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A Star Wars Day Celebration

Over the last few years our family has loved celebrating Star Wars Day in honor of Bulldozer's autism passion for the franchise.

When Sunshine was in residential. The celebration was easy. We'd pick out a trilogy to watch, buy some treats, and enjoy the day in front of the screen.

Unfortunately, Sunshine doesn't work that way. Her brain does not enjoy being in a resting state and the Star Wars movies, even the first ones that are PG, are all too scary for her.

This year we needed to make some major adjustments to our Star Wars Day celebration to meet the needs of teenagers and a young one.

Here's a Star Wars Day celebration that worked for the whole family.

A Star Wars Day Celebration

A Star Wars Day Celebration

Star Wars Attire and Hairdos

The day started out with regular routines and schedules, except the kids were changing out of Star Wars themed pjs into Star Wars t-shirts for the day. 

Star Wars Day Attire

When I purchase clothes for each season, I make a mental note to buy holiday themed attire so the kids have special clothes when they want them. These aren't extra purchases, they're just part of their wardrobe, that's ready to go on the special day and any other day they want to wear them.

I also do the same thing leading up to vacations. In the case of Star Wars, some had clothes and pjs from a trip we took to Walt Disney World two years ago. Others were purchased at Walmart on clearance.

This year, I took extra time to do the girls' hair like Princess Leia's, using a tutorial I found online. 

Princess Leia Buns

I loved that the tutorial gave an option for short hair and long hair. 

Sunshine had her hair put up first thing in the morning. Princess waited until right before evening festivities began to put her hair up.

Sunshine insisted that she wear her Star Wars Baby Yoda scrunchies AND Princess Leia buns, so that's what we did.

Star Wars Craft Time

Star Wars Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

After morning routines comes craft time. Sunshine is in a phase where she will only participate in craft time if her project is completed and ready to handle immediately. 

She doesn't want to wait for paint or glue to dry. Paper plate crafts using Elmer's glue sticks (that dry quickly) along with markers or crayons and staples when needed seem to work out best.

I gave Sunshine choices between four Star Wars paper plate crafts. 

She chose to make the Baby Yoda and BB-8 and was quite successful at both with some assistance cutting and gluing. 

Star Wars Cartoons for Younger Children

As mentioned above, Sunshine isn't quite ready for the Star Wars movies yet. But, she was ready for the new Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures cartoon that premiered on Disney Junior at 9 AM on Star Wars Day and definitely enjoyed a Star Wars Rebels episode after craft time.

Star Wars Princess Leia Hair and Cartoons

No matter what age a child is, there is now something for everyone to watch who loves Star Wars.

Star Wars Learning Activities for Kids

FREE Star Wars Learning Activities for Kids

Next up on our schedule was morning school work for Sunshine. To make it extra special, my husband Jason printed out these super fun Star Wars activities to use. He is the one who does morning school work with Sunshine.

Both my husband and I were surprised just how much Sunshine enjoyed these activities. She did more math in one day than she had in the last week, all thanks to Star Wars.

While Sunshine did her morning work, Dinomite, Bulldozer, and Princess started planning and preparing for their impromptu Star Wars Day party with friends in the evening.

They went to the store with me to purchase all of the food for the menu they had planned.

In the afternoon, after lunch preparations for dinner and evening fun were fully underway.

Sunshine and Princess were helping with food prep. Dinomite and Bulldozer were cleaning the house.

Star Wars Obi-Wan Kabobis Preparation

Sunshine was VERY excited as she was going to a "friend's" house/babysitter for the evening, bringing her meal and snacks with her.

A Star Wars Day Party for Teens

There's nothing like putting together a Star Wars Day Party in less than 24 hours. Dinomite had the idea on May 3rd at 9 PM. The party started on May 4th at 5 PM.

Thankfully, thanks to Pinterest and the help of three teens, it was pretty easy.

I can not take any credit for the fun and cheesy food names or ideas. Those came from Seed at the Table along with the free food label cards. 

My teens thought they were absolutely perfect for their group of friends.

Luke Skywater Bottles

One of our drink options was Luke Skywater Bottles. These worked out very well no matter what part of the house guests were in.

Star Wars Themed Snacks

Next on the list of foods were Thermal Detonators and Padawan Popcorn. Since some of our guests have dietary needs, we kept all of the toppings for popcorn on the side for people to add.

Star Wars Themed Treats

Death Star Donuts and Hans Rolos were also available treats. We made delicious gluten free chocolate donuts for those who couldn't have the donut holes.

Star Wars Dinner

Dinner with friends consisted of pork with the label, "Come to the pork side." We provided dinner rolls and coleslaw along with BBQ sauce for those who wanted it.

Next were an option to create "7 Leia Bean Dip" with "Trooper Scooper" tortilla chips.

Finally we served Obi-Wan Kabob-ies and the option of green milk and blue milk. The recipe I found for green milk did not turn out that great, but the blue milk was a HUGE hit. 

Star Wars Day with Friends

After dinner the kids put in a Star Wars movie, laughing and talking the entire movie. 

Sunshine had an equally fun time with her friend/babysitter.

Everyone loved the food and entertainment.

Star Wars Day at our house this year was a huge success with everyone! We hope our celebration inspires you to create one that works for everyone in your family.

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A Star Wars Day Celebration

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