have I mentioned Bulldozer loves movie soundtracks right now?  The kid has quite the obsession with John Williams.  If I give him his MP3 player with headphones and he listens to this soundtrack, all is right in the world.

5.  Star Wars Character Encyclopedia

For an anxious kiddo who loves Star Wars, a character encyclopedia is the perfect way to relax.  This one has been updated to include all of the movies.

6. Star Wars Bubbles

Bubbles provide great visual stimuli for Bulldozer, but they also get him moving.  He loves to chase after them, popping each and every one. When he needs physical activity to get out of a funk, bubbles are a guaranteed way to get it.

7. Darth Vader Bobble Head Figure

It's so hard not to stare at a bobble head figure when it's moving.  A Darth Vader themed one will provide entertainment for quite some time.  Once again this provides visual input for Bulldozer.

8.  Star Wars Water Bottle

Water is always a great thing!  When you drink it, you hydrate yourself, you're forced to breathe correctly, and it's refreshing.  Bulldozer lives on water.  He will not drink anything else.  We bring his water bottle everywhere.

9.  Death Star Stress Ball

We actually have a Darth Vader stress ball, but it's no longer available, so for purchasing purposes, this is the next best thing.  Whether it's squeezed or played with, it keeps hands busy and is quiet.

10.  Classic 3-Dimensional Pin Art Board

Forgive me for going out on a limb with this item, but every time I see this sensory fidget, I think of Hans Solo frozen in carbonite.  Bulldozer loves playing with this. It provides great tactile input for him with a visual tease as well.

11.  Disney Star Wars Force Awakens Figures

For those times when nothing but Star Wars soothes, I always keep figures on hand for fun.  They hit the spot and help ease anxieties every time.

We love the ones featured here but also are big fans of  Star Wars Galactic Heroes Figures, especially when Bulldozer was going through his phase of throwing things and tearing them apart.

12.  Hot Wheels Star Wars Starships

A sensory kit would not be complete if I did not have Star Wars Starships included.  They give tactile input while providing opportunity for great visual stimuli as well.

13. Nabisco Star Wars Honey Maid Graham Graham Snacks

Bulldozer is not one to put things in his mouth, but he is an absolute bear when he's hungry.  I try to keep these on hand in his kit, just in case he needs a snack. An individual package helps ensure he doesn't eat too much.

Essential Non Star Wars Anxiety Kit Items

Cinnamon is one of Bulldozer's favorite scents.  Anything that reminds him of baked goods will work to help him breathe calmly and relax.  

2.  Spaghetti Ball

This feeds into Bulldozer's need for visual stimulation, while also providing a tactile component that Bulldozer loves.  The texture of a spaghetti ball is one of his favorites.  At times I even find him placing it on his head, which is huge because he doesn't like anything on his head.

3.  Hyperflex Stretchy String

This has the same texture as the spaghetti ball and provides Bulldozer with input he needs whether sitting, standing or moving.

4.  Liquid Motion Bubbler

We don't leave the house without this, especially if we're going somewhere I know Bulldozer will need to sit for a long period of time.  It provides Bulldozer with the visual stimuli he craves in a very quiet and safe way.

Bulldozer loves his Star Wars themed sensory/anxiety kit.  We have taken it with us to so many different places.  He's used it at home during the day when he needs a break, or when he just can't seem to get enough sensory input.  It has been such a life saver!

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