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FREE How to Reduce Fractions Visual

Bulldozer has really struggled to understand fraction concepts, especially reducing fraction.  He already knows all of his basic math facts which has helped in huge ways, but when everything is applied to factions he gets confused.

Creating visuals that help him through each fraction process has been huge!

Over time I'm sure concepts will sink in more. They will make more sense to him. But for now, that extra visual means the world to him as he desperately wants to continue to learn all about fractions.

Today I'm exited to share our How to Reduce Fractions Visual with you! 

How to Reduce Fractions Visual

How to Reduce Fractions Visual

The How to Reduce Fractions Visual has been a life saver for the kids.  Any time they are hesitating moving forward with the process of reduction, they pull out this visual.

If they forget what to do, they don't have to rely on me to show them. They can use this visual and figure it out themselves.

The visual is broken down into four simple steps to make each reduction problem as easy as possible.

My kids LOVE the last step as they are really big into prime numbers right now.  One of their favorite games is Prime Climb.  Oh how I love when they enjoy working with numbers!

If you would like your own copy of the How to Reduce Fractions Visual, click on the link at the bottom of this post.

Fractions: Reduction Printable Pack

Fractions: Reduction Printable Pack

We have been using printables from the amazing Fractions: Reduction Printable Pack to teach the kids how to reduce fractions.

This printable pack has been fantastic and provides so many opportunities to practice with small and big numbers.

If you have a child like Bulldozer who is struggling there are more than enough cards to work through until the concept is mastered.

If you have a child who LOVES math, he can definitely stay busy with all the cards provided in this printable pack.

What my kids loved most about these cards is that there were answer choices provided. They knew if they worked the problem and the answer wasn't on the card, they needed to try again.

Our visual on how to reduce fractions is not all we have available for children needing help with fractions. Be sure to check out other visual supports we have by clicking the text links below.

How to Solve Addition Fraction Problems

FREE How to Solve Addition Fractions Visual

If you're learning how to add fractions, this visual can be a huge help, breaking down each and every step of the process.

How to Change and Improper Fraction into a Mixed Number Visual

FREE How to Change an Improper Fraction to a Mixed Number Visual

Changing improper fractions to mixed numbers can be tricky, but with this visual it become easy! This visual leads kids step by step through the process with each number color coded to help even more.

For those looking for the How to Reduce Fractions Visual, don't forget to click the link below!

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