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Gift Ideas for the Teenager Who Doesn't Know What He Wants

Gift ideas for the teenager who doesn't know what he wants comes in very handy when you have a son like Bulldozer.

I love that he's so casual and laid back about receiving gifts.

I love that he doesn't feel he really needs much.

But when it comes to actually giving gifts, the process can be quite challenging.

This is my go to gift ideas list each holiday or birthday when someone in our family doesn't know what they want.

Topics always prove to be right on, even if the specific gifts vary.

Gift Ideas for the Teenager Who Doesn't Know What He Wants

Gift Ideas for the Teenager Who Doesn't Know What He Wants

Favorite Sports Team Accessories: Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

Favorite Sports Team Accessories: Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

If your teenager has a favorite team, the sky is the limit as to what creative gifts you can come up with. 

Once sports team attire is acquired, looking at other accessories is the perfect go to solution.

Dinomite owns this speaker, but specific to his team.

I love that Bulldozer can also have one for his room and they won't get mixed up.

For a stocking stuffer, I'm also considering Minnesota Vikings sunglasses.

Again, Dinomite has a pair with his team logo on them and they're fabulous.

He says they're the only pair of glasses he's never had break on him.  

All Things LEGO: LEGO  Minifigure Packs

All Things LEGO: LEGO Minifigures Marvel Series Packs

LEGO sets and minifigures are for adults, teens, and children alike. 

One can't go wrong giving a LEGO set as long as you know the teenager's interests.

Bulldozer has been collecting LEGO Marvel Minifigures for years. 

This new set is at the top of his list.

He also collects LEGO Star Wars sets and is eyeing an Imperial TIE Fighter.

LEGO releases so many new sets right before the holidays, so one never has to worry about purchasing something a teenager already has.

All Things Nerf: Nerf Gun

All Things Nerf: Nerf Gun

Just like LEGO, Nerf guns are for adults, teens, and children alike!

We have quite the collection, but there never seem to be enough, especially when friends join in the fun.

My teens get together with friends often to have Nerf gun wars.

Nerf gun wars with family are also super fun.

Bulldozer has been eyeing this gun specifically because of its ties to Star Wars.

Clothing: Graphic T-shirt

Clothing: Graphic T-shirt

Unlike children, teenagers often appreciate receiving gifts of clothing, especially when it's something they've been really wanting.

Bulldozer is lacking a few long sleeve shirts.

He decided it would be fun to pick out a long-sleeved shirt with a Brazil logo on it, because his girlfriend is from Brazil.

Clothing related to his favorite sports teams is also always a win.

Electronics: Ear Buds

Bluetooth Electronics: Ear Buds

I do not remember a Christmas when my teenagers don't need a new set of ear buds or headphones. 

They use them ALL. THE. TIME.

This year Bulldozer has been going to the gym on a regular basis.

Headphones tend to get a bit sweaty, so he has been wanting ear buds that wrap around his ear.

I make sure that everyone in the house has a different set of ear buds, so there is no confusing them.

Video Games : Wreckfest for Nintendo Switch

Video Games: Wreckfest for Nintendo Switch

It is rare to find a teenager who doesn't like video games of some sort. 

Bulldozer loves them.

He owns a Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Wreckfest is a game that he enjoys on the Xbox. 

Bulldozer now wants the game for his Nintendo Switch so he can play it on the go.

Sports Balls: Basketball

Sports Balls: Basketball

If the teenager in your life likes sports, a new ball is always a win.

My teenagers go through balls as often if not more often than they do ear buds and head phones.

Usually sports balls need to be replaced once a year because of how often they are used in our home.

Bulldozer is very much into basketball right now.

He practices shooting at the gym every time we go and enjoys playing with friends.

Collectibles: Football Cards

Collectibles: Football Cards

Most teenagers collect something. 

In our house football cards are all the rage.

So long as you know what sport a teenager likes and what card brand is preferred, you can never give enough football cards.

Football card cases are also a great gift. 

Again, teenagers in our house can never have enough cases to hold their football cards.

Bulldozer has this set as well as at least 20 others on his Amazon wish list.

Books: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (A Hunger Games Novel)

Books: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes ( A Hunger Games Novel)

My teenagers love to read and can't wait to receive a new book.

If you have a teen that reads as well, you can never go wrong giving a new book.

Bulldozer absolutely loves The Hunger Game series. 

He owns all of the books but this one.

Movies: Interstellar Blu-ray

Movies: Intersteller Blu-ray

Streaming services are great but not every movie ends up on a streaming service, especially the streaming service that you own.

This means a new blu-ray movie is still a great gift.

Bulldozer is a huge movie guy.

He keeps a long list of must see movies he doesn't own.

I love to surprise him with one of the movies on this list.

Board Game and Card Games: Skip Bo Card Game

Board Games and Card Games: Skip Bo

Where we live, board games and card games are the thing to do when getting together with friends.

There's a soda shop downtown where the teens get together for hours and play games together.

At one of those events, Bulldozer was introduced to Skip Bo and absolutely loved it.

I honestly could give any board game or card game to Bulldozer and he loves playing any games.

Educational Interest: Portuguese Phrase Book

Educational Interest: Portuguese Phrase Book and Dictionary

By the time a teenager turns 15, he usually has some type of educational interest or passion he is pursuing for one reason or another.

Dinomite has always loved history and loves receiving history books as gifts.

Bulldozer is showing an interest in learning languages, specifically Portuguese, as that's his girlfriend's native language.

We use these language books as part of our learning curriculum.

Dinomite is studying German. Bulldozer is studying French. Princess is studying Spanish.

All of the kids love these books because they include pronunciation guides.

Bulldozer feels a Portuguese addition of this book will be the easiest way to learn Portuguese.

I hope these gift ideas for the teenager who doesn't know what he wants helps you finish your holiday shopping!

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Gift Ideas for the Teenager Who Doesn't Know What He Wants

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