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An Indoor Carnival Party for Kids

An outdoor carnival party for kids can be so much fun, except when weather doesn't cooperate. 

In those situations an indoor carnival party for kids can be just as fun!

Part of our rainy day Memorial Day celebration last year included an indoor carnival party at our home.

The kids had an absolute blast.

Here are all the details!

An Indoor Carnival Party For Kids

An Indoor Carnival Party for Kids

Our indoor carnival party for kids included six different carnival games set up throughout the main floor of our home.

All used very simple materials that we had on hand at home or could easily pick up at Walmart or local dollar store without breaking the bank.

Kids could play each game as many times as they wanted to earn desired prizes.

Games were designed for our youngest to enjoy, but our teens enjoyed them as well, putting their own twist on each game.

Soda Pop Toss

Carnival Soda Pop Toss

The object of the Soda Pop Toss was to place rings on soda bottles.

Each time a ring landed over a soda bottle, a ticket was given. 

I had been worried that this would be too easy for my teens, but they were so creative, coming up with ways to make the Soda Pop Toss more challenging. 

Pool rings were used and worked perfectly for our Soda Pop Toss! 

The FREE Carnival Sign for the Soda Pop Toss and all of our indoor carnival party games came from Carnival Savers.

At the end of the party, each kid received a soda to drink with dinner.

Pluck a Duck

Carnival Pluck a Duck

The Pluck a Duck game was definitely designed for our youngest. 

Each duck had a number written on the bottom of it. 

The goal of the game was to find the two ducks with matching numbers.

For every pair of ducks that was found, a ticket was given.

We found rubber ducks at Walmart and our local dollar store. I would have included more, had I been able to find more locally.

Pin Drop

Carnival Pin Drop

In order to play the Pin Drop game, you need a jar or cup and clothespins. 

Kids drop the pins and try to have them land in the jar.

For every pin that lands in the jar, a ticket is given.

Our youngest dropped the clothespins from a lower point than our teens did.

Once again, my teens found a way to make this game super fun and challenging.

It was one of the hardest games for our youngest.

Bean Bag Toss

Carnival Bean Bag Toss

All of my kids enjoyed the bean bag toss.

My teens had fun thinking of fun ways to make the game more challenging as they went along.

In this game, kids received the number of tickets that was written on each bucket, each time their bean bag landed in that bucket.

I just love these ten gallon buckets. We use them for so many things. 

Our bean bags are old, but still work great.

Can Knock Down

Carnival Can Knock Down

We do not usually have a lot of cans at our home, but at the time of this party, we did have a lot of empty water bottles.

We used empty water bottles and a NERF gun for this activity. 

Having lots of NERF Bullets on hand helped a lot.

The kids would try to shoot each empty water bottle, causing it to fall down.

For every water bottle that fell, a ticket would be given. 

My youngest loved this game. My teens had so much fun making this game as challenging as they could.

Fish Bowl

Carnival Fish Bowl

The fish bowl game may have been the most challenging for the kids, especially our youngest, but all really enjoyed it. 

My husband and I went back and forth about adding actual fish to the bowls, but decided against it as our youngest would worry about hurting the fish.

The objective of this game was to land as many ping pong balls as possible into the cups of water provided.

Cups were located at one end of the table. Kids were required to throw from the other end of the table. 

For every cup that landed in a cup of water, a ticket was given.

Carnival Party Prizes

Carnival Prize Options 1

Ten tickets could be handed in for one prize.

I picked up five small prizes for each one of the kids at the local dollar store and Walmart.

We used FREE Raffle Tickets from Freebie Finding Mom.

My teen boys are very much into football cards right now, so I made a few of those available.

They still collect Hot Wheels cars as well, which is always a fun cheap prize.

One teen boy has made it a goal to read all of the classics, so I couldn't resist adding one of those as a prize when I found it for $2.

Carnival Prize Options

To diversify treats, I also added in a box of candy for my teen boys.

The girls' prizes were a bit different.

Carnival Prize Options 3

My youngest runs errands with us each week and always finds items she desperately wants at our local dollar store and Walmart. 

It was super easy to pick up some of these items for her to pick as prizes, after every ten tickets.

She was so excited about every single one of her prizes.

Prize Options 4

My other daughter is huge into making beaded necklaces and always loves new supplies.

She turned tickets in for string and beads, as well as a box of candy.

Carnival Eats and Treats

Carnival Eats and Treats

I wanted to make sure that our food was also carnival themed.

Popcorn was served for all those who could have it. 

Chips were served in place of popcorn for the one who couldn't have it due to special dietary needs.

The FREE DIY Movie Popcorn Boxes came from Make and Takes.

Carnival Themed Dinner

Dinner was part of our Indoor Carnival Party. 

Diet-friendly corn dogs, corn on the cob, and watermelon were served. 

Everyone loved the food!

Carnival Funnel Cake

For dessert I made homemade diet-friendly funnel cake.

A variety of toppings were provided to meet dietary needs.

Those that could, opted for powdered sugar topping.

The Funnel Cake recipe is from Lil' Luna. 

Our Indoor Carnival Party for Kids was such a success and so much fun!

Every kid in the house, including teens had fun.

The food was great.

All loved their prizes.

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An Indoor Carnival Party for Kids

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