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Tot School Theme Ideas

I have felt impressed for quite some time now to start tot school with Sunshine.  The idea seems quite overwhelming, as I already am homeschooling 3 kiddos ages 4,5, & 6.  At the same time, I remember all I did with Dinomite, Bulldozer, and even Princess at that age.  

I can't brush off the feeling that Sunshine is missing out.  Part of me has rationalized that she is so delayed that she's not ready yet.   It's quite a lame rationalization, I know.  If anything, her delays are more reason to start tot school.  Still, I've held off.

Montessori learning in the classroom usually doesn't start until a child is preschool age, but as in all cases, it's important for a parent and teacher to follow the child.  Some children are more advanced and therefore start preschool curriculum early.  Others are delayed and need as much extra help as is possible. At times this may come in the form of activities on trays if the child receives them well.

Due to Sunshine's delays and age I feel more comfortable working with themes.  I'm one who always likes to be organized, so I give you our tot school theme ideas for the year.  After speaking with therapists, the main goal of our tot school this year will be to improve Sunshine's vocabulary.  You will not a vocabulary emphasis with each theme.
Tot School Theme Ideas for the School Year

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Tot School Themes for the School Year

Theme:  Halloween
Vocabulary Study:  Body Parts

Theme:  Thanksgiving
Vocabulary Study:  Food Part I

Theme: Christmas
Vocabulary Study:  Christmas & Musical Instruments

Theme:  Weather
Vocabulary Study: Weather & Clothes

Theme:  Winter Olympics
Vocabulary Study:  Sports

Theme:  In the Kitchen
Vocabulary Study:  Food Part II

Theme:  Spring Is Here!
Vocabulary Study:  Plants

Theme:  Insects
Vocabulary Study:  The Outdoors

Theme:  Dinosaurs
Vocabulary Study:  Animals

Tot School Theme Ideas for the School Year

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