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Rhyming Activities for Kids with Free Printable

The joy that comes to a child when she learns and understands how rhyming works is unmatched.  It's like magic!

The rhyming activities for kids with free printable in this post are those that I have presented to my own kids and our co-op friends. Each and every time the reaction is the same. 

I love how this reaction leads to a desire to learn more. Kids start to select more challenging rhyming work, feeling confident in their skills. 

Teaching children to rhyme is such an incredible experience. I hope that for you, with these resources, it is the same as well.

Rhyming Activities for Kids with FREE Printables

Rhyming Activities for Kids with Free Printable

Rhyming Activities for Kids on Bottom Shelf

As older children begin their study of grammar, I begin to introduce rhyming to the younger children. 

You'll notice three simple activities on the bottom shelf in the picture above. Little does anyone know just how much fun they'll have as they select this work!

Rhyming Words Printable Pack

Most printables included in this post come from our Montessori Rhyming Printable Pack. This is a fabulous resource for children in preschool and elementary classrooms.  

What I love most about it is that it grows with your students.

Rhyming with Objects

Rhyming Objects Match Up

I first introduce the concept of rhyming using objects we have on hand. In this activity Sunshine is matching up objects that rhyme. 

I love that this activity focuses only on sounds and does not include reading or spelling. It's an activity that all can be successful at.

Rhyming Objects Match Up in Action

As you can see, Sunshine is ecstatic when she finds a pair that matches. Not only does she feel successful, but she loves the hand held manipulatives.

Rhyming Picture Match Up

Rhyming Pictures Match Up

Once Sunshine was able to successfully complete the first activity independently, I introduced the second rhyming activity, which was a little bit more challenging.

Instead of objects, Sunshine was using cards with true-to-life images and words.

Sunshine is still working on reading CVC words only. It can be difficult to work with words for this reason. The pictures provided the support she needed to feel successful.

Rhyming Pictures Match Up in Action

And boy oh boy, did she feel successful! Sunshine worked hard to match up words that rhyme and did such a fabulous job!

CVC Word Blocks Rhyming Activity

CVC Word Blocks Rhyming Activity

Sunshine's third rhyming activity included only words. It required reading and writing, but at a level that was comfortable for her.

Using the phonetic reading blocks, Sunshine creates a word that she can read. She writes the word down.

Then, by changing only the first letter, she creates words that rhyme with the original word and writes them down. 

CVC Word Blocks Rhyming Activity for Kids

Sunshine thoroughly enjoyed this process, finding it absolutely fascinating, almost like magic. I love how much she enjoyed writing the words.

The blocks provided the perfect control for her to feel confident in her ability to create, read, and write rhyming words.

Rhyming Words Do-a-Dot Word Strips

FREE Rhyming Words Do-a-dot Word Strips

Once Sunshine showed that she could rhyme with objects, picture cards with words, and with words only, we moved a step further.

The Rhyming Words Do-a-Dot Word Strips are the perfect next step in the sequence of identifying words that rhyme.

Teachers print out the freebie, cutting out the do-a-dot strips. Students then mark the word that rhymes with the picture and word on the left from the choices provided. Do-a-dot markers can be used or teachers can laminate the word strips and use glass beads

All words included in this printable are CVC words or only focus on short vowel sounds with a two letter structure.

The Rhyming Words Do-a-dot Word Strips are a free printable. For your copy, click on the link at the bottom of this post. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Rhyming words can be so much fun when kids feel the magic and joy the process brings. That joy leads to so much confidence in learning, which is exactly what we want! 

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Don't forget to grab your free printable!

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Rhyming Activities for Kids with Free Printable

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