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Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack

Once again we're studying the planets in our classroom.  The theme never seems to get old.  Yet when it comes to finding resources beyond the names of each planet and how close they are to the sun, there are very few resources out there.

That all changes now!  Jason and I have been hard at work creating the NEW Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack.

Trust me when I say it has all you could ever want or need!  It is 200 pages of incredible resources for children in preschool and elementary classrooms.

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack

Now you may be wondering how in the world we could come up with 200 pages right?

Trust me it's possible and I'll show you.  

There are a TON of resources here.  It may take you a while to go through them.  But in the end, I think you'll agree this printable pack is AMAZING and a must have for every Montessori home and classroom!

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: Planet Do-a-Dot Pages
I just love Do-a-Dot pages.  They are so versatile.  You can use do-a-dot markers, stamps, stickers, manipulatives and more.  Add tweezers or some other type of transfer tool and this work is perfect for developing fine motor skills. 

In this bundle you receive a do-a-dot page for each one of the eight planets. 

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: Planet Cards
Planet nomenclature cards are a must have.  We go a step further and include description cards.  But that's not all! There are nomenclature cards and description cards for thirteen planets, not just eight.  

What? Thirteen planets?  You must think we're crazy. I promise you we're not. This printable pack includes dwarf planets like Pluto and Eris too!

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: Planet Syllable Counting Clip Cards

In case you haven't noticed syllable cards are one of my favorite things.  Why?  They help children with pronunciation and speech.  Not only do they recognize a word and a picture, but they also learn how to say everything correctly.  These are a must have when learning about the planets!

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: Planet First Letter Sound Clip Cards

I love finding as many ways to practice letter sounds as possible.  This is why you often see first letter sound clip cards in my printable packs.  The planets printable pack is no exception!  Use clothespins, beads, stickers, stamps or whatever you choose.

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: Planets in the Solar System

There is something about making books that intrigues some children.  The problem is each child is at a different level when it comes to their ability to write.  Hence why we offer so many choices when creating a book about the planets in the solar system.  And if your students are ready, the blank templates are definitely a fun challenge!

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: Planet Word Strips

Word strips seem to be all the rage lately as my kiddos seem more interested in learning how to spell things correctly.  

If printing out books is too much these are the perfect alternative.  Laminate them and they can be used over and over again by students. Those who aren't quite ready to write letters on their own can use the tracing cards instead.

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: Planets and Ordinal Numbers

A solar system printable pack would not be complete without an activity where children practice ordinal numbers as they understand the order of the planets in relation to the sun.

In our printable pack we go a step further and introduce the spelling of ordinal numbers as well.

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: Size Comparison of Planets

It's one thing to understand how close each planet is to the sun, but yet another to understand the relative size of each planet.  This activity helps you do just that.  

There is one planet on each sheet of paper measured to show the difference in size compared to others.  There is a colored set and a black and white outline set, just in case your students want to draw and color in their own planets.

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: Layers of the Planet and More Fun Facts!

Have you ever studied the layers of each planet?  It's absolutely fascinating and such a great introduction to chemistry for elementary students.  

Each planet has its own card.  You can create a book with them or leave them separate.  They can be used for a variety of activities, whether you're creating your own solar system using clay or play dough, or as posters for presentations.

These cards also have other fun facts on them that are so interesting to children and adults alike.

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: Planet Weather Cards

It's no secret that Bulldozer is obsessed with weather, hence planet weather cards. I must say, weather on the planets is so interesting to learn about. When compared to earth it's unbelievable.

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: Planet Moon Cards

Bulldozer is all about learning fun facts, which include how many moons surround each planet. Mind you these cards reflect the known moons in 2019.  But still, how crazy is it to think about having 79 moons in the sky?

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: Sorting Moons by Planet

It's not enough to have just one moon activity in our printable pack.  In this activity students are introduced to the most well known moons through a choice of nomenclature cards and/or description cards.  

These cards can be sorted by planet or introduced with each planet as a learning activity.

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: Planets by Type Sorting Activity

In case you didn't know there are three types of planets in our solar system: terrestrial planets, gas giants, and dwarf planets.

In this activity students are able to sort planets by type using the cards provided.  (They include a control.)

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: Terrestrial Planet Land Features

Terrestrial planets are those with soil and solid surfaces.  When learning about our world we make a point to learn about land and water forms.  Why not do the same for other planets?

In this activity students will learn about a variety of landforms among the planets.  They will also learn very specific vocabulary used to talk about other planets besides our own.

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: The Planets by Gustav Holst

As mentioned before my kiddos love music.  I couldn't resist including this music to our shelves for the kids to listen to.  Dinomite has listened to it so many times.  He just loves it.

Another way to use this music is to have children draw each planet while listening to their section.  The music does such a great job setting the right atmosphere.

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: Asteroid, Comet, and Meteor Sort

It can be really hard to know if what you're seeing is an asteroid, comet or meteor.  This activity breaks these three terms down into the simplest form so your students know which is which.

When doing this activity I printed out two copies of the chart with text, cut one into pieces and had them place the boxes under the appropriate title.

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: My Place in the Universe

This activity is so much fun!  On each circle a student draws a picture of the specific place mentioned.  Once finished the circles are put together one on top of the other from biggest to smallest to show where a child is in this universe.

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: Universe Vocabulary

There are so many new words that come up when studying about the solar system.  We've done our best to turn them into a vocabulary activity that the kids can enjoy.  We hope you think so too.  Print out two copies of each card.  Keep one set together.  Cut the other set up on the line between the pictures and words for an additional challenge.

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: Intro to Chemistry Cards

Dinomite is at that age where he's intrigued by the chemistry associated with the study of the solar system.  These cards are especially helpful for him so he understands what he's learning and reading.

Once again these cards come in nomenclature form and also picture and description cards.

Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack: Astronomy Outlines

Last but not least there are outlines that can be used with this unit and other astronomy units.  Whether you're practicing cutting skills, pin poking or whatever they work fabulously.

Now have I given you enough reasons to want the Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack?

I hope so, but if not I'm excited to share with you some other amazing news.

Now through Tuesday, March 19th you can purchase the Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack as part of the NEW Montessori-inspired Astronomy Bundle for 75% OFF!

Montessori-inspired Astronomy Bundle

This bundle includes printable packs about the sun, moon, stars and the solar system.  That's over 400 pages of printables all dedicated to astronomy.  

Trust me when I say they're all fantastic and well worth it!
Montessori-inspired Stars Printable PackMontessori-inspired Sun Printable PackMontessori-inspired Moon Printable Pack

If that wasn't enough the Montessori-inspired Astronomy Bundle includes a bonus! Check out the Montessori-inspired Space Exploration Printable Pack.  

This pack includes nomenclature and description style cards about famous astronomers along with fabulous cards that include vehicles used on space and more!

Montessori-inspired Space Exploration Printable Pack

The Montessori-inspired Astronomy Bundle is so worth considering.  

Just think about it.  You're receiving over $60 in materials for only $14.99.

If you're thinking about purchasing this bundle, don't wait!  

Get your Montessori-inspired Astronomy Bundle today!

Happy astronomy studies!

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