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Montessori-inspired Yellow Activities for Tots & Preschoolers with Free Printables

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Sunshine has been in love with her yellow themed learning activities.  I honestly can't choose which one is her favorite because she enjoys them all.  What's even more fun is listening to her practice pronouncing the word "yellow" over and over again.  She struggles making the "l" sound.  She's worked so hard to be successful with it!

Here are our activities!
Beginning Letter Sounds with Yellow Objects
Before we begin this activity we trace the letters on the Montessori Lower Case Sandpaper Letters, repeating the sounds of each letter as we go. Sunshine reviews her letter sounds as we identify the beginning letter sound in each of the pictures of yellow objects.    Sunshine loves this entire process.

Source:  We created the printable for this activity as part of the Yellow Activities for Tots & Preschoolers Printable Pack 1. For your free copy, click on the link at the bottom of the post.

Number Four Yellow Bead Bar

Sunshine has thoroughly enjoyed making her own bead bars in the past, so I wanted to be sure to include the task in these activities that reinforce the color yellow.  Using the yellow bead bar from our Montessori -Colored Bead Stairs as a control, Sunshine strings four yellow beads on to each yellow pipe cleaner.

My Book Of Yellow Objects
Sunshine is obsessed with carrying around little slips of paper and books.  I decided it was time that she help create her own book. She thoroughly enjoys this activity, coloring every yellow object on each page.  I kept the book simple so as not to overwhelm her.

Source:  We created this printable as part of our Yellow Activities for Tots & Preschoolers Printable Pack 1. For your free copy. click on the link at the bottom of the post.

Life Cycle of  Chicken
Sunshine has been practicing her number identification with numbers 1-4.  This activity has been the perfect way to reinforce her number identification progress while sequencing the life cycle of a chicken using our Montessori Large Wooden Number Cards . The Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Chicken figures were used in this activity as manipulatives.

Source:  The printable for this activity can be found at Learn Create Love.

Asia is Yellow
In this activity Sunshine puts on her Art Smock, pours her PAINT into the cup provided, and paints the continent of Asia yellow, using her Paint Brush.  I love to watch her concentrate so intently during this activity.

Source: We created the printable for this activity as part of the Yellow Activities for Tots & Preschoolers. For your free copy, click on the link at the bottom of the post.

Yellow Sensory Bin with Tweezing Activity

For the longest time Sunshine did not enjoy sensory bins AT ALL.  Recently she's taken an interest in them.  I'm pleased to say that she loves this yellow sensory bin filled with various yellow objects from the following Safari Ltd TOOBS:  Farm Babies, In The SkyTrees, FlowersFrogs and Turtles, Butterflies and Backyard Birds. Also included in the sensory bin are yellow Wood Craft Sticks, yellow Pom Poms, yellow letter Cookie Cutters, and fruit tweezers from our Learning Resources Super Sorting Pie.  Dried white bean are dyed yellow to create the filler.

Part of using the sensory bin is tweezing objects and transferring them to the large jar provided.  I love that there are so many different shaped objects for Sunshine to practice with.  She's becoming quite proficient at the task!

For those interested in the printable, click the link below!

If you're interested in other Montessori-inspired color units, be sure to check out the links below!


  1. I really love your ideas for incorporating colours as well as other concepts into these activities! I love the beginning sound idea in particular :) We've been spending a lot of time on letter sounds lately. With the yellow theme, your printable just looks so cheerful and inviting!

  2. This is so cheerful! I love the color yellow. :) You have inspired me that I need to do more color themed posts. Fun!

  3. You've covered everything! I love these color themes! I'm pinning them to use at the beginning of next year with my youngest!

  4. Some really fun ideas! I love the yellow sensory bin.

    Thanks for joining in with #ToddlerApprovedTuesday, hope to see you again :)


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