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Life At Sea Week II

Here's Life at Sea Week II as promised!  I've felt so on top of things in my preparation for this week. I'm super excited.  As the trays were introduced this week, I was even more excited. The kiddos loved them.  This week's activities are very near and dear to my heart as many of them are inspired by my past.  My family owned and operated a marina from the time I was born until I was married.  I had my own boat and boater's license at age 11 and spent every summer working in the beautiful 1000 Islands side by side with my grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, brother etc.  The water is in my blood for sure. 
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Dinomite has come SO FAR with his reading skills. It's amazing.  Most important, he feels so confident and willing to try reading anything.  His frustration level is so low with it, which is amazing!  I love it when I feel like I've gone about teaching things in the right manor.  Thank you Montessori Method inspiration once again!

I would love to just show off our new activities on our shelves, but for record purposes, I'm logging in ALL activities we do each week.  Please forgive the repeats, but hey, if you're just joining us, you may have not seen them.  Here goes!

Letter Writing Practice
 Bulldozer and Princess are learning how to write letters C, D, O, & H this month, both uppercase and lowercase.  We'll continue next week with the same letters as it takes Bulldozer about 2 weeks to feel confident writing each letter.  I must say, despite the largeness of each letter, he's doing so well.  Each day he works so hard at his writing, with his little tongue stuck out as he concentrates.  I'm so proud of my little guy!

Source: These cards are part of printable alphabet cards at Homeschool Creations.

Phonogram Sorting: Long I
 We're moving along with our phonograms. Dinomite is loving the process.  I can't believe we'll be finished with long vowels in two weeks.  It looks like I'd better get going on my next set of cards. Lol.

Source: I created these cards. For your free copy, along with copies of all of the other long vowel cards, click HERE.

Phonogram Writing: Long I
 Yet another sheet of writing practice!  It's funny, Princess really likes this activity.  She feels so great when she can write the letters by herself where they go, using the control.  I love how these activities work for so many different age levels.

Source: I created these cards. For this free card and all other free long vowel writing cards, click HERE.

Nautical Nomenclature Cards
 I am super excited at how these cards turned out.  The kiddos LOVED them today.  I had thought about adding more words, but then I decided these were the most basic, and they worked.
 Source:  I created these cards.  For your free copy, click HERE.

Counting Odd & Even Numbers
 It's been a while since we've done a counting activity, so figured it would be a great review, not to mention a great way to remember odd and even numbers.  I chose blue glass beads to look like bubbles in the water.
 Source:   I've seen this activity a million times in several places, so I can't really give credit to any one person or place.

Match the Time
 It is one of my goals to teach Bulldozer and Princess how to tell time this month.  As we did this activity for the first time today, Bulldozer completely surprised me.  He understood the big hand/little hand concept, and he could identify on the hour times.  Mind you, I've had time activities on the shelves before, he just doesn't touch them. I'm hoping he'll continue to choose this activity this week.  On the opposite side of this activity sheet is the 1st grade level equivalent for Dinomite.

Source:  This printable is part of a fabulous pack at 3 Dinosaurs and Royal Baloo.  The two authors have created a multi-level pack for tots through 1st grade.  It's fabulous, I must say!

Numbers to 9,999
 I'm hoping by the end of this week, all three kiddos will have this activity mastered. Dinomite did very well today with it!  It always warms my heart when he learns something new, as I worry so much about his academic progress, because of his severe distractibility.

Source:  These free cards can be found at Montessori Print Shop.

Shark Tanogram
 A set of tanograms was given to me a while back.  Princess LOVED the ones we worked on before. I figured I'd give her a new challenge.  The girl is amazing at putting puzzles together.  I'm so intrigued to find out how long it will take her to complete this task.

Man Overboard Rescue Sequence
 As a licensed boater, one is obligated to help another boater in distress, especially if people are in the water.  I thought it would be fun to teach the kiddos the sequence of what to do, as they love playing rescue with all of their land and water emergency vehicles.  It was great review for me too.  The sequence is pretty easy and fun to memorize.
 Source:  I found these pictures in the New York Boating Safety Course Guide Book.  The course has changed so much since I took it at age 11.

Preventing Boating Accidents
 This seems to be Bulldozer's favorite activity by far this week so far.  The objective is to practice who has the right of way, as shown in the pictures, using the boats in the water.  Dinomite has loved learning about the rules of the water.

Source: The print outs for this activity are part of the New York Boating Safety Course Guide Book.

Reading A Nautical Chart
 This has been Dinomite's favorite activity so far this week!  I pulled out an old water proof nautical chart from the marina days, along with our toy boats.  I explained what the markings and colors mean on the chart, and then let them play to their hearts' content.  They've loved learning to find the buoy/channel markers, and keeping their big ships in the deep waters. However,  they also enjoy running their ships into land.  Lol.  I'm thrilled at how quick they took to the "map" activity, really paying attention to what kind of boat can be in which waters.
 Source: I created this activity using items we had at home.

 Information & Regulatory Markers
 It's always important to know the signs and symbols of the water, especially in the 1000 Islands where I grew up.  For this activity, the kids will practice drawing a marker of their choice, and write the name of it at the bottom. This works for a culture activity, but also a great prewriting and writing activity!

Source: I found the printable for this activity in the New York Boating Safety Course Guide Book.

Ocean Creatures
 This month we're studying Echinoderms, Mollusks, Crustaceans, Fish and Marine Mammals.  I created this activity to give Dinomite a challenge, as he's our animal expert, and to help the kiddos learn about more creatures in the ocean.  Dinomite thanked me profusely for putting a new animal activity on the shelves.
 Source: I created this cards. For your free copy, click HERE.

Making Constellations
This is a repeat of an activity we did before, but the kiddos loved it so much,  I decided to use it again . That, and I wanted Dinomite to learn a few more constellation names.

Source:  The idea for this activity came from Natural Beach Living.  For the free cards click HERE. I did not create them.

Painting Cloud Formations
The kiddos really enjoyed this activity last week, but I wanted to spend more time on it.  They know a few cloud formations by heart, but I wanted them to know a few more.

Source:  I created these cards, for your free copy, click HERE.

Moon Phases
I can't think of any activity Bulldozer has liked better in all the time I have homeschooled, compared to how much he loves this activity.  I couldn't resist putting it out as a review.

Source: I found these free cards at Noor Janan.

Creating a Masterpiece like Michelangelo
Last week the kiddos learned about Michelangelo and some of his works, as others weren't appropriate.  This week they'll work to make a masterpiece themselves with some tools and  homemade play dough.  It's not stone, but the next best thing with little hands. I was really disappointed I couldn't find our little hammer, but the Popsicle sticks and kabob stick seem to have done the trick.  The kiddos are loving the project.  Dinomite carved out a brain today with so much detail.  (He has Halloween on the brain.  Lol.)

Source: I  thought up this activity, but that doesn't mean that it's original. Lol.

Each day we start learning time out with singing songs.  I try to introduce one song a week. This week there are two.
Besides the songs, the kiddos continue to work on their piece for the month. I must say all of them are doing fabulous.  I think the piece last month was just too hard.  One piece a month seems to work out perfectly.
We'll also continue to listen to more Mozart.

Practical Life/Sensorial:
Transferring Bubbles
I've seen this idea a lot and thought it was cute to use blue and clear glass beads/marbles a bubbles.  At first the boys thought it was hard, but they're doing fabulous now!

Creatures of the Sea Lacing Cards
After all the complaining and avoiding, the kiddos are doing fabulous with lacing cards. Bulldozer did amazing today with only a few verbal prompts. I held the card and he laced the whole thing! I was SO PROUD!

Next week we'll be finishing up our Life At Sea Unit focusing on pirates!  I can't wait!  The kiddos have been doing so well!  What a great way to end the quarter for us!


  1. What an awesome week--it looks like a ton of fun activities! Thanks so much for sharing--I pinned it on my (CarlaINHouston) Ocean board! I can't wait to see your Pirates theme!

  2. Your unit studies are fabulous, Renae! And thanks so much for sharing your wonderful free printables! I featured your post as the Free Printable(s) of the Day at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and on Pinterest. :)

  3. How do I subscribe to your blog? Great activities and thank you for your wonderful printables! Would love to receive your blog posts as emails.

    1. Wow! I'm flattered. To be completely honest, I'm unsure how to set up my blog so people can receive e-mail updates. I will look into that and let you know! If anyone else knows, feel free to share the info!

  4. Can I have a few of those oreos? :) Now I'm hungry and I want to learn about the moon too...

  5. I recently discovered your blog and am just loving it. I happened to read it just in time to prepare some activities for General Conference. It is very inspiring!

    I am curious what book you are using for your music? I don't have any background in music but I really want to teach my boys the basics (and I suppose learn right along with them).

    Thank you,