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Montessori-inspired Reptile Activities for Kids with Free Printables

Reptiles are a popular topic at our house.  Dinomite is and always has been madly in love with them.  I can't tell you how many episodes of Snake Master and Jeff Corwin I have watched with him over the years.  Dinomite is quite the expert.

Perhaps that's why you've never seen a reptiles unit study from us.  It's quite a challenge to come up with activities and printables that teach Dinomite something new and/or pass his inspection process.  

That is until now!

You see, instead of trying to impress Dinomite, I asked him to help me create the Montessori-inspired Reptiles Printable Pack Bundle.  And boy oh boy did he deliver!  Check out these fabulous Montessori-inspired Reptile Activities for Kids with Free Printables!

He researched.  He searched through and picked out the perfect images with me.  He explained the difference between concepts that I have never heard before let alone thought I could ever understand.  And in the end he helped me create a printable pack like you've never seen before.

It's so big, this post only covers half of it. This is just part one!

Montessori-inspired Reptiles Printable Pack Bundle Part One

I've divided the Montessori-inspired Reptiles Printable Pack Bundle up into two posts.  This post covers printables best suited for preschool children.  The next post covers the best activities for elementary students.

Montessori-inspired Reptiles Printable Pack Bundle

Mind you all printables can be used interchangeably depending on how you decide to use them. They are very versatile.

Montessori-inspired Reptile Activities for Preschoolers

Reptile Eye Match Up

Reptile Eye Match Up

Reptiles have some of the most fascinating eyes in the animal kingdom.  They are so unique.  In this activity students match up eyes with reptiles.  Both sets of cards are labeled as a control.

Reptiles Eye Match Up Activity with Printable

Sunshine absolutely loved the reptile eye match up activity.  I added a magnifying glass for her to use with the reptile pictures so she could compare eyes more closely.  She would not part with that thing.  Lol.

My Book of Snake Colors

My Book of Snake Colors Activity and Printable

Now I need to confess I'm not a big snake person.  I'm extra sensitive to those who may find snakes frightening or repulsive in any way.  This activity was designed specifically for those who may be hesitant to learn about snakes.

It takes the scary aspects of snakes away and introduces children to their natural beauty.  Who knew there were so many beautiful snakes out there?

My Book of Snake Colors Activity

Like me, Sunshine is not a snake person.  It only took looking through the control book to get her excited about them. She wanted to know what kind of snake was on each page and thoroughly enjoyed drawing her own snakes and labeling their colors.

Chameleon Insect Addition Clip Cards

Chameleon Insect Addition Clip Cards

In my opinion chameleons are some of the most beautiful lizards out there, that is except for when they eat.  Lol.  Their tongue is so long.  And they eat insects!  Yuck!  At least those are my thoughts.

My kids on the other hand think it is incredibly cool that chameleons eat their food the way they do.  We just had to have some type of activity that incorporated this fun fact.  And so here it is!

In this activity kids will use insects as counters to solve addition problems.  They will then use the glass beads to mark the answer on each clip card.

Chameleon Insect Addition Clip Cards Activity

Sunshine had so much fun with this activity.  The insect figures were a huge draw for her.  She did such a fantastic job laying them out in an organized way, counting them as she went.

Baby Sea Turtle Subtraction

Baby Sea Turtle Subtraction Activity

Also included in this printable pack is a set of baby sea turtle subtraction cards.  Sunshine didn't do this activity as we were still waiting for our baby turtles to arrive from Amazon.

Pin Poking Reptile Outlines

Pin Poking Reptile Outlines

There is a variety of reptile outlines included in the Montessori-inspired Reptiles Printable Pack Bundle in two different sizes to meet the individual needs of your students.

My initial plan with these outlines was to have my older students use them as art templates, designing their own reptile species and then writing about them.  For my younger students the outlines work perfect for pin poking activities!

Reptile Pin Poking Activity with Printable

Sunshine had never used our pin poking materials until I introduced this activity to her.  I could not believe her concentration. She was determined to complete the entire activity in one setting and she did!  

Reptile Continent Sort

Reptile Continent Sort

All of our animal printable pack bundles include continent sorting cards.  The reptile bundle is no exception.  Each reptile card designed for this activity includes the name of a reptile and the continent it is from.

The continent cards are included in the Montessori-inspired Continents and Oceans Printable Pack Bundle.

Reptile Continent Sorting Activity and Printable

Sunshine loves geography and has known her continents for quite some time.  We did a quick review of their names and colors, as it had been a while, and she was set to go.  She did such a fantastic job reading the names of the continents on the animal cards as she matched them up with their corresponding continent. 

I loved at the end of the activity when she observed that the Antarctica card had no animal cards underneath it.  She very confidently shared that this was because it was too cold there for reptiles.  You can tell her big brother has been giving her a few reptile lessons on his own.  Lol.

Singular vs. Plural Reptile Vocabulary

Singular vs. Plural Reptile Vocabulary

This activity is very versatile depending on your students' needs.  It includes one set of singular noun reptile cards and one set of plural noun reptile cards.  All of the cards follow the rule of adding "s" to the end of the word.

Singular vs. Plural Noun Reptile Match Up Activity with Printable

I set up this activity using the "s" from our moveable alphabet and the noun grammar symbol.  Singular noun reptile cards were layed out on the left side of Sunshine.  Plural cards were layed out on the right side.  

Sunshine selected a singular noun reptile card and then looked to find the matching plural card.  She would compare the cards once together and point out the "s" in the plural noun cards.

I was so excited that she grasped the concept being presented. And even if she hadn't, matching up reptile cards that showed only one species and one that showed more than one was a great learning activity.

As you can see there are so many fantastic reptile activities included in this bundle.

And of course we can't stop there!

FREE BONUS: Montessori-inspired Reptiles Language Printable Pack

Montessori-inspired Reptiles Language Printable Pack (Free Printable)

This printable pack includes 12 reptile nomenclature cards, syllable counting cards and first letter sound cards.  The images are absolutely beautiful and match those in the Montessori-inspired Reptiles Printable Pack Bundle.

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