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FREE Montessori Winter Grammar Verbs Sentence Printables

The winter season is here. Winter weather means winter activities, which means fabulous opportunities to practice grammar!

And we all know the best way to study grammar with kids is the Montessori way!

I am so excited to share our FREE Montessori Winter Grammar Verbs Sentence Printables. We have used them several times in so many different ways. 

I love the true-to-life images that are included. No matter where you live, you can feel winter through the pictures in the activity.

FREE Winter Montessori Grammar Verb Sentence Building Printable Pack

Montessori Winter Grammar Verbs Sentence Activities

You may be wondering how exactly these printables are used. 

Here I'll show you how we've used them, but that doesn't mean that this is the only way they can be used. The sky is the limit!

Montessori Winter Grammar Verbs Sentence Activity

How to use the Montessori Winter Grammar Verbs Sentence Printables with Elementary Learners

When I place this activity on our shelves, I place all of the verb picture cards in a container and lay the Montessori verb sentence template I've chosen to use in front of them.

Students select one verb card and write a sentence following the Montessori verb template provided. There are lines under each grammar symbol for words to be written.

Sometimes students like to write sentences in their notebook instead.

Winter Montessori Grammar Verbs Sentence Activity 2

There are a few grammar verb sentence templates to choose from, depending on what grammar concepts have been introduced and how comfortable kids are using them.

I love that the activity grows with the child as more grammar symbols are introduced. I also love the variety of verb cards. There are so many sentences to be written!

Winter Montessori Grammar Verbs Sentence Activity

How to Use Montessori Winter Grammar Verbs Sentences with Preschoolers

If you're wondering if this printable will work for younger students as well, I'm here to tell you it does! It's so easy to simplify.

I have so many plans on how to use it with Sunshine over the winter.

First, I will use the picture cards like nomenclature cards so she can learn the vocabulary.

Once Sunshine understands the vocabulary and can read the words, then I'll introduce the concept of a verb.

After Sunshine understands that a verb is an action word, I'll introduce the concept of an adverb.

We'll then practice pairing verbs with adverbs.

Sunshine's writing skills aren't one of her strengths, so we'll most likely do the exercise verbally.

No matter what way you present the verbs, they're a super fun winter themed grammar activity that kids will enjoy!

The Montessori Winter Gramar Verbs Sentence Printables are a free printable. You can obtain your copy by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post.

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Don't forget your free printable!

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