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Expanded Notation Printable Pack (12 Days of FREE Christmas Printables)

Our 12 Days of FREE Christmas Printables continues with a fabulous Expanded Notation Printable Pack.

We've noticed that though we've presented math concepts, practiced them, and mastered them previously, sometimes kids just forget. A review is in order.  Such has been the case with numeration concepts.

As we're working on multiplying and dividing large numbers, some of the kids have forgotten how to read the numbers in the problem.  It's our hope that this printable pack will be the perfect review and build their skills back up.

Besides, who doesn't like working with the gold beads?  They are some of my favorite Montessori materials.

Expanded Notation Printable Pack (12 Days of FREE Christmas Printables)

Expanded Notation Printable Pack

The NEW Expanded Notation Printable Pack is designed to help kiddos build numbers 0-9,999.  It can be used with the gold bead material or without it.

All numbers are colored to coordinate with Montessori materials, but if you prefer not to use the colors, printing in black and white works great too.

What I love about this printable pack is that it provides three different ways to practice expanded notation.  

If you have a kiddo who doesn't like to write and prefers being given answers to choose from, the clip cards are perfect!

If you have a kiddo who enjoys writing, the second activity included is sure to be a hit!

If you're looking for classic nomenclature style work or a match up of sorts, the third activity is for you.

I love using all three, because I can be sure that the skill is mastered no matter how it's presented.
FREE Expanded Notation Printable Pack

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We hope you enjoy this printable pack as much as we do!

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12 Days of FREE Christmas Printables: Expanded Notation Printable Pack

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