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Fraction Activities & Printables

When learning a new math concept, I always find it helpful to provide multiple ways to practice to ensure understanding and mastery. 

The kids are learning fractions right now with mixed reactions. I'm hoping that these fraction activities and printables will help them better understand fractions and bring a little fun to our learning process.

There are so many fun ways to teach fractions that can engage children sensory wise and through their preferred learning style.

Fraction Activities and Printables

The fraction activities and printables below are my go to resources after searching the web for ideas that would be attractive and inviting to my kids.

Fraction Activities and Printables

1. Roll a Whole-Fractions Math Game from Teach Beside Me

I think this is the cutest game. Bulldozer loves anything with dice and parts that includes building so this is sure to be a hit!

2. Ideas for Teaching Fractions with Legos from Frugal Fun for Boys

My kids love LEGO so when I can incorporate it into their learning I do. I love the ideas presented in this post to help kids understand fractions. 

3. Equivalent Fractions Pegboard Practice from Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational

What a fun activity this is! I love the template that's included as it makes my job so much easier. All of the kids will really enjoy the fine motor aspect of this activity.

4. Montessori Fractions! from Making Montessori Ours

I am in LOVE with the Montessori fraction materials and curriculum. This post explains how some of it works in a step by step sequence.

If you're looking for more early fraction resources, be sure to check out our post below!

Montessori Introduction to Fractions Activities

Montessori-inspired Introduction to Fractions Activities

5. Apple Fractions File Folder Game from Itsy Bitsy Fun

This game is absolutely adorable and so much fun! I love the theme which can work any time of year, especially if you're introducing fractions with apples.

6. Free Pizza Fraction Printable from Life Over C's

This pizza themed homemade game is sure to be a hit. I also love that there are other fraction activities and resources shared in this post.

7. Rainbow Block Fractions from You Clever Monkey

If you have a child who loves blocks like I do, this is the perfect resource to really engage a child in learning about fractions. Bulldozer will love this!

8. Fractions with Pattern Blocks on the Light Table from Still Playing School

We have a light table which the kids really enjoy. This is such a fun way to tie in the light table with learning new concepts. The light table just makes the concepts that much more inviting!

9. Fractions Quiet Book Page from And Next Comes L

Quiet books make for fabulous busy bags while on the go! If you're looking for ways to work on fractions when there's a need to be quiet, or while traveling, this resource is sure to help!

Fraction Activities with FREE Printables from Every Star Is Different

If you're looking for even more fraction activities and free printables, be sure to check out these resources on the blog! Our kid absolutely loved them!

Greater Than/Less Than with Fractions from In the Kitchen Unit Part 2

Basketball Fractions from March Madness Basketball Unit

Intro to Fractions from In the Kitchen Unit Part 1

S'mores Trail Mix from In the Kitchen Unit Part 1

Fraction Circles from The Wizard of Oz Unit

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Since I first created this post we've done a ton more work with fractions. I have created multiple resources to help with that process.  The kids have done really well with them.

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