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Montessori Antarctica Activities for Kids

It's no secret that we're huge fans of Antarctica.  My husband knows it's my dream to visit the continent one day.  I love that Montessori incorporates the study of the continent in their curriculum!

For these reasons, we just HAD to create some new Antarctica activities to enjoy during the winter months.  

Knowing we've studied Antarctica before, I was excited to dig a little deeper into all that this beautiful continent has to offer.  

One can't study Antarctica without studying penguins, but there is so much more to learn as you can see in our new Montessori Antarctica Activities for Kids.

Montessori Antarctica Activities for Kids

All printables in this post are from the NEW Montessori-inspired Antarctica Printable Pack II. This printable pack is an incredible resource for Montessori preschool and elementary students.  

Printables are created to be used in multiple ways to best meet the needs of individual students.  Activities shown below are how we chose to use them, but you may have other fantastic ideas as well.

Montessori-inspired Antarctica Printable Pack II

Now, let's check out the fabulous activities in the Montessori-inspired Antarctica Printable Pack II.

Montessori Antarctica Activities for Kids

Antarctica Map Activity

Antarctica Map Activity

We often think of Antarctica as a frozen continent that's just there, but in reality, it has territories, land and water forms, and has been divided into sections by terrain or territories.  There is so much to learn about it!

This year my older kiddos are going to create their own map of Antarctica using the map and template provided.  

Younger children can color in the Southern Ocean that surrounds the continent of Antarctica and use the map for other activities depending on individual needs.

Territories of Antarctica

Territory Claims of Antarctica

There have been many claims on territory in Antarctica.  This activity is an introduction to the main countries participating.  My older kiddos are matching up flags to territory cards.  

If you wanted to add an extra layer of complexity you could include Montessori map puzzle pieces of each country to match the flag.

For younger kids you could simply have them match up flags and focus on teaching them that these countries have territory in Antarctica.

Simple nomenclature cards are provided for all activities in this printable pack.

Explorers of Antarctica

Explorers of Antarctica

Learning and understanding the history of Antarctica has been absolutely fascinating to my husband and me.  Each explorer built upon discoveries of those that came before them to help us understand this amazing continent as it is today.

For this activity my older kiddos are matching up picture and description cards.  If you would like to introduce younger children to these cards, you could simply use the picture cards nomenclature style and verbally tell the story of each explorer using the information card as your guide.

(One of the main reasons we include so many description cards is so that the teachers have the information they need to teach about each topic presented.)

Antarctica Vocabulary

Antarctica Vocabulary Cards

As I've mentioned before, Antarctica is so much more complex than what we give it credit for.  This activity includes several fabulous vocabulary terms specific to the continent.  

My older kiddos have thoroughly enjoyed turning this into a memory game that they play together.  They are so diligent at reading every card to each other as they play.  I love watching and hearing them repeat the terms over and over again as they try to remember them, associating the picture with the term.

For younger students you can pick and choose what vocabulary terms best fit the needs of the classroom and only use the picture cards nomenclature style.

There is something for everyone here!

Seals of Antarctica

Seals of Antarctica Picture and Description Cards

Seals are a very important part of the food chain in Antarctica, yet they often don't receive the attention they deserve.  In this activity the kiddos learn about the specific species of seals that live in Antarctica.  

My older kiddos are enjoying the picture and description match up cards.  Sunshine is enjoying the picture cards presented in nomenclature style.

Whales of Antarctica

Whales of Antarctica Picture and Description Cards

Bulldozer has loved whales for as long as I can remember.  He's so fascinated by them.  Needless to say we just had to include an activity about the whales of Antarctica.  This activity includes all of the whale species that swim in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica.

If you purchase the Safari Ltd. Whale and Antarctica Toobs you can add an extra layer of fun with this activity.  Kids love using the whale figures.  

My older kiddos are using the picture and description cards. Younger kiddos can enjoy using just the picture cards in nomenclature style paired with figures.

Penguins of Antarctica

Penguins of Antarctica Picture and Description Cards

Studying penguins while learning about Antarctica is a must, so of course we're including picture and description cards on our shelves.

What I love about these description cards is all of the detail about diet, size, weight, endangered status, and so much more.

Kids can sequence cards using sizes or heights. They can sort penguins based on what they eat etc.

If you have the Safari Ltd. Penguins Toob you can have even more fun matching up figures to picture cards.

Penguins of Antarctica Book Activity

Penguins of Antarctica Book Activity

Sunshine was not satisfied with just picture cards on her shelves and requested a project to work on.  This led to the creation of the Penguins of Antarctica Book Activity as well as the Seals of Antarctica Book Activity and the Whales of Antarctica Book Activity.

These books were not originally part of the Montessori-inspired Antarctica Printable Pack II and have been added at no extra cost for you to enjoy.

I love that these books are so versatile.  For younger kids, this activity provides cutting and gluing practice as students place each penguin picture on the correct page.  The activity also provides an opportunity to practice writing as spelling.

These books are available in cursive and print to meet the needs of every student.  There are tracing pages for those who are struggling to write on their own.

For older kiddos, or those who love to draw, blank pages are available for students to draw their own penguins, making the correct distinctions between them.

As you can see there are so many ways to use the materials in the Montessori-inspired Antarctica Printable Pack II. 

It is such a fantastic resource for students in Montessori preschool and elementary classrooms.

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Montessori Antarctica Activities for Kids

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