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Gift Ideas for a 16 Year Old Boy


Gift ideas for 16 year old boys can be a challenge. 

Kids this age are definitely still kids, but are also transitioning to manhood.

This wish list is based on my oldest son's interests and recommendations. 

We hope it helps you find something for the 16 year old boy in your life.

Gift Ideas for a 16 Year Old Boy

Gift Ideas for a 16 Year Old Boy

Gift Ideas for a 16 Year Old Autistic Boy

Card Game: You Laugh You're Out

My oldest son thoroughly enjoys getting together with friends on a regular basis at a local soda shop to play card games and board games with friends. 

Anything that involves laughter is always the most fun.

This game is fabulous in that there's not limit to how many friends can join the fun.

Gift Ideas for a 16 Year Old Autistic Boy: Sports Card Display Case

Room Decor: Sports Card Display Case

My 16 year old son thoroughly enjoys spending time in his room aka man cave. 

He loves making it his space and making sure it represents his interests and passions.

Dinomite has been collecting football cards for years and had some valuable ones he'd like to put on display. 

This is the perfect way to do so!

You may also want to consider sports card holders.

Gift Ideas for a 16 Year Old Autistic Boy: Football Cards

Collectibles: Football Cards

If you're a card collector, you know you can never have enough in your collection.

This year Dinomite is focusing on building teams from past years.

Once you know the card collector in your life, you can give the perfect set of cards for him.

You may also want to consider a card album with protective folders to go along with your cards.

Gift Ideas for a 16 Year Old Autistic Boy: Waterproof Sports Headphones

Sensory Gift: Waterproof Sports Headphones

Listening to music and podcasts is all the rage. 

Why not listen while in the water as well?

Dinomite is a swimmer. 

Each week he's in the pool swimming laps for hours.

He's trying to build endurance and muscle to pass his life guarding certification.

What better way to practice than with his favorite tunes.

Waterproof headphones often work best when using a swim cap to hold them in place. 

Gift Ideas for a 16 Year Old Autistic Boy: World's Greatest Speeches

History Resource: World's Greatest Speeches

Most teens find a subject in school that they become passionate about. 

For Dinomite that subject is history and has been for quite some time.

When he saw this book, he just had to have it.

He's also very interested in companion book, The Art of War.

Gift Ideas for a 16 Year Old Autistic Boy: Football Gloves

Sports Equipment: Football Gloves

Many teenagers play sports and are often in need of new equipment. 

Dinomite works with our local college team, in a variety of ways, including catching a lot of fast flying footballs.

I've been told that these gloves are the best, and a must have.

They come in a variety of colors. I was actually surprised at my son's choice of color, but excited as well.

If you're looking for other sports equipment ideas, you can never go wrong with a new ball.

Dinomite is always in need of a new football as he wears them out so quickly.

Gift Ideas for a 16 Year Old Autistic Boy: Nintendo Switch Game

Video Games: Nintendo Switch Subnautica + Subnautica Below Zero

Our teenage boys have an Xbox and Nintendo Switch. 

Both boys are trying to build their Switch game collection since they have so many games for their Xbox.

Dinomite is all about underwater exploration and building is own habitat for survival, so this set of two games is perfect.

Gift Ideas for a 16 Year OId Autistic Boy

Sports Attire: MLB San Francisco Giants Cap

When a teen loves sports, he will have more than one favorite team. 

It can be super easy to give sports attire that correlates to each and every sport he enjoys.

Dinomite is set when it comes to football. 

He's building his basketball and hockey collection as well.

But, he has nothing to wear when it comes to baseball.

So long as you know your teen's head size, a cap is the perfect gift!

Gift Ideas for a 16 Year Old Autistic Boy

Clothing: Great White Shark Ocean Biologists Shirt

Teen boys, especially those that are 16 years old are often very excited to receive clothing as gifts, especially if it's an item they've shown interest in.

Dinomite has been very into t-shirts lately, especially those he finds funny or those that represent a causes near and dear to his heart.

This shirt encompasses Dinomite's passion for sharks, diving, etc.

Gift Ideas for a 16 Year Old Autistic Boy

Movies: The Batman Collection

I haven't met a teen yet who doesn't love movies of some sort. 

Movies are a fabulous gift, especially if you know the interests and passions of the person you're buying for.

Batman has always been Dinomite's favorite DC Superhero. He's watched several of the Batman movies, but not all of them.

This set of Batman movies includes all he hasn't seen. 

Gift Ideas for a 16 Year Old Autistic Boy: Book

Book: Dreamer of Dune: The Biography of Frank Herbert

Books can sometimes make the best gifts for others, especially if it's for a teen who loves to read.

Dinomite absolutely loves the Dune series. He loves the first movie as well. 

But he doesn't stop there. He still wants to learn more, and so he's moving on to the biography of the author. 

Gift Ideas for a 16 Year Old Autistic Boy: Vehicles

Vehicles: LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Solus GT & McLaren F1 LM

No one is too old for LEGO sets in our home.

Adults, teens, and children all enjoy them equally as much, so long as you find a set that matches interests and passions.

Dinomite has always loves cars.  This passion has never disappeared.

He collects LEGO race car sets and keeps them on display in his room.

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Gift Ideas for a 16 Year Old Boy

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