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Anxiety Kit for Kids Who Love Animals

Dinomite has been diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, and an anxiety disorder.

He becomes extremely anxious when-

  • Anticipating events
  • Preparing for new experiences (He suffers from Neophobia)
  • Routine and schedule changes
His anxieties, extreme sensory sensitivities, and need for rigid, ritualistic routines and can be a lethal combination.

To help Dinomite stay regulated and calm in difficult situations we have created an animal-themed, sensory-based anxiety kit just for him.  The kit is small enough to be carried in a backpack, making it possible to go anywhere with you!

If your child is also an animal lover, you'll definitely like the ideas here. They're perfect for creating an anxiety kit for kids who love animals!

Sensory oriented anxiety kit for kids who love animals

Animal Themed Sensory Items

1.  Wooden Dinosaur Fidgets

These are perfect for when Dinomite needs to fidget with his hands.  We've also seen how they help him stay still and quiet in places where it's required.

2.  Wooden Turtle Labyrinth Maze

Dinomite enjoys mazes.  They help him focus.  This adorable wooden turtle maze is perfect for use at home and on the go.  It keeps him focused and again gives him something to keep his hands busy.

3.  Purple Squeeze Octopus

This purple octopus is the perfect squishy fidget for squeezing.  The texture of it is very soothing to Dinomite.

4.  Bird Songs of the Northwoods

Dinomite loves the sound of birds.  Listening and focusing on their different calls and songs helps improve his breathing and relaxes his body.  This music is downloaded to his MP3 Player.  He listens with headphones.

5.  Animal Workouts Book

Dinomite uses this book when he needs to regulate in a physical way, especially when he's on the verge of becoming aggressive.  He loves it!

6.  National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia

Dinomite loves to read, especially when the books are about animals.  If he puts on his headphones and opens his book, while snuggling in the peace corner, or in bed in his room, you can be assured he'll calm down in no time.

7.  SHARK TOOTH Silicone Necklace

The shark tooth necklace is almost always around Dinomite's neck, otherwise he's chewing on LEGO tires.  The kid has a constant need for oral stimulation and will resort to chewing anything.  When we can't find his shark tooth necklace, gum is a great substitute.

8.  Floating Marine Life Sensory Toy

Liquid motion toys can be so relaxing for special needs kiddos.  Dinomite loves this one.  It has fish floating around in it.

9.  Geoworld's Bug Collection

Sometimes Dinomite just needs to be in his world, studying animals up close. These real insects are perfect for times like these!

10.  Weighted Snake

For those times when deep pressure is needed, there's no better way to receive it than cuddling with this adorable snake.  Just lay it on your lap and you'll see what I mean.

Note:  We usually keep this item at home, as it's quite heavy to carry around on day trips.

Non Animal Themed Essentials

1.  Water Bottle

Drinking water is always a great way to help Dinomite calm down. It helps him breathe and provides great oral input.  Extra hydration is always a plus.

2.  Cinnamon Sticks

Dinomite loves the smell of cinnamon.  When he needs a pleasant smell to replace another that is bothering him, it's always great to have a cinnamon stick on hand. They are small, all natural, and smell so good.  They also help him take deep breaths when needed.

3.  Snug Safe n Sound Kids Earmuffs / Hearing Protectors

Dinomite is extremely sensitive to sound. These headphones are crucial to keeping Dinomite calm when he can't control noise around him. He carries them wherever he expects to hear loud noises.

All of us love Dinomite's anxiety kit. I don't know what we'd do without it at this point.  There is nothing that calms him faster.  It's amazing what a difference it makes when you create an anxiety kit specific for your child, their needs, and their passions.

If you're still looking for items for your child's anxiety kit, be sure to visit the posts below!

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