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A Minimalist Montessori Home Tour: The Living Room

We work hard to create a Montessori friendly and minimalist environment in every room of our home, including the living room.  

The living room in our home is THE CENTER of all of the action.  It's the first room you see when you enter our home past the front entry way.

It's used for play.

It's used for entertaining.

It's used for relaxing.

It's used for movies and gaming.

At times, we even eat our meals in this room.

So, let's start a tour!

A Minimalist Montessori Home Tour: The Living Room

A Minimalist Montessori Home Tour: The Living Room

Our living room is quite small.  (Trust me when I say it looks bigger than it is in pictures.)  The only seating is our sectional sofa.  When all six of us are home and want to enjoy a movie or have a conversation, Sunshine brings the bean bag from the front entryway to join us.

The pillows are a comfort necessity. We purposely use indoor/outdoor pillows as they're easier to clean, more durable and sensory friendly without buttons, snaps, zippers, sequins and more.

Our coffee table is actually an activity table with storage carts underneath.  We keep a kid friendly table mat on the table to prevent damage while playing. The carts store a plush blanket for everyone in the house to use while enjoying time in the living room.  

A Minimalist Montessor Home Tour: Board Game Storage

We are a family who enjoys playing board games.  Each week during learning, Friday is known as "Game Day," which means instead of our usual Montessori work, we play board games instead.  The kids look forward to it every week.

The games are organized from easiest to hardest.  Sunshine's games are on the bottom shelf.  She knows she can only use games on her shelf, as the others are too difficult and can often lead to negative behaviors.

Princess' games are on the middle shelf.  The boys share the top shelf.  My husband and my games are on top of the bookshelf, with some overflow from the boys.

Above the bookshelf is an original painting by our dear friend Esther Stringer.  My husband is a huge fan of original art and loves to display it in our home.  This painting is extra special as it's where we were married.

A Minimalist Montessori Home Tour: Another View of the Living Room

The only other wall hanging we have in the room is a canvas print of a painting by Minerva Teichert.  My husband is a huge fan of art, so we try to include it where we can in our home as it brings him joy.

A Minimalist Montessori Home Tour: Living Room Toy Storage

We store the kids' toys in another corner of the room.  Each soft wool weaved basket stores something different.  The baskets were purchased at Pottery Barn Kids, but are no longer available. There are animal figures, LEGO pieces, Barbies, My Little Ponies, and more!  Next to the couch are the girls' doll houses.

A Minimalist Montessori Home Tour: More Living Room Toy Storage

The girls usually move the portable houses to the activity table or open space on the carpet, along with the large basket of doll furniture and dolls.

A Minimalist Montessori Home Tour: Living Room Media Corner

 All of our media entertainment is stored in the last corner of the living room.  What you see is all that we own.

Due to our home being out in the middle of nowhere, we do not have Wi-Fi, which means no streaming of entertainment, unless it's through our phones or iPads.  

Below the tv you see our cable box and the boys' Xbox with controllers.  On one bottom shelf all of our DVDs and Blu-ray discs, stored in portable cases for easy access.  We just throw away the cases that come with the movies.

The second bottom shelves stores the boys' Xbox games, along with a few other misc. media items.

As always, I make sure to have at least one plant in each room of the house.  In the living room there's one large one in the corner, and two tiny plants located on top of the play shelves, and over the TV.

The only other decor in the room is a picture of each of the kids and a space for a family or sibling picture.

We absolutely love our living room. It's simple, peaceful, and so much fun!

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