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How to Solve Addition Fraction Problems Visual FREE Printable

We continue our journey with fractions now that the three kiddos have memorized all of their math facts and feel comfortable utilizing those skills in multiple ways.

Princess and Dinomite are grasping fraction concepts quite easily, but Bulldozer is REALLY struggling with how to solve addition fraction problems.

The parts he has the most difficulties with are deciding how to make denominators equal and then what to do with the numerators. He often confuses which number to multiply them by.

I was hoping that with continued practice Bulldozer would learn the steps, but he hasn't.  Even the use of Montessori fraction materials isn't doing it for him.

A couple of weeks ago he asked for a control chart to help.  

This FREE visual printable is the result!

How to Solve Addition Fraction Problems

How to Solve Addition Fraction Problems

There are many ways to solve addition fraction problems.  

I want to make it clear that the techniques used in this printable are not the only ways to do so. 

The techniques in this printable best follow the Montessori approach presented in the elementary math albums and meet Bulldozer's need for simple, concise, step-by-step directions. 

If your student is struggling, we hope that you find it beneficial as well.

There are four simple steps for each and every addition fraction problem. 

In some cases, Bulldozer will only have to work through step one and he's done.

In other problems he'll need to work through step two. 

When steps one and two don't work, he moves on to steps three and four.

Fractions: Addition Clip Cards Printable Pack

Fractions: Addition Clip Cards Printable Pack

The FREE How to Solve Addition Fractions Problem Visual is designed for use with the Fractions: Addition Clip Cards Printable Pack. The freebie covers all concepts introduced within this wonderful set of clip cards your students are sure to enjoy!

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