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A Baseball Party for Father's Day

A Baseball Party for Father's Day was the theme that the kids chose this year to celebrate their dad, my husband, Jason.

Jason is a huge baseball fan and was super excited when he heard the news. He's been able to introduce the kids to football and basketball, but none were interested in baseball because they thought it was too boring.

It meant the world to Jason to be able to create memories with his kids associated with baseball.

A Baseball Party for Father's Day

A Baseball Party for Father's Day

We live in an area where there are no professional or even minor league baseball teams. For this reason our baseball party plans needed to be home based.

Our Father's Day celebration was postponed by a couple of weeks due to sickness and summer camps. 

We ended up celebrating Father's Day and the 4th of July on the same day, which actually worked out really well. There's nothing like ending a baseball party with local fireworks!

A Baseball Game with Dad

Baseball Party Entertainment

The baseball party itself was planned around a Yankee's game that was scheduled to be on. The New York Yankees are Jason's favorite baseball team. 

We wanted to make the celebration as casual as possible so the kids could ask questions and enjoy themselves. 

It turns out, Princess really likes watching baseball, perhaps even more than watching football.

Had the weather cooperated, we also would have played some baseball with the kids outside, as we do have a baseball bat, baseballs, and glove. Unfortunately it's been so hot, humid, and wet, making that part of the our plan impossible.

Baseball Party Refreshments

Baseball Party Refreshments

The kids helped pick out all of the food for festivities. Hotdogs with all types of toppings were served. I was so excited to find everything but the nacho cheese diet-friendly for Sunshine. 

We offered:

Nachos with cheese dip was also on the menu. I left dip cups empty so kids could choose what they wanted to put in them. (Dinomite dips his nacho chips in ketchup.) These were traditional baseball game foods that the kids agreed to have.

For a little bit of extra fun, I picked up the following treats:

I made sure to pick up diet-friendly substitutes for Sunshine at our local dollar store. 

The kids had never tasted any of these items before so it was a new and entertaining experience.

Soda and lemonade were served with the meal.

Baseball Party Hotdog Toppings

One of the most entertaining aspects of refreshments was watching the kids try new toppings on hotdogs. They had never had dill or sweet relish or mustard before. Princess loved loading her hotdog with mustard, ketchup, and relish.

Jason showed everyone up by adding beans and nacho cheese to his hotdog as well. Lol.

A New Baseball Cap

Baseball Party Gifts and Goodie Bag Items

The kids picked out a new Yankees baseball cap for Jason as a gift, which he loved.

I found three plain red baseball caps at our local dollar store that I would have purchased for each of the kids, had there been one more, and I could be sure that they would fit everyone.

While at the store, the kids saw Hostess Baseball Cupcakes. They know how much their dad loves these types of junk food treats and couldn't resist buying some from their dad.

Baseball Movie and Treats

Bulldozer and Princess being the movie buffs that they are wanted to be sure to add a movie in for entertainment after Sunshine went to bed.

The movie 42: The Jackie Robinson Story with Chadwick Boseman was decided upon and such a huge hit! 

Dinomite, the snacker, made sure that we enjoyed popcorn with the movie.

What I loved most about this Baseball Party for Father's Day was that it was so relaxing and so much fun. 

The food was perfect. 

Entertainment was great. 

Everyone had such a fabulous time.

It was such a special family time dedicated to Dad.

And best of all, it was very inexpensive.

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A Baseball Party for Father's Day

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