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To Sunshine: The Day I Became Your Mother

Sunshine was adopted through foster care.  Parts of her story have been purposely left out to protect her, and others involved.

We were celebrating the 3rd birthday of another little girl, who was staying with us.  

Mommy received a phone call in the late afternoon. 

This was the day I became your mother.

The woman who was caring for you had been taken to the hospital.  

She was sick.  

We were asked if we'd be willing to care for you.  

Without hesitation, we said yes.  

Not an hour later, I was at the woman's house, picking you up, and meeting you for the first time.

To Sunshine: The Day I Became Your Mother

When I arrived, you were sitting in your car seat.  

You were about 6 months.  

I noticed you had big blue eyes, a button nose, and a tiny mouth.  

Your face was very round.  

You were almost completely bald with the exception of a little fuzz.  

It reminded me of the sun, which is how you received your nickname, Sunshine.  

You were dressed in a one piece snap up outfit.  

The outfit was warm and soft, colored a light green with pink trim. 

It had white elephants all over it.

Sunshine the first day she arrived in our home
Taken the day Sunshine arrived.

The babysitter caring for you gave me a diaper bag with formula, a bottle, diapers, wipes, and a couple changes of clothes.  

I loaded you into the van and we headed to your new home.  

Shortly after you arrived, Daddy fed you your first bottle.  

Though you really wanted to finish every last lick, your tummy didn't agree, and you vomited all over Daddy.  

This was the first of many times. 

During dinner, you were quite content occupying yourself in your pack n' play. 

When you weren't, Daddy held you.  

After dinner, it was Mommy's turn to feed you and get you ready for bed.  

Daddy helped all the other kiddos with their bedtime routines.

Just like before, you tried to finish your bottle, but ended up vomiting.  

Mommy held you and rocked you, trying to help you feel better, but you weren't easily comforted. 

Wondering if you preferred falling asleep on your own, in your pack n' play, I laid you down, only to listen to you scream and cry.  

We tried another bottle, rocking, and laying down again, but nothing seemed to comfort you.  

Finally, you fell asleep in your pack n' play with the lights out and TV on, while Mommy and Daddy washed dishes in the kitchen.

We didn't know that first day, that you would become a member of our family.  

Mommy and Daddy knew that there was another little girl meant for our family, even before your big sister, Princess, was adopted.  

We had prayed fervently for that little girl to come to us.  

When you came, everything moved forward so quickly.  We couldn't believe how lucky we were.  

You have always been my little ray of Sunshine!

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