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Life At Sea Tot School

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Sunshine and Mommy started Tot School this week.  It has been so much fun!  I admit, I'm not an expert in in it, but I felt proud that I came up with six different activities for her to choose from.  Here's what we did!

Water Sensory Play
 Bulldozer was given these sea creatures a while ago. We've never used them.  I put them in shallow water, to cut down on spills and splashing.  Sunshine went to town. This was by far her favorite activity. She loved the seal.

 While the bigger kiddos are starting to grow out of these, Sunshine is just barely growing into them.  She really struggled with this activity coordinating hand movements and moving the pole where she wanted it to go. She couldn't quite understand where the magnet was.  We kept practicing, "down," "up," "off," & "in."

Stacking Cups
 This is not one of Sunshine's favorite activities, but she's getting pretty good at it with all of her therapy work.  I couldn't resist putting it on the shelves.

Putting Sea Creatures in the "Water"
 Sunshine LOVES putting things in and out of containers.  I was surprised that she struggled with this activity at first, but by the end she seemed to understand.  I'm sure it will continue to be used every day.

 Sunshine has really started to like coloring.  She still likes eating crayons, so I have to watch her, but she loved the doggie in the picture, (which I knew she would).

Sponge Painting Sea Creatures
 The look of this activity intrigued Sunshine, but the actual act of doing wasn't as pleasurable.  Sunshine does not like getting her hands dirty, and she ended up covering herself with paint while working.  Needless to say she wasn't a happy camper.
 Still she continued. We practiced our colors and she really tried to stamp, but ended up using the stamp like a crayon or paint brush.  Here's her work of art!
Next week I'll try to come up with some tot activities to go with our pirate theme!

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  1. These are so much fun! thank you for the inspiration!!