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Star Constellation Practical Life Activities for Kids

Astronomy, especially star constellations, is a favorite science topic among my kids and their co-op friends. They can't seem to get enough of it!

Montessori practical life activities are a fabulous way to learn about star constellations, as the activities are very hands on.

No matter your child's skill level, there should be at least one activity in this set of Star Constellation Practical Life Activities for Kids that is appropriate and enjoyable.

Star Constellation Practical Life Activities for Kids

Let's take a look at what work has been on our practical life shelves!

Star Constellation Practical Life Activities for Kids

Making Star Constellations with Rubber Bands

Making Star Constellations with Rubber Bands

I made this geoboard years ago with a simple piece of wood from the craft store, black acrylic paint and clear thumbtacks. It has held up so well over the years!

In this activity the kids choose a constellation from the cards provided and create it on the geoboard using rubber bands

Tweezing Stars Transfer

Tweezing Stars Transfer Activity

Tweezing activities are so fabulous at helping kids develop a pincer grasp appropriate for writing. 

This activity requires kids to use the tweezers provided to transfer star buttons from one bowl to the other.

I love that the buttons are various sizes to help with concentration and precision.

Star Constellation Pin Poking Activity

Star Constellations Pin Poking Activity

This star constellation pin poking activity was the first step in a bigger project. The kids were working on making DIY Constellation Projectors, which they loved.

Each kid would poke out their set of constellations using our pin poking set and then continue with the project.

Source: The free printable for this activity can be found at Playground Parkbench

Star Constellation Lacing Cards

Star Constellation Lacing Cards

One of the best ways to understand constellations is to connect the stars that make them. When I first saw these lacing cards I fell in love. 

Sunshine loves dot-to-dot activities and is desperate to learn to sew, as she enjoys crafts so much.

These were a huge hit with all of the kids!

Marshmallow Constellation Challenge

Marshmallow Constellations Challenge

Whenever we study stars and constellations the kids beg for me to include their favorite marshmallow and toothpick activity. It really doesn't matter how old they are, they still love it.

This time I decided to use our new cards with constellations to provide more of a challenge than in years past. I couldn't believe how intricate and detailed the kids' marshmallow constellations became. They were incredible!

In this activity the kids use mini marshmallows and toothpicks to create star constellations. I cut up toothpicks in various sizes, before the beginning of the activity to ensure that a child has whatever she needs.

Star Cutting, Glitter & Glue Activity

Star Cutting, Glitter & Glue Activity

Cutting practice is always a big deal in this house. When I can think of a cutting activity that the kids may enjoy, I include it.

This time the kids trace the star provided (from local dollar store) onto white or black paper. Next the kids cut their star out. Finally they're able to decorate it using glue and glitter.

I love how every star turned out differently!

Star Gazing

Star Gazing

After all of our practical life activities, we decided to star gaze, the ultimate star constellation practical life activity.

Sunshine was determined to fine her favorite constellation, Draco, in the sky, and she did!

These star constellation practical life activities were such a hit with everyone who used them. We hope you find them to be just as fabulous.

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Star Constellation Practical Life Activities for Kids

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