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Superhero Week for Kids

We have had an EPIC Superhero Week for Kids at our house!

Not only did we celebrate birthdays with the best superhero party for kids ever, but we also did a superhero themed week of homeschooling.

Our superhero activities for kids were so much fun leading up to the excitement of our superhero party.

It still amazes me how adding a fun theme like superheroes to learning tasks, motivates kids to learn in ways they otherwise wouldn't.

Check out all that we've done!

Superhero Week for Kids

Superhero Week for Kids

Superhero Party for Kids

Our superheroes party was a combined birthday party for all four kids. When they were younger, we found this to be so much simpler than hosting four different parties throughout the year.

Here are all of the details of our Superhero Party for Kids!

Superhero Costumes

For party guests we made sure to have capes and masks available.

Superhero Party for Kids: Capes & Masks for Guests

The girls had a choice of pink or purple superhero capes.

The boys wore blue capes. 

I was super excited to find a bib cape for my nephew who is 6 months old.

Superhero Party for Kids: Capes & Masks

Superhero Party Food & Drinks

For drinks I offered energy drinks, including smart water. 

After all super heroes need energy!

Superhero Party: Gatorade & Smart Water

For food I decided to go with a spread of super foods, along with a few cute little additions.  

We had:

  • Spinach, chicken, almond and strawberry salad
  • Hulk's grape weights
  • Greek yogurt
  • Guacamole with chips
  • Black bean, spinach, & feta cheese quesadillas
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Olives
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Thor's cheese hammers
  • Granola bars
  • Hummus & crackers

Superhero Party for Kids: Food Choices

There was cake too, actually four of them.  

Dinomite wanted chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  

Bulldozer wanted a brownie chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cake.  

Princess wanted a pink cake with pink frosting. 

Sunshine ended up with a carrot pineapple cake covered in cream cheese frosting and coconut.

The food was a huge success and absolutely delicious. 

I had originally wanted to make signs for all the dishes explaining what super power they would give you but my printer ran out of ink.  Oh well.

For most of the week, it looked like rain for the day of the party.  

I put on my creative cap and came up with a few indoor activities that would keep the kiddos entertained.  

I decided to put different ones all over the house, including the upstairs so it wouldn't become too chaotic.

Thor Sensory Bin

Superhero Party for Kids: Thor Sensory Bin

I created a Thor sensory bin for the little ones. 

I regret not having Loki, but oh well.  Sunshine loved the bin. So did Bulldozer.  

I just used cotton balls, stiff felt lightning bots, & a mini figure Thor.

Superhero Bracelets

Superhero Party for Kids: Superhero Bracelets

For the older girls that were coming, I set up a superhero bracelet making station.  

I loved the idea when I saw it at Activity Mom.  

She also has ideas for princess themed bracelets.  

The picture I printed out as an example of what to do, comes straight from her site.

Superhero City

(Excuse our worn out train table.  A while back, Bulldozer decided to pour water all over it to see what it would do.  Lol.)

In the boys room, I brought out all of our blocks and mini superhero figures.  

The boys built cities to their hearts content.  What bad guys knocked down, superheroes built back up.

Spiderman Sensory Bin

Superhero Party for Kids: Spiderman Sensory Bin

I decided to put another superhero sensory bin together, this one with a Spiderman theme.  

I was excited I had a bad guy to match too.  

It includes:

Bulldozer LOVES this bin!

Hulk's Skyscraper City

Superhero Party for Kids: Hulk's Skyscraper Smash

In Sunshine's room I set up a city/skyscraper for the kiddos to build and knock down like the Hulk. 

I even bought a pair of green gloves they could use. Lol.  

A big thanks goes out to grandparents for putting the work into this activity. 

I had no place to store the boxes let alone work on them at home.

In the end, the party ended up being outside.  

It rained all day, the day before, and early in the morning, but by afternoon, everything was dry and perfect for a party.  

That is, except our lawn, which hadn't been mowed because of the rain.  Oh well.  

We brought some activities outside and then went with my outdoor planning ideas.

To practice our Spiderman techniques we used white crepe paper to wrap up the bad guys and other superheroes who wanted to be wrapped. Lol.

Spiderman Wrap

A Spiderman Party: Spiderman Wrap

Princess did a great job wrapping up her superhero friend.

Superhero Target Practice

Superhero Party for Kids: Target Practice

For target practice we used hula hoops and Frisbees.  

Grandparents helped again with the activity, holding the hoops for those who wanted to participate.

Then there was time to free play.  Some superheroes practiced their balance and flying skills.

A Superhero Party for Kids: Free Play

In the picture above is Princess Superhero.  

She and Dinomite planned out her attire the day before while at bowling.  

I LOVE the whole ensemble-cowboy boots, princess dress, crown, silver mask, and pink cape!  So cute!

A Superhero Party for Kids: Free Play

Other superheroes practiced flying down our ramp with their car!

Bad Guy Target Practice

Superhero Party for Kids: Bad Guy Target Practice

After everyone had warmed up, practiced their skills, and had their super food, we brought out the silly string to use on our bad guy targets all across the side fence.  

I had printed out a bad guy for each kiddo.  

The kiddos had a BLAST with the silly string. 

Had I known the container would only last for such a short while, I probably would have purchased more. (They were only $1 at the $1 store.)

Superhero Party for Kids: Bad Guy Target Practice

Bulldozer loved being helped by his Grandpa!

The party went extremely well for the kiddos!

Superhero Activities for Kids with Free Printables

Hero Play Dough Mat

Superhero Activities for Kids: Hero Play Dough Mats

The kiddos will make the letters using  black play dough.

Source: This activity is part of a free printable I found at 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

Superhero Nomenclature Cards

Superhero Activities for Kids: Superhero Nomenclature Cards

The kiddos will match up word and picture cards.

Source:  This activity is part of a free printable pack at Over the Big Moon.

Superhero Patterns

Superhero Activities for Kids: Superhero Patterns

The kiddos will complete the patterns using the picture cards available. 

There is an easy level set of patterns and a hard level of patterns in the printable pack.

Source: This activity is part of a free printable pack at 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Superheroes On the Hour

Superhero Activities for Kids: Superheroes on the Hour

The kiddos will practice reading clocks on the hour and writing the time.  They will also make their own clock matching those on the page.

Source: This activity is part of a free printable pack at 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

Iron Man Addition

Superhero Activities for Kids: Ironman Addition

Source: This activity is part of a free printable pack at 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

Superhero Puzzle

Superhero Activities for Kids: Superhero Puzzle

I found this at our local dollar store.  The kids are enjoying it so far!

Heroes and Villains Book

Superhero Activities for Kids: Heroes and Villains Book Activities

This is an adorable book about the heroes and villains in the Batman comic series.  

My kiddos aren't as familiar with these guys so I figured it would be fun for them to get to know them, especially after Princess was Batgirl for her party.

Source: This book activity is part of a free printable at 1+1+1=1.

Cutting Practice with Superheroes

Superhero Activities for Kids: Cutting Practice with Superheroes

I've never used any of these cutting sheets, so I figured I'd give it a try. 

To my surprise, Dinomite kind of freaked out about them, in that they were different and he was unsure if he could do it.  

I'll definitely be putting some more on the shelf to help him in weeks to come.

Source: This activity is part of a printable at Over the Big Moon.

Batman's Cave

Superheroes Activity for Kids: Batman Playdough Activity

The kiddos will make caves out of play dough for the bats.  

They've also had fun making bat imprints etc.

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