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Montessori-inspired Self-Care: Kitchen Tasks Printable Pack

The Montessori Practical Life curriculum includes many kitchen tasks that children learn and master at home and in the classroom.  Preparing meals and navigating the kitchen are skills that will benefit children their entire lives.

So why is it that unlike language, math, science, geography and history, there are little to no resources to help children learn these skills?

Just think about it.

How many kitchen utensils do we use on a daily basis that have special names children need to learn?

How many vocabulary terms are in recipes that children don't know?

When do we begin to start teaching children how to follow a step-by-step recipe?  What if they have the desire to learn before they can read?

How can we help children be independent in the kitchen?

The Montessori-inspired Self-Care: Kitchen Tasks Printable Pack is the answer!

This printable pack is 29 pages long. 

It is designed for children in Montessori preschool and elementary classrooms.

Here's what's included:

Montessori-inspired Self-Care: Kitchen Tasks Printable Pack

  • Kitchen Utensils Nomenclature Cards
  • Cooking Verbs Nomenclature Cards
  • How to Set the Table Chart
  • How to Make Pizza Sequencing Cards
  • How to Cook Picture Recipe Cards

 And for a limited time the Montessori-inspired Self-Care: Kitchen Tasks Printable Pack is part of the Montessori-inspired Self-Care Bundle!

Montessori-inspired Self-Care Bundle

The Montessori-inspired Self-Care Bundle includes the following printable packs:
  • Montessori-inspired Self-Care: Kitchen Tasks Printable Pack
  • Montessori-inspired Self-Care: Dental Printable Pack
  • Montessori-inspired Self-Care: Personal Hygiene Printable Pack
  • Montessori-inspired Self-Care: Dressing Printable Pack
  • Montessori-inspired Self-Care: Nutrition Printable Pack
  • Montessori-inspired Self-Care: First Aid Printable Pack
  • My Body Activities for Tots and Preschoolers Printable Pack

This bundle includes 300 pages of unbelievable printables to help children master self-care practical life skills.

At full price this bundle would cost you $60.  

But now through Wednesday, April 17th at 11:59 PM EST it can be yours for an incredible $14.99.

That's a 75% discount!

Don't wait until it's too late to grab your own Montessori-inspired Self-Care Bundle!

If you're still unsure and want to preview how amazing the Montessori-inspired Self-Care Bundle is, or you want to take advantage of another one of our fantastic subscribers only freebies, be sure to download the Self-Care: Kitchen Tasks Bonus Freebie below!

Montessori-inspired Self-Care: Kitchen Tasks Bonus Subscriber Freebie

This "how to do dishes" printable with options for hand washing and dishwashers is not included in the Montessori-inspired Self-Care: Kitchen Tasks Printable Pack or the Montessori-inspired Self-Care Bundle.  

It is an exclusive subscriber only freebie designed to go along with everything you're already receiving.

Be sure to download your Self-Care: Kitchen Tasks Bonus Freebie today following the directions below!

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6. Find the printable pack you are looking for listed in alphabetical order, click on it, and viola!

We hope you enjoy your free printable.

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And don't forget to grab your Montessori-inspired Self-Care Bundle today!

It will disappear after Wednesday, April 17th and you will have to buy the individual printable packs at full price.

We hope you enjoy this bundle as much as we do!

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