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To Dinomite: The Day I Became Your Mother

As each one of my children has joined our family, through birth and adoption, I have written about the day I became their mother. This is Dinomite's story.

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To Dinomite: The Day I Became Your Mother

To Dinomite: The Day I Became Your Mother

It was a morning in January.  Mommy was in the shower when the phone rang.  It was the Dr.'s office. 

We had our 39 week appointment scheduled with our midwife that morning.  Apparently she was sick.  The receptionist asked if we would see a doctor instead.  It being only a week before my due date, Mommy and Daddy agreed.

At the doctor's office, Mommy was thrilled to learn that I had dilated 2 cm.  The doctor wanted to do an ultrasound to check fluid levels.  I had lost 1 lb. over the week and was measuring smaller.

During the ultrasound, you proved to be a boy once again. As we enjoyed looking at you, the doctor nodded and exclaimed it was as he had thought. There was not much fluid left protecting you inside me. 

Very nonchalantly he stated that you needed to be delivered.  Mommy and Daddy just looked at each other.  

Did he say the baby needed to be delivered?  

What did he mean?  


Could it really be?  

Was it finally time? 

We asked the doctor to explain his statement and sure enough it was true.  

Elation and relief filled Mommy's entire being.  You needed to be delivered within the next 24-48 hours.

Instructions were to run home to get Mommy's glasses, which weren't packed, and make the necessary phone calls to Grandma, music students, and Daddy's work.  

We must return and check into the hospital as soon as possible.  And so we did just that.

Mommy was admitted and settled in her room by 1:30 PM and induced shortly thereafter.  

Not Normal

Protocol required me to wear a monitor around my tummy to record your heart rate for the first hour after I was induced.  This was to make sure that everything was okay.  

About 30 minutes after the heart monitor was on, your heart rate dropped to 60 beats per minute, which was very low.  It remained there for about 1 minute before raising back up again. Another 15 minutes passed and your heart rate dropped again.  

Mommy and Daddy were a little concerned, so was the nurse.  After witnessing the second occurrence, she called for the doctor.

My doctor was off duty, so another doctor came in.  He had performed our first official ultrasound at the doctor's office months earlier.  

When he arrived, once again, just like the other doctor, he was very calm and casual.  He explained that he didn't like what he was seeing and that you weren't handling the labor well.  

We needed to slow things down a bit, so he gave Mommy another drug to slow down the contractions that were already 2-3 minute apart.  

He said he would be in a little later to see how things were going, but before too long, your heart rated dropped again.  

Mommy had only been in labor for an hour and a half.  The nurse called for the doctor.  

This time the doctor said that you needed to come out right away.  It was time to prepare for a cesarean.

The Time is Now!

Mommy was excited that you were coming so quickly. I couldn't wait to see what you looked like.  Daddy was excited too.  

The doctor explained that I would be taken into the operating room where they would prepare me for the cesarean. Then Daddy would come into the room, dressed in scrubs, to be there for your birth.

The doctor, along with a couple of nurses rolled me up onto the operating table. 

Another doctor, the anesthesiologist was waiting for me. 

He helped me sit up and bend over while he gave me a spinal, a shot in the back, to numb the lower half of my body. 

It really hurt, but Mommy was strong.  It didn't take long before Daddy came to join me.

The cesarean didn't take very long at all.  The doctor cut my stomach open, pulled you out, and held you up high so Mommy and Daddy could see you.  

You were born at 4:50 PM.  

We were surprised that you had such dark hair and so much of it.  

A nurse took you, cleared out your airways, weighed you, measured you and wiped you off.  


You were so tiny, only 5 lbs. 15 oz. and 17 1/2 inches long, much smaller than even the doctor had anticipated.  

Finally the nurse wrapped you up and brought you over so Mommy and Daddy could see you.  We were so excited to see you up close for the first time.

Before stitching up my stomach, the doctor delivered the placenta. 

That is when he learned that the placenta and the umbilical cord were attached in the wrong place.  

This was why you couldn't handle labor and why you were so tiny.  

You weren't getting all of the oxygen and nutrients that you needed while inside Mommy's tummy.  

We were very lucky I was induced in the hospital and that the doctor was able to deliver you so quickly. 


The nurse told Daddy to follow them as they left with you, while the doctor stitched and staple Mommy's tummy back together again. It didn't hurt at all.  

After the doctor was finished, Mommy was taken to recovery where I had to wait until the numbness of the spinal wore off before I could hold you.

Meanwhile Daddy stayed with you.  He watched you being warmed up on a special bed.  You pooped or the first time there.  

Once you were warmed, changed, and swaddled with blankets, Daddy sat in one of the nursery rocking chairs, while a nurse picked you up and placed you in his arms for the first time.  

Daddy held and rocked you there while he waited for Mommy to come back to her room.

After about 2 hours, Mommy was finally brought to her room.  I couldn't wait to hold you.  

Daddy came a few minutes later, bringing you in your bassinet.  He picked you up and placed you in my arms for the first time.  You were so cute and so perfect.  

I couldn't believe that you were my baby.

We unwrapped your swaddled little body to study you.  

You had Mommy's pointy ears, with Daddy's earlobes; Mommy's mouth with Daddy's lips; Mommy's round face, with Daddy's dimpled chin.  You had Daddy's eyes, eyebrows, head shape, feet, toes, fingers and hair.  

You had Mommy's nose and legs.  Mommy and Daddy agreed that you received such a mixture of our features that it was hard to tell who you looked like more.

The day you were born, Mommy and Daddy learned so much about your personality.  

You were very laid back and hardly ever cried, unless you were cold.  

You were a very active baby too, never keeping your blankets on and rolling onto your side every chance you got.  

Your hands had to be accessible at all times or else you became fussy.  

You were very determined and independent too, just like Mommy!

To Dinomite: The Day I Became Your Mother

I am so thankful to be your Mommy. 

You have taught me so much about how to love the world around me. 

Everything about you is so good.  

You sincerely try to be the best son you can be.  

I love you Dinomite!

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