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Santa Lucia Day Crafts for Kids

Santa Lucia Day crafts for kids are a perfect way for all to embrace and enjoy this magical holiday.

Through crafting kids can contribute to a Santa Lucia Day costume.

They can make beautiful Santa Day Lucia ornaments for the Christmas tree.

There are paper crafts to use as Santa Lucia Day decorations.

Last but definitely not least, there are patterns to create beautiful Santa Lucia Day felt food, easy enough for a beginning sewer to complete!

Santa Lucia Day Crafts for Kids

Santa Lucia Day Crafts for Kids

It is often difficult to find Santa Lucia Day crafts that are appropriate for children, especially when looking for variety.

Here are 10 beautiful Santa Lucia crafts to enjoy.

Santa Lucia Day Paper Crown Paper Craft (Free Template)

I love this paper crown as it's simple and easy for kids. 

It also comes with templates which I am always so thankful for. 

Girls will look so cute in this crown as they learn and celebrate Santa Lucia Day.

This crown can be particularly helpful to girls that have sensory issues and struggle to wear a real crown that can be quite prickly and itchy.

Santa Lucia Day Felt Crown Craft

For those looking for a Santa Lucia crown that is a bit more durable than paper, this felt crown is beautiful and easy to make. 

Kids may need some assistance with cutting and gluing.

If preparing for younger kids, you may want to do all of the cutting of pieces ahead of time.

For kids who need the ultimate softness when it comes to crowns, this Santa Lucia Day crown is fabulous!

Santa Lucia Day Pipe Cleaner and Pony Beads Crown Craft

There is just something about pipe cleaners and pony beads that draws kids in. 

These items also provide the ultimate fine motor practice.

Each and every bead must be strung.

I love that this crown is such a hands on project that kids can enjoy.

Santa Lucia Day Star Boy Hat Craft

Santa Lucia Day provides so many fun things to wear for girls, but what about boys?

Boys have special attire as well!

Their clothes are all white.

They wear a cone shaped hat with stars on their head.

Why not have boys make their own Star Boy hat?

Star Boy Star on a Stick Craft

Star Boys carry candles or stars on sticks. 

This site provides a sample of how easy these stars on sticks are to make.

The site doesn't include instructions, but the image is pretty self-explanatory.

I love how big and bright the stars on sticks are.

Santa Lucia Yarn Ornament

This is such a beautiful and simple craft for kids!

They may need help when it comes to painting the head.

Some may prefer markers.

But, the rest is so simple and lends to practicing so many great fine motor skills.

Santa Lucia and Star Boy Wooden Ornaments

If you have access to the materials used in this craft, these wooden ornaments are absolutely gorgeous.

Depending on the abilities of the child you're working with, she may or may not need some help.

I love that this link provides wooden ornament instructions for Santa Lucia and the Star Boy so everyone can be included.

Santa Lucia and Star Boy Face Paper Craft

When it comes to decorations, one can never have enough.

Why not create these beautiful Santa Lucia and Star Boy faces to decorate a room?

These crafts are also perfect for the child who may not be ready for a 3D craft, but does extremely well with paper crafts.

Santa Lucia Toilet Paper Roll Finger Puppet Craft

This is a super easy and adorable project for little ones who love to play with their crafts.

There are very few items you need to make this craft, which is nice for those on a tight budget.

Each child can make this Santa Lucia Puppet their own.

Santa Lucia Day DIY Felt Food Tutorial

I am absolutely in LOVE with this DIY felt food craft tutorial. 

What fun it will be to have felt food to use and play with on Santa Lucia Day.

This craft can be done with a sewing machine or by hand.

It is a fabulous project for a beginning sewer and totally doable for a child who wants to sew.

Crafts provide such great opportunities to work on fine motor skills. 

Santa Lucia Day provides the perfect opportunity to encourage crafts for kids.

Crafts for kids can be an extremely affordable way to enhance a Santa Lucia Day learning and celebration.

For more fun Santa Lucia Day Activities, be sure to check out the resources below.

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Santa Lucia Day Crafts for Kids

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