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Patriotic Sensory Bins and Invitations to Play

Patriotic Sensory Bins and Invitations to Play are the perfect way to entertain kids while preparing for Memorial Day and 4th of July festivities and waiting for guest to arrive and desired activities to begin.

Red, White and Blue are such great colors to attract the attention of children, especially when the sensory experiences are preferred.

Sensory bins and invitations to play provide so many fabulous opportunities to learn and develop fine motor skills through play.

There's something for everyone in the list of Patriotic Sensory Bins and Invitations to Play below.

Patriotic Sensory Bins and Invitations to Play

Patriotic Sensory Bins and Invitations to Play

Red, White and Blue Water Sensory Bin

During the hot summer months there's nothing more perfect that a sensory bin that includes water play, especially for little ones! I love that this bin is so simple and safe for kids of any age.

Fabulous Red, White & Blue Patriotic Sensory Bin

Rice was the first sensory bin filler I ever worked with and it's still one of my absolute favorites. I love that this bin includes three different colors with so many fun ways to use it.

4th of July Star and Stripes Sensory Bin

This sensory bin is so creative in that it's designed to initially look like a flag with extra items to add and manipulate. I love that it's all created with different types of died pastas.

Red, White and Blue Water Table

If you're looking for a water sensory bin that occupies children of multiple ages, this is it. There are so many cool items included that are so much fun to use.

Ameri-cake Counting Sensory Bin

I love how this sensory bin incorporates math and is still super fun! What young kiddo doesn't enjoy making cakes, especially those that include candles?

Memorial Day Sensory Bin

This is such an adorable an inexpensive sensory bin to make. I love how it provides opportunities to put items in and out of holes as that's very attractive to some children. You could add tweezers to also encourage items to come out of holes.

Army Men Invitation to Play

What a fun invitation to play to introduce or enjoy more learning about the armed forces. My boys and girls would love this. The idea itself is so versatile. If you switch out vehicles and soldiers, you could focus on any war throughout history you'd like.

Fireworks Play Dough

For kids who love fireworks, this invitation to play is such a fun idea! I love how sparkly all of the materials are against the black play dough. It would be so much fun to create a night sky full of fireworks!

Memorial Day Sensory Bin and Invitation to Play

The sensory bin used in this post is such a fun way to practice spelling. When it comes to ingredients, the sky is the limit, so long as the red, white, and blue stand out. Scrabble letters are such a fun addition to encourage learning.

The invitation to play in this post includes so many material to encourage learning and play surrounding Memorial Day and the 4th of July. If you have a kiddo who just wants to focus on fun red, white, and blue play, there are options. For those who enjoy soldiers and military vehicles, there's tons of fun to be had there too.

Red, White & Blue Sensory Bin

This sensory bin is full of items that invite sensory experiences related to touch and textures. Some items are extremely soft and smooth while others are not. I love how this bin is so inviting and colorful.

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Patriotic Sensory Bins and Invitations to Play

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