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Anxiety Kit for Kids Who Love Princesses

Princess has been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder, PTSD, and an anxiety disorder.  She is extremely sensitive to light and tactile input, especially when it involves her hands and feet.

We've designed this anxiety kit to help Princess self regulate and stay safe.  It is also used to bring her back to the present when needed.

Princess is a huge fan of Disney Princesses and all things royal.  We specifically chose a princess theme for her anxiety kit, because we knew it would make her smile.

If you have a special needs princess in your home, this anxiety kit for kids who love Disney Princesses may be just what you're looking for.

Sensory oriented anxiety kits for kids who love Princesses.
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1. Rainbow Chewable Necklace

Princess loves to bite her nails and fingers.  This chewable necklace is beautiful and provides something else to bite in the most fashionable way.

2. Princess Lotion

One of the best ways to help Princess cope during an episode is to massage her arms and legs using scented lotion with glitter. It provides so much sensory input and comfort.

3.  Disney Store Frozen Anna and Elsa Sunglasses 

When Princess goes outside in the sun, or needs to "hide" when anxious she uses her sunglasses.  It is amazing the sense of safety Princess feels while wearing them.

4.  Frozen Soundtrack

This soundtrack has become Princess' favorite music of all time.  "Let It Go" has become a theme song for her and I, especially in those moments when she's not doing well.  I can turn on the song, with speakers blaring, and it almost always brings her back to me in a positive way.

5.  Crayola Color Wonder Disney Princess Glitter Paper and Markers

These are a fabulous safe way to provide stress relief and  keep Princess' hands busy, while not inviting destructive tendencies.  I love that she enjoys coloring and that it does calm her when anxious.

6.  Princess Adventure Stories

Princess loves to read.  It provides an escape from reality.  She also finds it soothing, especially before bedtime. Whether we read the book to her or she reads it on her own, you can always see that it's helpful.

7.  Photo Album

Princess' anxiety kit includes pictures of her with me, in our happiest memory making moments. The visual stimuli is very powerful.  It helps keep her in the present and remind her of the happiness that she's experienced.

8. Soft Baby Blanket

Princess loves soft things.  She rubs them against her face, and they always provide comfort.  This baby blanket is the perfect size to keep in her anxiety kit, as it travels well.

9.  Disney Cinderella Wooden Magnetic Playset

When anxious, it's important that Princess keep her hands busy.  Magnetic dolls provide the perfect activity for her.  She absolutely loves them.

10.  Water Bottle

As an infant, before coming to our home, Princess was neglected and starved.  To this day, she worries she won't be fed or have enough to drink.  Whenever we go anywhere, we always have her water bottle.  In those moments when she's in an episode, drinking water, can be the key to helping her pull through.

11.  Disney Princess Fruit Snacks

It's always important to have a snack on hand for Princess.  I've found individually wrapped snacks work best, as she won't eat too much.  She is a huge fan of fruit snacks, and doesn't have them very often.  So when I need to use food to help her during an episode, these are usually a great go to choice. It helps that they're chewy as well.

Essential Non Princess Anxiety Kit Items

12.  Kids World Yoga

Princess struggles to keep her mind and body calm.  Yoga is great medicine for her.  This DVD has done wonders for her.  It's something she can do on her own, or with a sibling or parent.

13.  Fun Yoga Mat for Kids

It's only proper to have a yoga mat if you're going to do yoga.  Princess loves this mat and uses it regularly.

14.  Good Morning Yoga & Good Night Yoga

When we don't have a DVD player and yoga mat with us, we bring along our yoga books.  No matter what type of help she needs, one or the other will do the trick.

Princess' anxiety kit is key to her being successful at home and away.  Without it, we would find ourselves in some pretty horrific situations.  We are so thankful we were able to put it together and that it helps as much as it does.

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