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Christmas in July Sale

There's nothing that helps me more to cool down when it's 90+ degrees, with 100% humidity, than thinking about Christmas in July

The thoughts of snow and icicles, Christmas trees and lights, and gingerbread baking provide an image in my mind filled with so many magical sensory experiences that cool my body temperature immediately.

Let's face it! July is the unofficial kick off to the holiday season, as many teachers and parents start planning and preparing.

This is why I'm hosting a Christmas in July Sale

All of our winter holiday products are 50% OFF now through the end of July/

This provides you with plenty of time to budget, purchase, print, cut, laminate, and prepare activities!

Christmas in July Sale: 50% OFF All Winter Holiday Products

Christmas in July Sale

Here at Every Star Is Different we have a TON of winter holiday products to meet the needs of every student. 

Christmas and winter holiday printables are available in every major subject and designed for children in Montessori preschool and elementary classrooms.

No promotional code is required to take advantage of this wonderful Christmas in July Sale. All prices already reflect the discount.

So what's actually on sale you ask?

Christmas Printable Packs

We have so many wonderful Christmas themed printable packs in print and cursive for every major subject area. 

What's even more fun is that if your school does not allow you to focus on Christmas specifically there are themes like gingerbread, nutcrackers, and deer that can still invite magic into the season.

Montessori-inspired Christmas Themed Language Bundle Montessori-inspired Christmas Themed Language Bundle in Cursive Montessori-inspired Botany Printable Pack Montessori-inspired Religious Christmas Printable PackMontessori-inspired Gingerbread Printable PackMontessori-inspired Nutcracker Printable PackMontessori-inspired Deer Printable Pack

If you're having a hard time deciding which Christmas themed printable packs to choose (because they're all incredible), and have to narrow your choices down to three, my absolutely favorites are the Christmas Themed Language Bundle, Christmas Botany Printable Pack, and Deer Printable Pack.

Winter Holidays Around the World Printable Packs

Besides creating incredible Christmas printable packs, we have created multiple printable packs focusing on winter holidays from around the world.

Whether you choose to focus on one, or celebrate all of them (like we do), these printable packs are so helpful to have on hand.

If you're choosing to spend the holiday season learning about Christmas around the world, these are definitely resources you're going to want to have!

Scandinavian Christmas Printable PackTomte and Nisse Printable PackYule Goat Printable PackSanta Lucia's Day Printable PackMontessori-inspired St. Nicholas Day Printable PackMontessori-inspired Las Posadas Printable PackMontessori-inspired Hanukkah Printable PackMontessori-inspired Kwanzaa Printable PackMontessori-inspired Kwanzaa Printable Pack IIMontessori-inspired Three Kings Day Printable Pack

If you can't decide which winter holiday printable packs to purchase, I must confess I am of no help as I use them all each year.  They are so versatile for children in Montessori preschool and elementary classrooms!

Now that my older kids are no longer in preschool or elementary, we use some of the resources in our holidays around the world celebrations and always refer back to them.

I hope you enjoy the opportunity to grab as many Christmas and winter holiday printables as possible this month so you're ready to go come November and December!

I promise you will not regret your purchase and will have so much fun planning and preparing activities.

What's even better is that you have plenty of time to look for or order any manipulatives you may want to go along with activities. I know for a fact that craft stores like to start putting out holiday items in July! 
Christmas in July Sale: 50% OFF ALL Winter Holiday  Products

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