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Montessori Temperature Activities for Kids

Today I introduced temperature to the kids.  Mind you we've talked a little bit about it before, but never in this much depth.  

To my surprise, all four absolutely loved these temperature activities for kids.  They had so much fun with each and every one.  Some lessons even led to some great discussions.  

You know activities are a hit when everyone is smiling and working hard the entire time.

These printables are perfect to add to winter activities on your shelves!

Montessori Temperature Activities for Kids

All of the activities in the picture above are from the Montessori-inspired Temperature Printable Pack.  

This 80 page resource includes both Celsius and Fahrenheit options.  In our classroom we'll be teaching both.

Montessori-inspired Temperature Printable Pack

Now let's see these temperature activities up close!

Montessori Temperature Activities for Kids

Temperature Vocabulary

Temperature Vocabulary Cards

Temperature isn't just about numbers. It has a history. There are important terms to understand.  This activity was a huge hit with the kiddos!  They loved knowing so many important facts.

Temperature Word Strips

Temperature Word Strips

As I was preparing this printable pack, I realized there were a few words that I had no clue how to spell.  For example: Fahrenheit.  This inspired these temperature word strips. Sure enough they were used today several times as the kiddos were unsure how to spell temperature.

Sunshine is using the print version included in the pack.  The older kids are using the cursive version.

Introduction to Global Warming

Global Warming Sorting Activity

The study of temperature is a great way to introduce climate change and global warming.  This is a simple sorting activity that explains some of the causes of global warming and ways to help out.

My kiddos had so many things to say as we discussed this activity.  It was so much fun having such great conversations.

Sequencing Temperature from Lowest to Highest

Sequencing Temperature from Lowest to Highest

This activity is on Sunshine's shelf right now as an introduction to how temperature works.  She is currently at home recovering from the flu and wanted to do some of her activities today.  She completed this one quite well.

Create a Thermometer

Fill in the Blanks Thermometer

The kiddos were presented with a blank thermometer where they filled in the numbers along the side and marked whether it was measuring Fahrenheit or Celsius.  A control thermometer in Celsius and Fahrenheit are provided if needed.

Temperature Clip Cards

Temperature Clip Cards

Once the kiddos made their own thermometers they were ready to practice reading temperatures.  We started out with Fahrenheit thermometers today and will progress to Celsius thermometers later.

Thermometer Clip Cards

I was so impressed with how well they did, especially when it came to negative numbers which are included in both Fahrenheit and Celsius thermometers.

When I presented this activity to Sunshine, I only used temperatures with numbers printed on the thermometer.  She did so well!

Fill in the Temperature

Fill in the Temperature Cards

Once the kiddos created their own thermometers and practiced with clip cards, they were ready to fill in thermometers all on their own.  

The older kids were given cards with every type of temperature and did extremely well.  

Fill in the Blank Temperature Cards

Sunshine was given cards where the numbers showed on the thermometers.  She would first draw a line to mark the temperature.

Fill in the Blank Thermometer Cards

Then she would fill in the space below it with the marker provided.  I was so excited at how well Sunshine did with this activity!

Temperature Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Temperature Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

The kiddos have been working super hard to master the art of solving word problems.  These are yet another chance to practice their skills.  

Word problems are also a great way to help those who prefer words over numbers conquer math.  Dinomite has really benefited from them.

We are absolutely loving these temperature activities.  I know you will too.  Grab the Montessori-inspired Temperature Printable Pack today!

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Montessori Temperature Activities for Kids

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