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Relationship Activities for Kids with Free Printables

Relationships among people are quite a complicated thing for Sunshine. She has the body of an eleven year old, going through the beginning phases of puberty, yet developmentally she is between the ages of three and six depending on the day.

Studying the human body and relationships has been crucial right now as we strive to help her understand the world around her, her changing body, and her desire to fit into a world that is very confusing.

The month of February, when we celebrate Valentine's Day is the perfect time to do this!

These relationship activities for kids with free printables are a great way to teach children about relationships they see around them and develop understanding of different types of relationships they may witness or be a part of.

Activities contain LGBTQ+ representation, as those are some of the relationships that children see in the world around them. It's important that they understand them.

If you'd like to read our stance on the LGBTQ+ community, you can click HERE to do so.

Relationship Activities for Kids with Free Printables

Many of the printables used in the activities shown in this post come from the resource below. This printable pack was created with the help from a friend and representative of the LGBTQ+ community.

Montessori-inspired Relationships Printable Pack

Montessori-inspired Relationships Printable Pack

Please keep in mind, we did not use all of the activities included in this resources on our shelves with Sunshine, but only those that were developmentally appropriate for her at this time.

Relationship Activities for Kids with Free Printables

Types of Relationships Sort

Types of Relationships Sort

Our lessons started with explaining the difference between romantic love, family love, friend love, and self-love. 

These are concepts that Sunshine struggles with, especially when it comes to boundaries and obtaining consent from others while out and about in the community.

Sunshine sorted cards into four columns, thoroughly enjoying the true-to-life images and diversity that's included. It was a perfect Valentine's Day activity!

Source: The printables for this activity are part of the Relationships Printable Pack.

Relationships Status Sort

Relationships Status Sort

Once Sunshine understood the different types of relationships, we started to focus on romantic love introducing the concept of dating, engagement and marriage, learning the sequence in which these occur and the vocabulary that goes along with each.

Sunshine really enjoyed this activity. She did not know about being engaged or the special ring that is given during that process. The activity was extra special with Valentine's Day around the corner.

What was even more exciting is that while this activity was on the shelves, Sunshine learned that her OT is engaged. She was so excited to know and understand what that meant, because she had learned about it.

In this activity, Sunshine sorts out the cards into three columns: dating, engagement and marriage.

Source: The printables for this activity are part of the Relationships Printable Pack.

Same Race and Interracial Marriage Activity

Same Race and Interracial Marriage Activity

Another aspect of romantic relationships that we discussed was race and ethnicity. 

We just happened to be studying the Civil Rights Movement in the United States at the same time these activities were on our shelves. 

We discussed laws that were passed that allow black people to marry white people. All of this was very interesting to Sunshine. 

It bothered her that laws could dictate who you could and couldn't marry based on the color of their skin.

In this activity there are sorting cards. (You can see them at the bottom of the photo in the middle.) Each time Sunshine selected this work she would sort the cards into two columns: same race and interracial couples.

Once she finished that process, she would select a card and then create that couple and marry them. 

We had so much fun with this activity! Dressing the Barbie dolls in their wedding outfits provided such great fine motor practice.

Sunshine was introduced to the Wedding March, which provided a great timer to ensure that we just didn't end up playing Barbies the entire time.

Barbies used for this activity came from Princess and Sunshine's collections. We've always been very big on promoting diversity and inclusion during play.

Due to Sunshine's struggles with fine motor skills, I made sure all Barbie dolls were undressed at the beginning of the activity. 

This was definitely a topic of discussion throughout the time this work was on the shelves. We put "blankets" over the Barbie dolls to ensure that they were not seen "naked."

Source: The printables for this activity are part of the Relationships Printable Pack.

Relationships Vocabulary Nomenclature and Description Cards

Relationships Vocabulary Nomenclature and Description Cards

Once Sunshine understood the basics of relationships, we moved on to introducing different types of romantic relationships and preferences. 

A special thanks to Ashley at Diamond Montessori for helping me ensure that these cards represented the LGBTQ+ community accurately and in a way that children can understand.

With all the exposure that Sunshine had to various people and behaviors in residential, I had thought she would already have had an introduction to the LGBTQ+ community, but she had not.

The vocabulary terms, relationship references, and sexual preferences were all new to her, which provided opportunities for many conversations and questions.

I chose to introduce these words to her because we live in a world and day of age, when this is necessary vocabulary to promote love, understanding and respect for all.

While this work was on our shelves, Sunshine happened to run into a transgender person while at our local Walmart. She also ran into a lesbian couple.

Sunshine was so excited to know and understand the situations she found herself in and elated that she knew the vocabulary terms to use to describe what she was seeing.

Source: The printables for this activity are part of the Relationships Printable Pack.

Relationships Vocabulary Syllable Counting Clip Cards

Relationships Vocabulary Syllable Counting Clip Card

Sunshine struggles with learning new vocabulary. Nomenclature and description cards aren't usually enough.

When it it comes to learning brand new big words, syllable cards help break them down and emphasize correct pronunciation.

For these reasons, I created relationship vocabulary syllable counting clip cards. 

Sunshine loved using the little hearts to mark her answers. To her heart markers made this activity extra special Valentine's Day themed work.

Source: The printables for this activity are part of the Relationships Printable Pack.

Relationships Vocabulary First Letter Sounds Clip Cards

Relationships Vocabulary First Letter Sound Clip Cards

To once more reinforce new vocabulary terms and to practice letters sounds and spellings, I presented these relationships vocabulary first letter sound clip cards to Sunshine.

She loved this work, especially since it included mini heart shaped clothespins I found at our local dollar store for Valentine's Day.

Sunshine would clip the clothespin on to the appropriate letter to display her answer. 

I loved the fine motor practice this step provided.

Source: The printables for this activity are part of the Relationships Printable Pack.

Relationships Vocabulary Writing Strips

Relationships Vocabulary Writing Strips

After three months of being home from residential, Sunshine's passion for writing has returned! 

These relationship writing strips provide a great opportunity for so much letter formation and spelling practice.

Sunshine has really enjoyed writing each of the words while remembering what they mean. She feels so proud of herself when she writes one of the bigger words.

Source: The printables for this activity are part of the Relationships Printable Pack.

Relationships Flag Activity

Relationships Flag Activity

After learning relationship vocabulary, I introduced flags that represent different vocabulary terms. The purpose of this activity was to help Sunshine be able to identify flags she may see out and about, understanding their meaning.

Sunshine loved creating flags using paper straws and a stapler, after she colored each of them, using the controls provided.

LGBTQ+ Flag Patterns

FREE LGBTQ+ Flag Patterns Printable Pack

Sunshine has shown particular interest in the LGBTQ+ flags. She loves the stripes and colors. 

Over the past couple of weeks, Sunshine has also been showing an interest in making patterns.

I decided it made perfect sense to combine these two interests and add a little pattern fun to our shelves.

When we use the pattern printables, we cut out the patterns and then snip off the last square for Sunshine to add herself as she figures out the pattern presented.

Source: The LGBTQ+ Flag Patterns Printable Pack is a free printable. Click the link at the bottom of this post to receive your free copy.

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Don't forget about your free printable! 

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Relationships Activities for Kids with Free Printables

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