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Anxiety Kit for Kids Who Love Baby Dolls

Sunshine has been diagnosed with ASD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, PTSD, and a mood disorder.  She is a sensory seeker who lacks safety awareness.  Rages and physical aggression are typical.  Then there are manic episodes...

It is a constant struggle to keep Sunshine regulated and calm.  Thankfully over time there are a few things we've found that aid in this process.  Sunshine loves babies.  She's quite obsessed.

We've put together this portable anxiety kit to help her when we're able.  If you have a special needs child who loves babies as much as Sunshine, this anxiety kit for kids who love baby dolls may help!

Sensory oriented anxiety kit for kids who love baby dolls.

1.  Baby Stella

Sunshine has had this doll since she was a year old.  Baby Stella has withstood Sunshine's destructive tendencies and when thrown, is soft, and will not hurt others.  The doll is also small, making it easy to bring along on the go.

2.  Baby Stella Feeding Set

Caring for Baby Stella is one of the very few ways Sunshine plays and entertains herself.  We've tried many different food sets, but this one she can't destroy, and once again, if pieces are thrown, they do not injure others.  Pieces are small and easily transportable.

3.  Baby Stella Diaper Bag Changing Set & Accessories

Sunshine is obsessed with putting items in and out of other items.  This diaper bag provides the opportunity to do just that, with items for her baby.  It also includes an adorable cell phone she can use, that won't hurt others when thrown.

4.  Baby Stella Snuggle Up Front Carrier

Sunshine craves proprioceptive input, yet at the same time she is sensitive to tactile input.  This baby carrier with Baby Stella gives her the input she needs, without aggravating her in other ways.  When using this item to ease anxieties, we make sure to supervise, so that straps do not end up wrapped around her neck.

5.  Little Mommy

I remember having this book when I was a little girl, and now Sunshine enjoys it.  It's the perfect book for a little girl who loves her baby.

6.  Baby Blanket

Sunshine does not go anywhere without her blankie.  Whether it's used for her baby doll or for herself, it's a must.  It provides her so much comfort.

7.  Wallet

Every Mommy needs a wallet, especially Sunshine.  She collects paper receipts everywhere we go.  Sunshine has to have them.  If she doesn't have receipts, she uses any type of card or piece of paper she can find.  This item provides a way for her to carry her collection and helps fulfill that need to put items in and out of other items.

8.  The Lullaby Album

When Sunshine was a baby I would sing or have lullabies playing on a daily basis.  It would calm her.  This CD is one of my absolute favorites and was played often.  Listening to it immediately takes her back to those precious times.  At times it can even bring her out of an episode.

9.  Water Bottle

As an infant, Sunshine's needs for nourishment were not met.  We always have a water bottle on hand in case she needs it.  Sometimes she drinks it. Other times she pours it on herself.  Either way it seems to calm her.

10.  Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Applying this ointment is the only way Sunshine has allowed us to provide effective deep pressure and massage, giving tactile and proprioceptive input to help regulate her.  Other techniques such as compressions and brushing have been disastrous.  We stumbled upon this miracle, as Sunshine suffers from eczema, and the ointment was needed to help her skin.

Essential Non Baby Doll Anxiety Kit Items

11.  Compact Mirror

We've found it extremely important to show Sunshine what she looks like when she's raging, but also when she's trying to calm herself.  Seeing herself also helps her return to the present.

12.  Sound Blocking Headphones

Sunshine is extremely sensitive to loud noises.  When she can't seem to take auditory input around her, the sound blocking headphones work wonders.  They're also great to have in her kit for parental use when she's raging and the screaming just won't stop.

13.  Peach Crisps

Fruit is Sunshine's favorite food group.  She devours it.  We've found this non perishable option works perfectly when we're on the go, as it's individually packed and crunchy.  Sunshine can't over eat and she enjoys the crunch of the initial bite.

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  1. I love how positive you are about your kiddos. Your love for them all really shows through your writing. I was wondering if you had any tips for financing the things your kids need, especially your Montessori supplies? The units you put together always have so many supplies. Do you find things inexpensively or do you look at it as an investment since you have four kids?

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet words. As far as finances and expenses go, our special needs children have support services. The anxiety kits were funded through those services. Items that weren't, we purchased as birthday and Christmas gifts. It took a while to put the kits together, but it was worth it. In regards to the unit studies... For the longest time, other than ink for my printer, I spent about $50 a month between the Dollar Store and local craft store in town. I've used the items year after year. Now that we're a little bit more financially stable, I'm able to budget a little bit more for Montessori materials each month. I treasure each and every one. A lot of other items, we already have at home. My kiddos love Safari Toobs and have quite the collection. And if you enjoy our book posts, know each and every one came from our local library. I hope that helps!

  3. I loved your comment, "Sometimes she drinks it and sometimes she dumps it on herself." It made me laugh out loud because I have one like that too.

    I wrote this post about fulfilling my kids sensory needs while on a road trip: