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Countries of Africa Writing Outline (12 Days of FREE Christmas Printables)

Today, the day after Christmas, was especially relaxing.  We slept in. The kids played outside.  Christmas boxes, ribbons, and tags were packed up.  We ate left overs.  All the while I was thinking about the start of the new year and getting back to learning, especially our geography studies.

This year the kids expressed interest in learning all about Africa, country by country.  We've studied Africa as a continent several times before, but never broken it down by country.  

To be completely honest, the task sounded quite daunting.  There are 54 (and 2 disputed) countries after all!

A study of Africa country by country provided a unique challenge and so many questions.  
  • How do I keep things Montessori?  
  • How do I use the materials?
  • How do I expand on what the kids already know?
  • How do I teach about each individual country?
This is how the Countries of Africa Writing Outline was born.  I'm sharing it and explaining to you how it works as Day 2 of our 12 Days of FREE Christmas Printables.

12 Days of FREE Christmas Printables Day 2: Countries of Africa Writing Outline

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FREE Montessori-inspired Countries of Africa Writing Outline

 Countries of Africa Writing Outline

The Countries of Africa Writing Outline is a three page document that can be used for every country on the continent.  You may choose to complete all three pages, or just choose the ones that match the learning interests of your child.

Page 1: Country Map Coutline

The first page of the writing outline includes a large square for students to trace the outline of the country from their Montessori Puzzle Map of Africa.  Once the outline is traced students can label and color it the same color as it is on the Montessori Puzzle Map.

If you have a student who loves maps, you can also challenge them to trace the surrounding countries, labeling and coloring those as well.  Oceans can also be colored and labeled.

Page 2: Country Flag and Interesting Facts

The second page of the printable includes a rectangle where students can draw the country flag.  My kids LOVE studying and drawing flags.  This aspect of their country study is definitely a favorite.

If you're looking for flags to print out in the shape and form of nomenclature cards, the Montessori-inspired Africa Unit Printable Pack Bundle includes them.

You can also find them in the form of wordstrips in the Montessori-inspired Countries of Africa Writing Strips printable.

Whichever form you choose to use, I recommend printing, laminating, and placing them on a ring in alphabetical order for easy access and searching abilities.

The second section of the second page is a writing prompt. Students write three interesting facts they've learned about the country.

When our kiddos are learning about each country, they read a section from the book Africa, Amazing Africa: Country by Country by Atinuke.

This is a beautifully illustrated book that shares so many interesting facts and tidbits about each country.  Every time we read about a new place we find ourselves looking up even more information online based on questions and conversations we have.  It has been a fantastic learning experience.

Page 3: If I were to visit I would...

The third page of the writing outline is another writing prompt.  Students are asked what they would choose to do, if they visited the country.  

I love this aspect of our study as it encourages the kids to not just think about facts, but what they'd like to do.  Learning about the country becomes personal. What if you were able to visit?  It's a great question!

Once students have finished writing their answer to the question, they can draw a picture of their visit in the box provided.  For students who enjoy art, this is a HUGE draw!

The Countries of Africa Writing Outline is designed for children in a Montessori Elementary classroom, or for those who are more advanced in a Montessori Preschool setting.  

It's introduced after continent boxes and other continent studies, including work with the Montessori Puzzle Map of Africa.

I hope you enjoy Day 2 of the 12 Days of FREE Christmas Printables!  Happy Holiday!

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Countries of Africa Outline (12 Days of FREE Christmas Printables)

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