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The Lion King and Lion Guard Inspired Resources for Families with Free Printables

Our family is preparing for our second trip to Disney World.  The countdown has started.  Everyone is excited.  

We can't wait to return to one of our favorite places to make more special memories as a family.  

But there's no reason that special Disney memories can't be made before we go, especially as we prepare our four special needs children for eight days in the the theme parks.

We have designated a day each week for Disney World preparations before we leave.  

After all there's so much to get ready for!  Our first Disney inspired day was dedicated to the movie The Lion King and the new popular cartoon series The Lion Guard.  

Today I share with you our Lion King and Lion Guard Inspired Resources for Families with Free Printables.

The Lion King and Lion Guard Inspired Resources for Families

Check out all of these amazing resources for families.  You'll find everything you need for home and on the road all in one place!

Disney's Lion King and Lion Guard Inspired Free Printables

The Lion King and Lion Guard Inspired Resources for Families with Free Printables

Lion King Free Printables and Activities

The Lion King Free Digital Bottle Cap Images
These would work perfect when creating a memory game for kiddos among many other things.

The Lion Guard Relay
There are times when kiddos just need to move.  This printable is perfect for those times whether you're on a road trip, at home, or outside.

Ono's I Spy Challenge
This will be such a great I Spy challenge while waiting in line for rides at Walt Disney World.  You could use a plastic container as recommended if you're inside and while on the road.

Disney's The Lion Guard Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets
Once again these are such great printables for at home, in the parks, or on the road to keep kiddos busy.  There's something for everyone.

The Lion Guard Activities (Free Printables)
More printable games and activities for kids!  Gather all of the printables together and keep them in a folder for easy access when needed.

The Lion King Activity Page
You can't have enough crossword puzzles and mazes to keep kiddos occupied!

Lion King Unit Study
If you're looking for fun activities at home, this post has a lot of great ideas!  I love how some of the activities focus on the culture, not just lions.

The Lion King and Lion Guard Inspired Party Ideas

Lion King Party Inspiration

A Lion King Party
Wow!  The family in this post definitely went all out for their little guy.  There are so many great ideas here.

The Lion King Themed Party by Save the Date Events
I just love all the little details in this party set up. The main dessert table looks absolutely stunning.

Lion King Safari Baby Shower
All the little details that went in to this shower are so adorable.  The yummy food looks amazing as well.

Safari Inspired Lion King Baby Shower
The decorations for this party are beautiful.  I love the ribbons and all of the details.  Decor colors are great too!

Party: Lion Guard  #Disney Kid's Playdate
The inspiration in this post could be used for so many different occasions!

The Lion King and Lion Guard Inspired Food Ideas

Yummy Lion King Food Ideas

Oreo Dirt Cups
Why not eat grub like Timon and Pumba?

Simba Party Platter
Who wouldn't love hummus, carrots and so many other yummy foods put together to make a beautiful lion feast?

Kion's Morning Sunrise Drink
Do your kiddos love smoothies?  This drink is a great healthy way to start the day!

Lion King Lunch
This actually looks quite delicious if you have a kiddo who loves pasta and cheese.

Simba's Slimy Yet Satisfying Grub Gnocchi
What a fabulous way to create a healthy meal and relate it back to The Lion King!

Disney's Lion King and Lion Guard Movies

Lion King Movies

For those movie lovers out there, here's your chance to collect all that's available!

The Lion King and Lion Guard Inspired Books

Lion King Books

There are so many different kinds of books out there. This list includes board books, early readers, sticker books, and so much more!

The Lion King and Lion Guard Inspired Toys

Lion King Toys and Board Games

Are you looking for a special gift for a little someone?  These toys are sure to be a hit!

An animal cracker buffet inspired by Disney's The Lion King

Our Disney's The Lion King movie fest was paired with an animal cracker buffet.  It's amazing how many different kinds of animal crackers are out there.  We figured we'd try these treats as they'll be easy to pack for the road when we do travel to Walt Disney World.

Watching Disney's The Lion King as a family

As you can see, everyone had a wonderful time!  We love our Disney preparation days!

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  The Lion King and Lion Guard Inspired Resources for Families

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