Tot School Themes for the Year

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I have felt impressed for quite some time now to start tot school with Sunshine.  The idea felt quite overwhelming for a time, as I already am homeschooling 3 kiddos ages 4,5, & 6.  At the same time, I would remember all I did with Dinomite, Bulldozer, and even Princess at that age.  I couldn't brush off the feeling that Sunshine was missing out.  Part of me would rationalize that she was so delayed that she wasn't ready yet.   It's quite a lame rationalization, I know.  If anything, her delays encourage tot school.  Still, I held off.

Sunshine had an evaluation through our county per our request a couple months ago.  I finally decided I was okay with knowing just how delayed she was.  Mind you, it wasn't that we don't work hard with her everyday, it's just that she's adopted through foster care, where 9 out of 10 kiddos have delays. We were waiting to see if she'd catch up.  Already having three special needs kiddos, we knew that there were certain ages where evaluations made more sense than others.  That and it was hard for me to absorb the concept that I may in fact have four special needs kiddos.

Sunshine tanked her evaluations.  All of them.  Meetings were held, and she's finally receiving one hour of speech therapy a week, one hour of physical therapy a week, and one hour of occupational therapy a week.  Still, I kept having this nagging feeling that I needed to do more for her.

Today, her speech therapist came for the first time since her evaluation.  She talked about her plans for Sunshine, which involved unit studies of vocabulary, learning shapes, colors, letters, numbers, and so much more. She talked about picture schedules, not the type I use for the big kiddos, but a broken down version to help her with her routines. She talked about making a social story about our family, so she can learn our correct names.  (She calls me Daddy Mommy. She calls her father Mommy. She has no name for Bulldozer.  Dinomite's name is kind of there. Surprisingly Princess' name she nails every time.  Yet she still doesn't know her own self. When she sees her reflection in the mirror she says baby.)  Of course, all of this would be done through play and fun.

I was amazed to see that she was thinking along the same lines as my impressions.  So, today, it was made official.  I will be starting tot school with Sunshine.  Part of me is still overwhelmed by the idea, but with the support of her therapists, who are just AMAZING, I know we can do this right.

So that I won't be too stretched and overwhelmed, I sat down and made an outline of what I'd cover with her for the rest of the year.  The themes are taken from the syllabus I made for Dinomite, Bulldozer, & Princess.  It makes more sense to cover similar topics, than to create new ones.  So here's the breakdown!

Theme:  Halloween
Vocabulary Study:  Body Parts

Week 1:
Letter:  M is for Mummy
Number:  1
Shape:  Heart
Color: Grey

Week 2:
Letter:  C is for Cat
Number:  2
Shape:  Triangle
Color:  Black

Week 3:
Letter:  O is for Owl
Number:  3
Shape:  Star
Color:  Purple

Week 4:
Letter:  H is for Halloween
Number:  4
Shape:  Square
Color:  Orange

Theme:  Thanksgiving
Vocabulary Study:  Food Part I

Week 1:
Letter:  A is for Apple
Number:  5
Shape:  Circle
Color: Red

Week 2:
Letter:  G is for Garden
Number:  6
Shape:  Rectangle

Week 3:
Letter:  D is for Dinner
Number:  7
Shape:  Crescent
Color:  Yellow

Week 4:
Letter:  B is for Bread
Number:  8
Shape:  Oval
Color: Brown

Theme: Christmas
Vocabulary Study:  Christmas & Musical Instruments

Week 1:
Letter:  T is for Tree
Number:  9
Shape:  Review
Color: Silver

Week 2:
Letter:  N is for Nutcracker
Number:  10
Shape: Review
Color: Blue

Week 3
Letter:  R is for Reindeer
Number:  Review
Shape:  Review
Color:  Gold

Week 4
Letter:  S is for Snow
Number:  Review
Shape:  Review
Color:  White

I've worked out the themes and the vocab study for the rest of our year, just not the fine details.  I'm unsure if we'll go through our colors and numbers again, or if she'll get them the first time around etc.

Theme:  Weather
Vocabulary Study: Weather & Clothes

Theme:Winter Olympics
Vocabulary Study: Sports

Theme: In the Kitchen
Vocabulary Study:  Food Part II

Theme:  Spring Is Here!
Vocabulary Study: Plants

Theme:  Insects
Vocabulary Study: The Outdoors

Theme:  Dinosaurs
Vocabulary Study:  Animals


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