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A Campfire Themed Birthday Party

Tis the season for spectacular campfires, roasted marshmallows, and friends and family gathered together enjoying the beautiful weather.  

One of the things my kiddos love best about our new home is that there is a fire pit in the backyard ready for spontaneous campfires, S'mores, and parties.

For Bulldozer's ninth birthday, per his request, we hosted a campfire themed birthday party to remember!

A Campfire Themed Birthday Party

Here's how it went!

A Campfire Themed Birthday Party

Outdoor Adventure Hunt

Outdoor Adventure Hunt

We kicked off the party with an Outdoor Adventure Hunt from Clean and Scentsible.  It was the perfect way to keep people busy while we waited for all of the guests to arrive.  Older kids helped younger kids.  Friends helped friends.  It really was a great activity.

Since we don't have acorns in our yard, I provided one for each person, along with a pencil to check items off on their lists.

Pool Noodle and Balloon Race

Pool Noodle and Balloon Relay Race

Once everyone had arrived, the fire was going, and we had met all of Bulldozer's new friends and families, we started a second game.

The kids started at one end of the lawn using pool noodles to move their balloon into the basket located at the opposite end of the yard.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves until balloons started popping.  You'll notice in the picture that our lawn was quite dry.  Yikes!

Be sure to make sure the grass is soft and well watered before attempting this activity.  Otherwise be prepared for meltdowns from younger kiddos who are obsessed with their balloons.

S'mores Bags

S'mores goodie bags

Once the game was over, we took a group shot of all of the kids at the party.  Everyone that was having meltdowns over popped balloons recovered.

 It was time to move on to S'mores.

One of my biggest dilemmas with this party was trying to figure out how to actually provide 50 plus people with S'more ingredients outside without them getting everywhere, melting, or falling on the ground.

I came across this wonderful idea from Clean and Scentsible.  A free printable was even provided to spruce up the goodie bags, which I fully took advantage of.

Bags on the tray included honey graham crackers and milk chocolate.  Bags in the bucket included cinnamon graham crackers and dark chocolate.

Before the event I picked up some roasting sticks and then found more sticks around the yard so everyone could have their own.

Roasting marshmallows at a campfire themed birthday party

The S'mores bags were a HUGE hit!  I think the only thing I would do differently if we did this again was to make sure I had lots of baby wipes on hand for sticky marshmallow hands and faces.  Lol.

The birthday boy at his campfire themed birthday party

The birthday boy was completely in his element.  Bulldozer seriously had the time of his life.

Sunset at Campfire Themed Birthday Party

For parents, one of the best parts about the party was the view. The sunset was spectacular.  

After gifts, the nighttime entertainment began!

Glow-in-the-Dark Pool Noodle Wars

Pool Noodle and Glowstick Nighttime Games
Picture does not do justice to how incredibly awesome this activity was!

I picked up glow necklaces and bracelets enough for every kiddo to have a few.  The kids took their pool noodles from the previous game, decorated them with glow necklaces and bracelets, and then used the rest as they were intended.

There were so many fun glow-in-the-dark pool noodle wars!

The pool noodles looked so incredibly cool!  Some kids wrapped glow necklaces and bracelets around the pool noodles.  Others poked the pool noodles with them.

I kid you not the kids played for hours with these.

The best part about the activity was that parents could keep an eye on their kids in the dark sky.  We always knew where the kids were.

The party began at 7 PM and continued on through about midnight as everyone was enjoying themselves so much.

Parents sat around the campfire.  Kids played.  It was truly an awesome night!

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A Campfire Themed Birthday Party

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