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To Bulldozer: The Day I Became Your Mother

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Your c-section delivery was scheduled for first thing in the morning that August morning. I had been fully effaced and 3 cm dialated all week and quite uncomfortable.  The doctor wanted to hold off as long has he possibly could, to give you time to grow.  Even at the day of delivery, you were already 2 1/2 week early.

A long time friend of Mommy's took the day off from work, to come and watch Dinomite, while Daddy took Mommy to the hospital at 5:30 AM.  It didn't take long for Mommy to change clothes and get ready for surgery.  They hooked me up to an IV and gave me lots of fluids, because of my low blood pressure.  Then they gave me a spinal to numb my body from the chest down.  I'll always remember when they put the long needle into my spine.  I had been prepared for it to hurt, like it had with your big brother, but it felt so good this time.  Mommy had been in a lot of pain of the past week.  I kept thanking the doctors, saying that I felt so much better.  They laughed at me.

Mommy was a bit nervous about the surgery.  I was at risk for hemorrhaging during delivery because my iron was so low.  Not much seemed to help my iron levels during your pregnancy.  One of my doctors had me eat 5 prunes with a glass of orange juice every morning for months until you were born, to try to raise levels naturally, since nothing else was working.

Thankfully, the surgery and your delivery went very well.  Daddy was in there with Mommy, watching the whole thing.  You were born at 8:03 AM, weighing 6 lbs. 13 oz. and 19 inches in length.  Mommy and Daddy were both excited that you were born with a full head of black hair.  When I was finally able to hold you, after recovery, I learned you have my nose, eyebrows, feet, hands, and ears.  You have Daddy's chin, short legs, and long torso.

I don't remember much about the rest of the day.  The doctor gave me medicine that made me very sleepy.  However, I do remember Dinomite coming to visit, along with Grandma.  She thought you were absolutely beautiful!

Your first night in the hospital was not what I expected.  The nurses were to keep you for the night because I was still very sleepy from the medicine the doctor's gave me, and I couldn't lift you.  Daddy was home with Dinomite.  The nurses brought you to me every hour because you kept crying.  I'd feed you, and then you'd cry some more.  The only thing that helped you feel better was Mommy holding you.  Little did we know, until 9 days later, that you were a very sick baby.  The day before you were born, was the last full night's sleep I ever had.  Thankfully, with the help of many specialists, we all survived your first year and continue to do great!.

I am so thankful to be your Mommy.  You are such a blessing in my life.  My life wouldn't be the same without your smiles and hugs, my sweet Cuddlebug.  Every day is brighter because you are in it.  You melt my heart!

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